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  1. BTW, I don't like splitting hairs or being excessively PC, but I prefer to say that other groups are under-represented, rather than that white middle class are over-represented. I realise it comes down to the same thing, but "over-represented" gives the impression there is a problem and that it's caused by the "over-represented" group. Rgds, Andy You picked up on my nuance. Much of my work is 'Ethnic Minority Achievement'. (Although in certain areas the Daily Mail would have a field day with which group is minority, generally across the borough UK white is still the largest single group.) Anyway, some of the work is understanding perceptions of success, ambition etc. Generally most of the activities we are discussing are well established, which means white UK hold the history and the onus is on other groups to 'break through'. (as well as the incumbant group to be at least accepting, if not actively encouraging). This is what makes new activities like geocaching interesting. What other factors affect the uptake? Is it association with other similar activities (geocaching/rambling)? Economic factors? Language barriers. Or is it really that walking around in the rain looking for tupperware is not something to aspire to.
  2. This topic came up a few years ago http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...49&hl=asian Not sure the thread got anywhere productive at the time. It seems that white middle class uk is over-represented in a number of areas. Just a quick look at the local ramblers group, the wildlife trust, bird watching, adventurous weekends such as rock climbing, caving, and it seems that it is almost exclusively UK white. Certainly doesn't match the nearly 60% non UK classes I teach in my local area.
  3. There was an issue a few years back where I work, where the system would throw up a warning to the system administrator everytime you mentioned Scunthorpe in an e-mail. I'll let you work out why.... We're not allowed to use the word *kill* in e-mail at work. One of my major tasks is delivering "Functional Skills". So most of my e-mails get blocked or auto edited. Functional Skulls is allowed through though.
  4. Hey, welcome. ohh and iPhone. There have been a few people here asking if it any good for geocaching. As far as we can see there is no specific software available for the iPhone. Tell us how well it works for geocaching - I'm still torn between the iPhone and the N95
  5. In my opinion you play the game your way, there are no rules. For me it depends on how quickly I want to find the cache. Sometimes we're en route somewhere else and just bagging a cache as we pass so look at the clue pretty early on. Other times I like the challenge of seeing if I can spot it without the clue. I'd say I end up using the clue at least 60% of the time, but it's a question of how long I can afford to spend hunting. Added to that is who I'm caching with. The other half of the team prefers the walking to the cacheing, 5 minutes seems to be her maximum before she gives in and wants to call it a DNF. I'm OK up to about 15 minutes. She's all for reading the clue as we appraoch the site!
  6. They might have Ahh Noggin the Nog.... but that doesn't help at all with the identity. "Graculus brought a note of common-sense and practicality to the proceedings." Smallfilms website
  7. Plenty of caching in London. Much of it is the 'micro' or even smaller type. In the very centre of London, around government buildings etc, it can be tricky as the sort of behaviour that cachers usually use seems to upset the security forces. They have all been told about caching, but people move on. There has been an agreement reached about allowing cachers to enjoy the sport without risk of starting a bomb alert. I can't remember the exact details, perhaps someone else can? Basically, if challenged, be up front and honest rather than evasive. If you can carry a printout of a cache description, or some information about caching so you can show what you are doing then all should be fine. If in central London, cache in Regent's Park. Loads to be found in a few hours.
  8. Sometimes the actual final cache container might not be 'thrilling' but the location and history is. However I doubt that many people read the cache pages. I have put some effort into mine that detail the history and significance of hte location, one being the site of the house where Guy Fawkes and co planned the gunpowder plot. But judging by the logs people haven't read the page so don't know why it's there. Another cache is a puzzle in the grounds of a large house. The coords are for the car park. You start there and then have to find numbers around the grounds, do some maths etc. I've had a number of logs stating that all they found was the car park, or the flag pole in the car park, and suggesting that the cache needs maintenance or should be archived. These logs count against the cache. People looking for a 'quick cache' will see the recent DNFs etc, assume it has gone and not bother trying to find it. I blame paperless caching and particularly programs like geocache navigator as these make it so much easier for people just to bang coords into a device and expect to find the box without reading the page. I have to admit I'm a paperless cacher. I've got GSAK, PDA with GPXsonar and memory map. The other half hasjsut got a Nokia N95 and I've intstalled the navigator software. But I do usually read the cache pages before I set out. Got a bit lazy a while ago, slapped myself on the wrist and try to remember to read it all.
  9. It's the one I linked to... "This has been pointed out several times on the main thread. Without response up to now." Yes, you have to "OK" it. I've just tried it in Firefox and had exactly the same error. As I said above and on the main thread, the only way around it is to use the Advanced Search, which works except it ignores the second part of the postcode. Hey it worked. If we moan about it in enough places someone eventually notices.... or more to the point tells us that they have noticed. I'll shut up now.
  10. Isn't that the same error as in the post I referred to? Not sure, are you getting an error dialogue that you have to 'OK' before it takes you to the wrong place? I don't get the error message in Firefox, Opera or Safari, jsut IE. All browsers take me to the same wrong place, buyt only IE has the additional error dialogue box, so I thought I would mention it in case it shed some light. I have also reported the fault in the other thread, but as you said, no response. Perhaps if I said it only seems to affect the UK and that is why there is no response it might get noticed, but then I might get into trouble so I won't say it.
  11. I get an additional problem with IE. Also gives me error message "a location for " cannot be determined". It then places me in portugal
  12. Good choice. I did guess it, honest, but was put off by the red herring. Hope you enjoy the experience.
  13. My wife has just got a Nokia N95, I'm keen to try the trimble geocache navigator on it. If I like it I might get one of these phones too. We either cache as a team or I cache alone. We use one geocaching ID. Anyway, getting to the point. Can I have more than one phone/navigator account linked to my geocaching ID. I don't want to start the software up on her phone and find that I can't use it on mine if I get one later. As I said, it's more likely to to be used on mine she only caches as part of the team, if you see what I mean.
  14. Using just the first 2 letters and the first digit of my postcode seems to work. Well at least it puts me within a mile of where I intended rather than portugal or California, which is where my daughters Leicester postcode gets redirected.
  15. Advanced search page seems about right on mine.
  16. Must be some sort of glitch as mine works fine, up to a point. It has the distances wrong by about a mile. Oh well................. Doesn't work for me on page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ if I enter my postcode I get and error saying "a location for " could not be found" and then it takes me to a list for Portugal.
  17. He will be revealing his true identity eventually That narrows it down, it's not Mrs B
  18. Ooh clever. Welcome Pǔtōnghuà (Mandarin for Mandarin)
  19. I like pic lens, but I wonder how much data that would pull. Would it lead to even more server overload?
  20. I've also registered as a developer, but haven't programmed for years and certainly not in this sort of environment, so have a steep curve. But I'm now reluctant to start with Apple's iron grip over what they will allow in the store. In fact I'm even holding off going for the iPhone until this becomes clearer. Second thought, whatever app people are developing, please remember that many caches are placed out of signal coverage, so don't assume live link to gc.com or maps.
  21. Just for your info. The mail domain I run, in the last 28 days: Legitimate mail: 5748 Spam:30,814 Quarantined due to video file attached or swear words: 14 Virus :0 Haven't had a virus for over a year. However, a great proportion of spam mail has phishing or trojan element. All these require a human to click on a link. This is meant to reassure you that living without a mail virus filter for a few days is unlikely to be the end of the world. But DISCLAIMER, don't blame me if the 1 in a million chance happens and you do get hit.
  22. Not at all surprised. Just reading the bits of the forum that interest me takes enough of my time. I've also never understood the linkage between modding and reviewing caches. It's a completely different skill set. Thanks for the superb commitment to the cause.
  23. Yes the very title of the thread Ah, makes sense. I hadn't put 2 and 2 together. But did think it was a strange thread title!
  24. Not sure, was the cache actually named? But it is quite correct to raise concerns here. It's not only about the placing of the cache but there is some responsibility on the finder to do as little damage as possible. Some caches I have visited look like someone has attacked the place with a scythe. All the grass (or nettles) in the area has been flattened.
  25. Someone (Pharisee?) had a cunning method of running PQs using dates that the caches were placed, if I remember correctly... but that was years ago. Don't know if it will still work as the number in place is now much larger.
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