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  1. Thanks for letting us know. The race should be starting in the next week. Our council has not found out anything yet.
  2. Anyone have any further info on this race? We are ready to go but do not know exactly where to send or what the wording in the travel bug listing needs to be. We are sure that they will want them all to say the same thing so they are searchable in the title or description.
  3. Sorry but have not been on the forums much at all. The 2nd edition is now out. The scouts did 400 brass and 100 Silver. As with the other coins they are going to send boys to the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. The brass coins are $10.00 each and the silver is $13.00 each. If you would like to purchase some of the second issue, email me what kind of coin and how many and I can send a PayPal invoice. Here are photos of the second issue of the coin. They are still trackable on geocaching.com and have the same icon as issue #1. The side of the coin is the scout compass and the scout law radiates from the point of the compass that says Scout Honor.
  4. The second coin for the Hoxie Scouts is now available! The coin is fully trackable on geocaching.com and will have the same icon as the first Hoxie Scout coin. There were 100 coins produced in silver and 400 in brass. The silver coin is $13 and the brass is $10 with worldwide shipping included. The scouts get 100% of the profits and will be packing the coins and taking them to the post office to mail this week. Remember that the money from the coins will help send the boys from our community to the 2010 National Jamboree. See photos of the coins below. The back of the coin features the scout compass and features the scout law around the compass. Siver coin can be purchased at this link Silver Scout Coin LE 100 Brass Coin can be purchased at this link Brass Scout Coin LE 400 Thanks for supporting our Scouts!
  5. Rusty from personal gecoins is the person I went through to have them made.
  6. The prototype above is of the coin that is currently in production. The estimated delivery date is the first week of April 2006, so the coins should be shipped by the end of that week. 600 coins are being minted in brass with both sides in full relief. The coin is trackable on geocaching.com with a custom icon. The tracking numbers will be laser engraved. The front of the coin features a John Deere combine harvesting a Kansas field. The coin is produced to celebrate the 1st geocache in Sheridan Co., Kansas which is named Green and Yellow Cache. The coordinates of the cache's location is listed on the coin. The reverse features an adapted scene from an illustration from the original Wizard of Oz book. This time, Dorothy is seen holding an ammo box and gps. The yellow bands around the coin represent the yellow brick road and says "Dorothy, You made me hike 3 miles and all we got was a broken McToy", sighed Scarecrow. Each coin is $10.00 including shipping. The coin can be ordered at CoinTracking
  7. We are already thinking of another coin and have some ideas almost finalized. Estimates for the trip in 2010 is $1200 to $1500 per person from council including transportation. They will not have final price until they get all the transportation worked out in a couple of years. The trip in 2005 was $1200 per boy and was 18 days along with a tour of Washington DC. Council was allowed to send 80 boys last year and they will have 80 or 120 spots for the next jamboree. We have not heard yet for sure how many boys council will be allowed to send in 2010. We already have have 3 boys and two adults say that they are going and 1 scout saying he will go to world jamboree! So gotta start saving early! We should have 8-10 in the troop at that time and hope we can get them all there. Money is very tight in our agricultural area as some parents have a hard time coming up with the $35 yearly dues! This is a once in a lifetime experience for all the boys that will be eligible. The boys will still have to earn their way to the jamboree by doing community projects. We are not just going to write a check for their whole jamboree without them making an effort. All money raised from the geocoins will go towards sending boys to Jamborees!
  8. You can easily get the auction stopped by submitting a copyright infringement to that e auction site under the stealing of photos. I got many auctions (for porcelain figures we sell) stopped where people were using my photos for their auctions. To report the auction go here Picture Theft Then click on the Report link and fill everything else out.
  9. We will see how the sales goes and if a lot of people were unable to get them. We are hoping to put out more coins in different designs to help get the boys to Jamboree. That would be amazing to take an entire troop to Jamboree! We have an idea for one side of a coin already and thinking about what to put on the other side.
  10. Thanks for everyone that has purchased so far. There is another chance for some coins tomorrow during the day. This is to help some of the international collectors have a chance. Thanks for supporting our scouts!
  11. I was jut able to get into the site. Seems to be working now.
  12. Just a reminder that the coins go on sale tonight. See the first post for information.
  13. I heard back tonight already! WOW a fast reply from the store. We are going ahead and keeping it at the initial 500 count for these sales due to the production time. If we took additional orders, it would violate PayPal as the coins would not arrive in time. So if you are unable to get through and place an order on Thursday and Friday and it is a sell-out, let us know and we will see if there in enough interest for a second run of the coins. After all, its for the boys!
  14. Thanks for all the great words about the coin. I have sent an email off to see if the coin could be opened up to a larger edition so noone will miss out. I am working with a "store" the is funding the coin so it is pretty much up to them if they will fund over the 500 originally agreed upon. After all, the money will help get some boys to jamboree! Looks like there is a lot of eagle scouts on the list! I missed out on scouting as a youth and my boys brought me into scouting and I love it!
  15. I decided to break up my last post so it is not as hard to read. We are doing Jamboree on the Trail this year with geocaching. We will be hiding 3-5 geocaches in our town for the scouts to find. We are opening this up to all scouts in our town. While the scouts are hunting the geocaches, they will also be on a trash hike. So trash in trash out.
  16. Our Pack even used geocaching with the Bobcats. We wrote out the CubScout Promise and broke it into sections and stuck a section on each geocache. The boys could not open the geocache and get a prize until they learned that section of the promise. When they got to the next cache, they had to remember the first part of the promise and add the second part. We had 5 caches hidden and they had the promise learned in under 40 minutes. The wonderful thing is that all the boys remembered it the next week! We have never had a group learn it this quick and geocaching had a very positive effect. On thing that we are doing with our scout coin (that is coming out soon) is to give the Webelos a reason to learn the Scout Oath quickly. We are giving them two weeks to learn the Scout Oath. If they learn it, they are getting a free scout geocoin. It is amazing how much the have learned in a few days! LOL
  17. We have talked about this but not completely sure what the right thing would be to do. It would be great to get the boys as much money as possible so we counld send more boys to jamboree. After all, the coin is made with profits to a chariety. I personally think that the collector's would rather have a more LE (so the coins have a higher resale) and then have a completely different version come out next. If they sell out quickly, the next edition could be done in a larger release. Anyone have a feeling on the LE of a chariety coin? Depending on the sales, we definitely would love to do more in a series for the boys.
  18. To answer a few questions. There are 500 coins being produced and they will be split between two sales. 480 are going to be for sale on the website. You can click on the link in the original post to see when the exact times of the sales are available for your area. The price of the coins are $7.50 each + the shipping. We are hoping that the coins are very popular so we can do a series of these to help get more boys to national jamboree and possibly a few to world jamboree. Just a little background on our area. Yes we know that a scout is thrifty but each scout will still have to earn their way to national jamboree - if not monetary but in community service projects. We are in a very poor agricultural area and many of the scouts' families have a hard enough time just paying the small yearly dues. The last jamboree we only had one boy from our district make it to the national jamborre. We are doing everything possible to change that in 2010. If this coin prooves popular, we are hoping to have future coins featuring the scout law, outdoor code, good turn daily, scout ranks, etc. One thing that we are doing is giving the Webelos scouts a coin if they can learn the Scout Oath and Scout Law by the time the coin comes out. Thanks for all the kind words so far and for the support for our scouts!
  19. This coin is being produced to help send Boy Scouts to the 2010 USA National Jamboree. All of the proceeds from the sales of the coins will go directly to sending boys from the Hoxie, KS Troop #160 to the jamboree. The more coins that we sell, the more opportunities we can give boys from our community to attend the jamboree. The coin features a vintage scout saluting with the USA Flag in the background. The reverse of the coin features the Scout sign along with the Scout Oath which all scouts live by. The coin is trackable on Geocaching.com with a special icon. The coin is currently in production and will go on sale Thurs, Feb 16. Images of the icon as well as ordering information can be found here Hoxie, KS Scout Coin
  20. Please let us know when they are available to order. My friend is a Civil War buff and said he had to have a set! We might take a set too. So count on 1-2 sets from us!
  21. 1 coin left to give away for me to complete the Grand Experiment - ANY TAKERS????? UPDATED 1 - unactivated KSWader Personal Geocoin - Going to DiskDevil 1 - 2Bugs.org (1st version)
  22. OK I am jumping in on this experiment. I have 6 coins ready to go. Would be interested in receiving any coin in NW Kansas. So do I need to find someone first to send my three or do I wait for someone to offer a coin that I do not have. Signed up for the yahoo group but have not had time to read all the messages or all this post yet. Have 3 to send out to go into caches and 3 to give-away - you can choose which ones. 3 KSWader Personal unactivated, Indiana Crossroads of America - sending to 6 Feet More PDXMarathonman 2Bugs.org - 1st Version
  23. Kansas Geocoins!!!!!!!!!!! 1 - gold 1 - antique silver
  24. I prefer the antique bronze or brass. Cannot wait to see what the coins look like in a number of years after the gain the natural patina of the metal!
  25. I would gladly purchase a coin - shipping included for under $13 especially if it has a special icon. I think it would be entirely possible to take orders for a few weeks before closing the order to set the edition size. I really like the idea of a special metal coin to benefit the family. The artwork is very cool!
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