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Why Your Name


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my caching name is alma and people often ask me why alma.

i initially logged on not knowing that ,that would be the name you would be known by.

but after much thinking i decided my name was an abbreviation for always looking more awaiting,as i will always be looking for caches and there will always be more for me to find

it just led me to wonder how other people decided on there names

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fruity is not kinky but i hate fruit cake and when i signed up for msn i got unavoidablefruitcake any heeew after a long life in forums every were it gradualy got shortend to fruity i am expecting to be called f soon then throw rex my dog in to the mix who has a cache name of doggit so when we dont find the tupaware we can blame him and say gawwd darn doggit see so there you go thats fruity&doggit



bet you are glad you asked aint ya LOL

well you did ask

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I set up a small business called Elphin Ltd, and we called our first office "Elphin House". Friends started calling me Lord Elphin of Elphinshire, the name stuck, and I started using the contraction "lordelph" as a sure fire login name for virtually everything :ph34r:


Nothing to do with Elves :lol:

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Mine's simple. I asked my son to suggest a name and he offered several rather dubious ones such as Undead Priest. The first name he suggested that was in any way usuable was Pieman. It doesn't relate to anything- not even a particular love of pies!

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Initially I signed up as wwh - a reference to a website of mine which indirectly led me to discover geocaching. Like alma, I didn't realise that that was the name I'd be known by - I thought it was just a login name. When I began posting in these forums I used Bill D - my real first name and initial. (The forums and gc.com were separate logins then). I later tried to change my geonick to Bill D but that was taken (by someone who only ever found two caches!). So I combined the two as Bill D (wwh).

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Ah, had to think of a name in a hurry. Thought of Kitty Hawk - clearly a raptor style of bird and also kitty is a simile for cache, hawk - a sharp eyed thing - so pretty cool and appropriate.


One day I thought I'd see what a kitty hawk looked like and it turns out it is the town near where the Wright brother flew a rickety aeroplane. They actually flew at Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk had a nicer name so is remembered for being near a famous place.


Kitty Hawk is also the name of an obscure bit of software and also a small freight airline.


Not a cool bird though.

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Well ours stems from a bit of a family joke really.


We were initially a father and son team and my son, when he was little, always used to tell us what a "clever boy" he was when he had done something he thought was right - including toilet training time :ph34r:


The name and saying kinda stuck to him (even though he's 19 now!) and I thought I'd name the team after it (but added the K 'cos I didn't want anyone thinking we were suggesting we really *were* clever!!).


We may have to change it sometime as it's usually me and the wife that go out now and it doesn't quite fit as much :lol:

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my caching name is alma and people often ask me why alma.

I just imagined it was something to do with the Crimean War battle of the same name!


Mine is an ancient nickname of mine from 1985ish only ever used by one person, but as my usual internet persona is far more cryptic (FFX-DM) and not as cuddly, I fancied a change.


oh yeah, and I'm an OLD BAG!!!! :ph34r:

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Back in the 80's I worked on a fruit & veg stall on Oldham market. I told my bosses wife how to catch a Haggis, and from that day on she nicknamed me Haggis.

Haggis had already been used on here so I used Haggis Hunter.

Also at the same time I was involved with an online competition which runs every year during the Haggis season, it can be viewed here, which you will notice is were I got my avatar from.

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We are the Team from a village called Traenheim (pronounced Train-Highm). And in Alsatian (the local Germanic dialect), Team would be "das Team", which everyone would pronounce as "'s Team".


Hence s-Team-Traen. I clip log books with a little scrapbook cutter of an American-style (high funnels and cow catcher) steam locomotive. Otherwise I have no interest in railways.

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Like you I didn't realise it would become my public name. It's one I use when setting up test accounts on networks, well not anymre.


KB are my intials, and what friends call me (sounds like kaybee), OOTB are the intials of the band I play in, Out of the Blue.


I have no idea how to pronounce it.


House of Boo says Kay-boot-bee. Other thought the TB on the end was something to do with TB=travel bug so said kayboo - teebee


Also heard kaybee oot bee which I guess is closer to how it was created. Don't care really.


(Are you all still awake?)

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My dad worked on a farm in Canada when he was in his teens. He knew someone there that didn't like to swear using the normal swear words, so he made his own up. Well they tended to be swear phrases. One of them was "Dog gassed us" and I guess you can see how my nick was derived. It sure is a good one to use when signing up to online stuff - now don't go pinching it!

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I was known as Pie Man before I ever heard of geocaching. When I was asked for an ID and e-mail address I just used it. It was only when I discovered geocacheuk.com that I found out there was another pieman. Why didn't geocaching.com flag this up? Yeh, you've got to register first.......

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Hello Peep's


I saw this an thought.. hang about.. this has been disgusted ages ago.. when men were men,, women were women an lunch boxes were tupperware an not a cheap copy :o


So I had a snifter and came up with What's in a name :o


and dug up My bit....


Mine stems from the dark period of the Anglo/Scottish Border Reivers. After they were quashed by King James. All was quiet for about 40-50 years and they reamerged as Moss Troopers and carried on there trade of skulldugery, theiving, murder and mayhem.


Out of interest wether yer wana know or not Two words spring to mind that were brought about from the reiver period.


Bereived.. Was to have "Been Reived" and a partner/relative died in the melle.


Blackmail.. Green mail was the rent paid to land owners.. Black mail was the 'Rent' paid to Reivers to keep your possesions/house/life.


Good huh!

Moss de Boss... Sort


Funny wot yer find in the archives.. LOL LOL LOL


Moss de Boss.. I wish lol lol

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Mine is a deep and dark secret, hidden in the depths of history. A story that has many twists and turns to delve down to the true meaning...

Only the most astute and knowledgeable members will be able to work out the mystery, or they may simply know my name is Matthew Wagster, my nickname was Waggie, when I signed up for a yahoo mail account Waggie was taken, so mattwaggie was created... Oh, and I prefer Matt to Matthew!



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Again quite simple we are a family of


one female - Janet

four males - Bob, Jack. Daniel and scruffy the dog

(Yes you guessed it the dog was named after me and you can see what I drink!!!)


We had used Jan and the Percey Boys for family cards etc and when my sister - (whose fault all this box hunting is) asked for a name for us it was obvious to use that one.


It actually does not reflect reality as it is normally only me that does the cacxhes



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Pharisee fa'ri-see, n, A Jew strict in religious observances; a hypocrite.


I'm not a hypocrite, at least, not intentionally. I'm certainly not a Jew, nor am I religious in any sense, strict or otherwise so why the name? Well... some years ago I was attempting to create a 'Hot Mail' e-mail account. Every user name I came up with was taken and I didn't like any of the offered alternatives. In desperation, I opened a dictionary at random, plonked my finger on the page and typed in the word I'd selected... 'Pharisee'. Hot Mail accepted it and it's been my username for just about everything that has needed one ever since. I can't remember it ever being refused. So... 'Pharisee' I am.

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Well ours is really boring! We wrote up a list of lots of different possibilities and picked one. Most of the team hated it at first but it has grown on us and we now like it. We quite often get abbreviated to just The Hoppers and are building up a reputation for water gun ambushes! One thing we haven't got is a decent logo/forum piccie - if anyone can come up with something ...... :o

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