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  1. Sorry, I was not aware of that requirement, and I have contacted the moderators already to either delete this thread or lock it down. My apologies!
  2. Count me in Son of Cyclops- no artwork does not bother me!
  3. I am looking to activate my New Minnesota Coin- but did not come with instructions on where to retrieve activation code. Anyone know where to go, it is the coin that looks like the state.
  4. Thank you, that was very helpful and it worked!!
  5. Anyone know where to get the activation code for a Wisconsin 2005 geocoin- Any assistance would be great.
  6. I found Misson12:Blind canal in January, would love to have a LE gold
  7. I'm 33, Wife says she is 20+11, Daughter 9
  8. Over the last week 1-San Diego 3- MiGO 2- World of Geocaching 1-KTAG 1- 2006 USA 1-German 1-CC January 1- Nielsenc Christmas 1- Traveling Viking 2-sunshine gang Michigan License plates
  9. I just ordered 2 and paypal'd for both. Please let me know if this will still go through. Thanks Mike
  10. I got a portfolio handmade by my wife with our caching name on it to store our coins, siganture items and pictures of our caching adventures. It is too cool cover has some pictures of our caching adventures multiple pages of coin sleeves, multiple pages of sleeves for sig card and sleeves for variuos sized larger sig items and photo sleeves. Plus a George Foreman grill, beer can chicken cooker, DVD, hot sauces, candy and Geo trail snacks and supplies (Jerky, sausage sticks and mosquito wipes)
  11. Bit pricy, but will make a nice addition to collection. Thanks for the info
  12. Not necessarly today, but this week: 2 - Screw Coins 3- Christmas 2005 1- Coinquest 1- GCC December
  13. From a fellow chef - Love it and would love to have 1 limited edition and 2 regular!
  14. If you have any left would love to have 2.
  15. Paid for mine today- I used my e-mail name to pre-order as these are gifts for my caching team!!
  16. Great to see they will be going into production in the future!! I would love 3, like I stated before, I have many relatives in Minnesotta and I am trying to get coins form every state I lived in.
  17. Would love 2, have numerous family in Iowa
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