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  1. Flame away. I just realized that 50 goes to Sacramento, not LA. Oh well. It's still a long way. 3,073 miles from Sacramento to Ocean City MD.
  2. I'm thinking of starting a new series of caches through my area along US Rt 50. Caches on the westbound side of the highway would be called DC to LA: (Whatever Name) and caches on the eastbound side of the highway would be called LA to DC: (Whatever Name). What do you folks think? Someday I would like to take a long enough vacation to travel to California along rt 50. In the meantime, watching other cachers caches with the same name along the route would be fun.
  3. I had a good time, but there was room for improvement. It was a nice facility, but things were too spread out. I would have liked a central point for hanging out, checking a schedule, trading sigs, whatever. Long walk between different events. Was there food? I saw a vendor there for the rabbit show or whatever that was, but didn't notice anything for us. I did like the Good Humor bicycle. Since moving to the sticks as a kid, I haven't seen an ice cream truck in years. Um...many years. The volunteers were friendly and helpful, but a central check in point would have been nice. The junior fair building was really nice, but Spangler would have been fine for just about everything except the treasure hunt. All the little side games were fun, the egg coins, the rubber chickens, etc. I wish it had been on the schedule when the campsite decorating was going to be judged. Our site took some damage after saturday am's storm and we didn't put it back up, thinking it had already taken place. Of course, Area 51 was great! OhioArmadillo and I went Friday night and had a good time. Most everyone seemed to be having fun without being too obnoxious. All in all, though, the Bash was great and I'll definitely be back next year, wherever it is. Have we heard?
  4. Just read this. We also first met Keith at the MWGB in Michigan. He always wore a smile. Our condolences to his family.
  5. False-- my wardrobe was already cache friendly. Oops! Almost true! I bought a hat. But that's only one item!
  6. The two that we attended had a table for sig items. Just leave a pile and pick up one of everyone else's. I made up one batch for the table and one specially marked batch for face to face trades. They were just laminated business cards with a pic of one of the horses and our caching names. Oh, you should bring lots of pathtags to give to me! :-)
  7. I can understand how Forestry would ban something that Parks embraces. The two departments are constantly at odds with each other. Scioto Trails State Forest couldn't build a horseman's camp because forestry can't charge fees for anything, but Scioto Trails State Park manager said that there wouldn't be a horse camp in "his" park as long as he was in charge. Sigh. There are some great Harry Meister caches in local state forests.
  8. Of course! We go to Mt Hope area at least once a month and did not have a find in the area. We took an extra day for caching since we weren't hauling a horse back home and saw a bunch of new caches posted when we got home! Oh well, next trip! Wafflesdad and I just moved to Ross County, near Bainbridge, from Pike County, near Waverly. We keep saying we're going to set up another meet and greet event, but haven't gotten around to it.
  9. I am just south of Chillicothe and would love to do a geocaching tour of Columbus. You might get with Central Ohio Geocachers, too. They have a website, www.cogeocaching.org
  10. I should have my personals in the next week. I'll donate one. I'll take the highest bid as of August 8th, 6pm EDT. I'll try to post a pic, if I can find the artwork email. They are NOT being sold or traded by mail. Hand to hand only, unless someone has a Moun10bike! 100 antique silver, horseshoe shaped coins with a Belgian horse on the front and a Clydesdale on the back. I sold most of my collection last winter to cover the bills for my Clydesdale. She had a second episode in March, came home for a week, then after a third episode we opted to let her go. It just seemed too cruel to put her through the treatments to get her through each episode. I will also donate the Ferreter5 coin that was donated for me to sell. I got through the financial crisis before I got it on ebay. It only seems right that I pass it along. Same deal as above. Send me your list. I may buy a couple of yours. Hugs to your pooch from the zoo.
  11. Depending on work schedules, we would probably come. We have family in Lebanon, so would probably make a weekend of it. I can think of several coin hounds that would go.
  12. The going in circles caches have their place. We've had fun trying to complete the series when we're in town. I prefer ammo boxes to micros, but I'll hunt anything, as long as it isn't in a dump. Sorry, I live just a little far south to maintain anything in Columbus. We are in Waverly, 70 miles away.
  13. Our group has no officers or formal organization. We just get together once in awhile to eat and talk caching. We have had a TB race, but that's about as organized as we get. We're pretty happy with it that way. Oh, we are the Scioto Watershed Area Geocachers in south central Ohio.
  14. I can't think of the name of it (geochecker?), but one of our local hiders uses a program to check your coords. That's a nice feature. I would hate to get wrong coords and find myself bushwhacking somewhere I'm not supposed to be. Of course, if someone were diligent enough, they could systematically enter one set of coords after another until they hit the right combination. I think that would be harder than solving the puzzle!
  15. I hate posts that just agree with a previous post, but I really would hate to lose those ads. I go to them quite a bit. Actually, if you got rid of them, I could probably afford a nice GPS.... I'd have money!
  16. I don't like the "no bug" idea. Lots of folks use a personal tb/coin for their own geocaching mileage. If I went all the way to GW5 or MWGB, I'd certainly want to credit myself for the miles. And if someone wants to "lose" a tb/coin, they will. I do like the email everyone idea. Say you are hosting an event and there is a last minute change. I really wouldn't want to have to go through individually contacting 50 people through GC.com.
  17. It seems to me that DNF's come in runs. One DNF makes you start to doubt yourself, then maybe you don't look as hard for the next one, and next thing you know there are a string of them for the day. Other days we find 20 of 20. One DNF can give us a day like earlier this month where we had 7DNF's and only 6 finds, one of those being an event!
  18. That's a good idea. My startup screen just has my caching name.
  19. I can sympathize. I used to do endurance racing. Add up the cost of a horse, then start the great hunt for the perfect saddle which causes one to buy three or four $1,000 saddles and then turn around and sell them for a bit less after 50 miles of saddle sores and grumpy horse, a truck, a trailer, entry fees, camping fees, gas, food, horse feed, hay, tack, camping gear, membership fees, etc. Then start a new hobby with hubby that you think is closely enough related to not cost a mint. Draft horses. Let's see..... none of the tackroom full of equipment fits them. They don't fit in the trailer. They eat more. They need special shoes that most horse shoers won't do. Vet bills cost more because they get treated based on weight and they weigh TWICE as much as my little endurance horse did. We had to buy a bigger trailer. Bargain bin harness costs $350 per set and we have SIX of the monsters. We get away with only needing two sets because we don't have anything that takes more than two horses to pull, but each horse has to have a collar that fits and those are $100+ and no two of ours wear the same size. Now we've bought a cart $650, a mower $200, but we drove from Ohio to the coast of Maryland to get it, a plow for only $50 but it is looking like it will take at least four horses to actually plow with it, so we'll have to get two more sets of harness and a four horse evener, and a sleigh for $200 but it needs restored and goodness knows what that will cost. (but I gotta admit, I can't wait to see it finished and flying across a frozen field with my Clydesdale pulling it!) Oh, and I still have both of our endurance horses standing around eating. When hay is scarce, we feed a complete pelleted ration that costs us $30 PER DAY for the 8 horses. At least if I'm not geocaching today, I don't have to pour money into my GPS. But I still wouldn't give the horses up for anything. There are a few pics of them at Home Is Where The Horse Is
  20. I looked under a rock in a dry wash in Las Vegas and found a pretty convincing rattlesnake. Took me a minute to start breathing again and realize it had a bison tube stuck in its middle.
  21. Be sure to do this cache first thing when you get to Puyallup! Did it! Way cool. My mom has been to the museum a dozen times and hadn't seen the Meeker grave marker.
  22. Had a blast meeting everyone. I was getting ready to head back down when Ambrosia's party was preparing to go through the tunnel. I saw Little Lep, but not the big one. Glad everyone got to go. I want to do that again, someday. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
  23. Anything by Wounded Knee is a challenge. He has several along the backpacking trail at Shawnee State Forest. All are a mile or more of hiking and you could camp out if you wanted to. Watch for bears, though. I swear I heard one at the final stage of Ridge Runner, also by Wounded Knee. If it wasn't a bear, it was Bigfoot!
  24. How fast things change. My mom was going to be working in the area and was bringing me with her and coming to the event with me, but has since been grounded by her cardiologist. Seems I'll be by myself this trip. I'll be arriving saturday afternoon (just barely too late for the Potluck) and staying in Issaquah at the Holiday Inn. Without Mom along I'm a little more free, so if anyone needs a ride, let me know. Also, I'll be looking for something to do on monday. I'd like to cache a little and maybe see the space needle. I leave tuesday, but I'm not sure of the time. I do have to go to Puyallup at some point and see the Meeker Mansion (I'm a Meeker descendent).
  25. Thanks. I'm not usually worried about the rape/murder thing. I keep an eye out for strangers and generally get a feel for who is out of place. I'm more worried about having to listen to my mother whine for an extra hour. Of course, that could be a safety feature if we got abducted..... Instead of a ransom note, demanding money, there would be a note asking where to send payment for someone to come and get Mom! Don't get me wrong, I really love my mom and she can be a blast to be around, but when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
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