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  1. Is the coin trackable? You dont really say if it is. the low price makes me think it may not be
  2. There was a time (only about 11 months ago) where this question would have been meaningless---at that time you could buy them all!!! I think there were less than 50 trackable coins and almost no personal coins were sold. Plus thay cost $5 or $6 then! I kept that up until about March of 2006 when the number of coins issued dramatically increased. When suddenly coin series started to appear, I had called it quits on trying to get everything. I still got state and country coins but that was generally it. The occasional cool coin or personal coin from a cacher I knew. I still got the big event coins (DGeowoodstock and Midwest Geobash) but mostly to match first issue of these event coins. Maybe a more interesting question would be what's a reasonable number of coins per month or year to buy?
  3. I would be in for a 10 pack. I had some of the origional coin, but never made it to a cache as they were quickly traded away
  4. Not to make things more complicated, but some coins were sold with shipping included. Delaware was sold that way at $8. Could have sold them for about $1 less without shipping.
  5. Arrr, dis Captn wants my share of da swag-- two of each metal.
  6. I just noticed that one of the two Indiania micro coins I have has the coin tracking number engraved upside down. Unless you were going to activate the coin, I doubt you would notice. Has anyone else seen this on the Indiania micro or any other coin? I wonder how many other coins have mistakes in the tracking number. In doing the Delaware geocoin there were 4 coins that we caught that had numbers that didnt match numbers from Groundspeak.
  7. Email sent offering choice of many nrwer coins for Maryland coin
  8. Ten months back I did circulate about 8 "copy" coins. Back then there were maybe 30 icon coins and getting icons was a big deal. I had only one Geowoodstock, Geobash, Kilted cacher and a few others that were valuable and could not be replaced. Rather than just keep them in my collection (and bring them to geoevents) I made copies--(photo pasted on wooden nickel blank that looks like a lot the real coin) and sent them out for people to get that icon because it ws the only way many people could get the icon. Was that a good thing to do or not? It kind of doesnt matter now with so many different icons and coins, who cares if you are missing a few of the very old icons.
  9. I did that cache about 1 month ago and swapped geocoins and travel bugs. The "bridge is only about 6 feet long , very narrow and over a tiny stream that is barely running. Box was well cammoed and not really viaable. From cache page note it rreads like the bridge was vandalized and turned over. Doing that would completely expose the cache. Doesnt sound optimistic. The cache is only about 50 feet from a large lake so fisherman would be around.
  10. Put me down for 4 coins. Many years back I went to college in Virginia--nothing but good memories
  11. I loved the cacher names--very clever. This looks like it could be interesting if I had some time, but its late, I'm tired and dont feel very sharp right now. Should i tackle it or just go to bed. Maybe tomorrow. Snooze!! Avroair does run some great events, so maybe this will be fun.
  12. $9.50 is too steep for me. With shipping thats $11.50 for a coin. My monthly fix (and money) went to Utah and CCCooper coin. For $1-2 less per coin I got a whole state coin or worlds leading geocacher's coin. You will have to do a lot better to get my money
  13. I bought a Gold Alabama on ebay many months ago for $26 when most coins were selling at high prices. I already had std and silver (I think they cost $5 plus shipping), so this was to complete the set and also complete all LE edditions of state coins. Who knows how much the gold will go for. It will have to be a pure collector, since it doesn't look much different that the std coin (and the Silver is super hard to tell apart from the std)
  14. I just ordered a few coins And to think I knew Lynn way back when she ONLY had 2,000 finds. This is the person that waded across thigh deep White Clay Creek River in SE Pa/Delaware in late March (about 50 deg water temp) to grab a cache on the other side because it was way faster than walking 1 mile downstream to the bridge.
  15. Tried to order two, but said ther is not enough inventory, so had to settle for ordering one. I guess that was the last one!
  16. There is no Ireland Coin. There is also a United Kingdom Coin, England coin (by local coin group), and Isle Of Mann coin.
  17. That was great. One suggestion, make them in about 10 different metals so they will all be LE coins and very rare and valuable And take the money now with promised estimated shipping date of no later than 4/24/2008 (at most only a two year wait)
  18. Thats what a magnifying glass is for. My eyeshight is not the best, so I always keep a magnifying glass handy when dealing with geocoins. Wouldn't it be nice if the numbers were as b ig as travel bug tags--them I can read no problem.
  19. I really see no need to have two Utah coins comming out. I think I will pass on this one and wait for the "real" Utah coin. This one looks too much like the only purpose is to make money--its way more expensive than the California micro!
  20. Maybe we need to start posting what we didnt buy. I looked at the Geocaching Store and there was one coin comming up every day for a week. I will buy Nebraska, but thats it. I pass on everything else. Two months ago I had completed collecting all the older state coins, including all the LE additions of state coins. Actually started to get some of the personal coins. My mindset was to stay current and continue to have ALL of the icon coins. That didnt last long. Most coins I could care less about. I will still support state geocaching groups that want to issue a coin (Alaska, Vermont and Utah come to mind) but soon I will begin to pass on state/regional coins that are being made by someone not currently living in the state. I think we have to have the mindset thatyou can not get more than say 3 or 4 coins per month. That will force you to be selective
  21. Its great to see other that are fighting the addiction. I could not quite go cold turkey, but almost. I passed on most coins so far. If its not a legit state/regional coin or a personal coin from someone I know or have contact with, its an immediate pass. since I have about a full collection of all state coins, I will still get them. I look forward to Vermont and Alaska, two coins by local caching groups. Who cares about all the coins. Coins I will not touch is any coin series, looks like just a way to sell more coins It seemed that 6 months ago there would be maybe 4 coins a month come out and it was eazy to get everything. Now with what seems like more than 10 coins a week comming out its just too much. When you got over 50 icons, it doesn't much matter if you get another one or not.
  22. At least you dont have to worry about someone taking (stealing) these geocoins to put in their collection.
  23. A state coin with the backing of the state geocaching group (VAGUE) being lead by someone who actually lives and caches in the state. A COIN THAT DESERVES SUPPORT Since I spend 3 weeks in Vermont every year and do a good bit of caching there, its a coin I really look forward to! I have cut way back on buying geocoins--just too many lately and too many where the main motive is profit. The Vermont coin looks like an effort to have a state coin, not make some money. THATS GREAT. When the Delaware coin was made, we had very little local sales (although 70 coins were saved for putting in caches) and had no problem selling out. Making 1000 coins would give tracking numbers starting with VT (or what ever you want) instead of the PC numbers.
  24. I just ordered three. I wonder how quick these will go?
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