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  1. I love when people get called out!
  2. Exactly. People here need to be more forthcoming with what they really think of a coin. And if someone posts about a new coin they want to make and the feedback can be pretty much summed up as "That's a horrible idea, try again" they need to gracefully bow out of producing it. Of course that will never happen. I have to agree with Vargseld, there are a bunch of Jack Leg geocoins coming out. Clip art does not make a good geocoin
  3. with the number of coins coming out every day, I do truthfully believe that they will become more common in caches!!
  4. There are ways to disagree without being disagreeable, and the old adage that "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it" is always good advice! Ed I've always thought that being blunt is the way to go. If only good things are said then people will think that there's nothing bad, when that's not always the case. Sometimes the truth hurts. There's being truthful, then there's being rude. How about "This coin's not for me" or even "I'm just not into it" to be a little more trendy. I mean honestly, they already have a personal coin, so what is the point of this coin? I respect the fact that they are keeping the price low, unlike many of the other coins coming out. You know this board needs a little criticism every once in a while, and I don't mind adding my two cents. Unfortunatly my two cents hurts a little.
  5. This would definately be on my top ten list list of worst coins ever by the way I'm not joking
  6. Hadn't looked at geocoins on egay in a while, but tonight I looked and saw a ton of coins that had no bids on them. I guess many of the completest have realized it is a loosing battle. Props to all those who sold their coins when the market was strong.
  7. looking for a cable, pm me if you know where I can get one at a good price
  8. I have a few Kirkland Explorers coins to trade, looking for most anything
  9. extra wandering dragon coin still up for grabbs, if you emailed me before I lost your email (you know who you are) will entertain any offers or will trade for ???
  10. I've got an extra kirkland expolorers coin to trade, will entertain offers
  11. Me, too. I always wanted to be an archaeologist, and even participated in a couple of real digs when I was in high school. I have always wanted to search my entire back yard with a metal detector, although I have no great desire to use one for geocaching. The trouble is: they're expensive, and I don't want to devote my life to another hobby. I just want to do it now and then. The people who I see using these things on a regular basis (at the beach, mostly) look kind of...umm...like rejects from the high school audio-visual club. I suppose I shouldn't let that bother me. Isn't there some place to rent a metal detector? What I really want is ground-penetrating radar, but that's probably not gonna happen. Life as an archaeologist is not as great as you think! believe me
  12. I'll take a few if still available
  13. http://search-completed.ebay.com/search/se...ntrypage=search
  14. I might have an extra Wandering Dragon coin taking trade requests, I'm open to all possibilities I've had 8 trade requests in 20 minutes! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I may be taking my time to find the right trade, so be patient. thanks
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