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  1. Haven't got a PQ since 7/11/2006 10:47:04 PM
  2. Sorry Nomad, but all of the coins that were for sale have been sold. I only have coins left for trading. WildwoodBob & The*Moose
  3. If anyone has an extra to trade, I would love to trade a WildwoodBob & The Moose coin. I have been able to arrange a trade for 1 so far, but The*Moose (my son) and I are both coin collectors. As you can see from the back of our coin, we are Pennsylvania cachers and would both love to have one of the coins.
  4. Sorry Atlantagal, already packed and shipped.
  5. The WildwoodBob & The Moose Coins have started shipping. All shipments will be complete this Wednesday. Also, I have sent coins to those persons who confirmed trades. If you still wish to set up a trade please let me know. Also, I have NO extras for sale. I only have extras for trading. Coin Tracking Page
  6. Did you trade all of the coins yet? My brother served on the JFK when it was commisioned. I actually attended the commisioning as a family member. It was acutally commissioned the CVA-67.
  7. If you accept former Law Enforcement officers, I would be proud to be a member.
  8. My coins haven't arrived yet either, but they are already on eBay.
  9. Sorry, there are none available for purchase. I am still considering some trades though.
  10. Well, they have finally arrived! I have to go to the store and get shipping materials and will start labeling and sending them out! My schedule this week is very busy so I won't be able to get them all out in one batch, but I will try as quickly as possible. WildwoodBob
  11. I would love to trade you. Only problem is you are purchasing 2 of my personals already. Do you want a third? I definitely want one of yours.
  12. Wow, I go geocaching and miss a chance to buy a cool coin! If anyone got on the list and would have one to trade, please let me know.
  13. I spoke with the Mfg. 2 days ago. They are in production and I hope to see them in 2 weeks.
  14. I would trade a WildwoodBob & The Moose coin for your fine coin.
  15. Issue Has Closed Thanks to all who have purchased. Its off to Microsoft Word now to create the shipping labels!
  16. Issue Has Closed Final Purchase List Contact Quantity Notes Paid 2Wheel'in 4 Paid 9key 2 Paid azpaul1 2 Paid badlands 10 Paid BCEMA5 1 Paid Big JohnP 2 Paid BisonWoman 3 Paid Blind Avocado 2 Paid Cache & Keri 3 Paid Cache-Hounds 2 Paid Carleenp 1 Paid Cascadepkr 2 Paid Cav Scout 2 Paid chef_cache_alot 2 Paid Cornerstone4 10 SDGC Club Paid Cruiserdude 1 Paid DancesWithMoose 3 Paid darth_maul_3 5 Paid dizzyd74 1 Paid DLiming 2 Paid Doughball 2 Paid El_Rolfo 2 Paid Facedances 1 Paid fOtOmOm 5 Paid GeoCrickets 3 Paid geolands 2 Paid Golfin'Fool and Me too! 2 Paid graylling 3 Paid IceCreamMan 2 Paid Jagman714 1 Paid Jake - Team A.I. 4 Paid katydid & miles stone 2 Paid KevinG68 5 Paid legna and sOulbAit 3 Paid lpyankeefan 2 Paid M&M Hunter 2 Paid manituela 2 Paid MikeOtt 1 Paid Mocadeki 2 Paid Moun10Bike 2 Paid Mystery Ink 2 Paid Night_Hawk 1 Paid ou8alizzard 2 Paid Prairiepartners 2 Paid Redwing_dave 37 COOL Paid RenegadeKnight 15 ICE Paid Rupert2 2 Paid sarhound 2 Paid SeabeckTribe 2 Paid smokey & the teacher 2 Paid Team Bigdawg 2 Paid Team Dinosaur 3 Paid Team DonutDog 2 Paid Team LightningBugs 2 Paid Team Nazgul 2 Paid Team simpson 1 Paid Terrible Ts 3 Paid tin-ear 2 Paid TwoHappyHikers 1 Paid wolfmaster 6 Paid
  17. Dougball, Go to WildwoodBob Coin Page and make a payment. That will leave 2 left for purchase. If they aren't sold by 11 PM Eastern tonight, I will just use them for cache swag.
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