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  1. Hey Sam, My invite must have got lost in the post! Couldn't delay your dress any longer. Tried to make you suffer but it didn't work so I sent the release order this morning. I understand it came this afternoon! LOL! All the best to you both! Lester
  2. Hazel, I hope you haven't sacrificed the 60CSx for the Colorado!!!!! I have both too and find the 60CSx more accurate by far and I used that to find the caches and the colorado to provide the cache page info. However, I now favour the iPhone 4 over the Colorado. Maybe I may just get round to selling the Colorado. Who knows.
  3. As stated before, you cannot beat the dedicated PSr unit for locating the cache. I use the iPhone as a resource AND this includes utilising the time between moving from one cache to the next by writing the log - in full - on the iPhone. If a cache and dash type find, then a minute or two before driving off is used to do this. I never realised how much time could be saved doing this. I remember the 'Good old days' which weren't that long ago for me, when having arrived home from a days caching, a further hour or two needed to be spent logging the day's finds. Now, the logs are sent in the field or if no internet access, there is the facility to save them ALL and logs are sent in one go! Great stuff. personally I do not thing the phone Apps / Androids etc should be used as primary devices but an aid.
  4. Regarding the iPhone App: i have it and find it extremely good. I can recommend either using it in the field - arriving at your start point and then searching for 'nearby caches' OR pick your area, find a local cache and search on that whilst you have wi-fi or internet access. then choose the caches you want to do and save them as favourites. this way the info is available even if there is no internet access at GZ. Saying this, I do not use the phone as a GPS to locate the cache unless I have to. I much prefer a dedicated unit. Together it's an awesome combination. In the settings of the app, you should insert your GC ID and pwd. this will then identify caches you have done and allow you to log the cache straight away or save as field notes. I recommend Premium Membership IF you use GSAK, take advantage of the other GS utilities and want to run Pocket Queries. It's not a great deal of money - 10 pints for a years membership i think. As I don't drink it's no hardship for me LOL!
  5. At least you may get to know where your GC is!
  6. Obviously the next step is to contact the owner of the Stargate in Washington to see if they have ever been received.
  7. I find it just as easy to use Google on geocaching.com (link on every cache page) locate the area I want to research and just look for 'rings' or 'lines' of caches.
  8. I ws going to say "Whilst caching" but Alan beat me to it. BTW Alan: -
  9. I still enjoy caching, albeit, I do not go out often anymore. I don't even post here anymore! (with the exception of this one, of course.)
  10. Well, my turn. I retired from my job 5 months ago at the ripe old age of 49! Time for more caching. NOT! I have been busier now with my 'other hobby' that caching has taken a back seat BUT I can say - "I haven't looked back either" Enjoy John... Oss!
  11. I can! This is a Geocaching website. FaceBook isn't, therefore non-geocachers who are FaceBookers will see the links. Simple really.
  12. I nominate Simply Paul as team captain Is it because my head looks a bit like an egg? No, it's because it does look like an egg! (Oooh that felt good. Will I get a ban for that?)
  13. If caches were checked regularly by the owners they could remove these calling cards and either store them or destroy them, no need to try and stop people leaving a small card as well as signing the log. All it takes is a quick note to the owner that the box needs clearing. Why should they have to regularly visit their caches? If the caches are well placed, hidden well and not muggled, the only reason for owners to visit would be to change the logbook when full or signs of damage/damp. I know we have had this debate before but what is the point of a calling card? Caches are required to SIGN the logbook so why duplicate things and leave unnecessary things in a cache? I will even go as far to say that they are not swappable items (although I'm sure someone will disagree!).
  14. Just saw the Lexicon post and GeoLitter is not on there either - Yay!
  15. How about a slight amendment to one of yours already listed: Calling Card - A pointless piece of card left in a cache as proof of a visit wich usually ends up as Geo-litter. Oh there's one: Geo-litter - Archived/abandoned cache containers left in situ to rot etc Oss!
  16. Isn't it funny how in the photos, it's seems so easy but when doing it 'in real time' and having it captured on video - it's so much harder. I did the course earlier in the day and must say the experience is fantastic! Great Event, photos and video. Oss!
  17. Dave, Deceangi is a Reviewer of caches that are submitted for publication. He wasn't asking you in general, whether the cache was in a dry wall, he was informing Hungry caterpillars that it wasn't in a dry wall. He made reference to the wall earlier regarding the status of the wall and not to the fact that you found it in a wall!! LOL Just FYI. Oss! Also forgot to say WELCOME!
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