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  1. And I wont appologise for this post. OK.. So someone has removed a thread that was in a way a bit naughty.. Bad Boy Hornet.. tsk tsk.. But what was it about.. Someone.. ME Trying to raise funds to help those who have fought and been maimed in the name of FREEDOM OF SPEACH. Why use Geocaching.com forum.. simple .. I am known.. good or bad and it is a quick simple way to inform a lot of folks of a little effort on my part to help those who have given. I hope that those on the other side of the pond and are so quick to condemn never have to live with having close family in a war zone God forbid come home maimed, and find that someone bends the rules in their support. Enough said.. Please note that I will never come into your forum again.. please feel free to delete my account. Moss Trooper.. AKA Ian Paterson PS.. this is in no way an indictment to the UK forum moderators or reviewers for who I have the most admiration.. poor buggers PPS I think Jeremy should start to look at how things are going.. PPPS T*rracacheing an Navicache could have an upsurge in UK BYE BYE AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!!
  2. Said it once say it again.. The Book is for the guidance of the wise and the obediance of fools.. This is my first post in a long time.. I think some one of the new moderators should take a step back and remember this is a discussion forum.. If a discussion goes of track.. put it back on track.. I was a pain as a moderator. but always tried to be fair to all parties.. OK.. 3 day ban.. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Both are the same. One is a very greedy person, the other a very selfish person. Ether way this will not endear Garmin or any other company to do such a nice free promotion. It is perfectly clear that the promotion was not to intended for people to profit or for people to have their own private collections. So where does that put me.? I HAD three coins.. One I gave away to a friend who just couldnt get one for love nor money. One I intend to release.. and One I am contemplating keeping. Now.. one has to be very careful in answering as there are legalities in calling folks on this forum or any other.. Unless you can prove catogorically they are selfish or greedy then you can be held liable.. or is it slander.. never could tell.. in a court of law.. be careful what you say an imply. Moss T
  4. As this is an American based forum Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Seems they are going against there own constitution Byee
  5. Thank you Mandarin for the formal warning.. I am afraid you seem to have fallen into the GSP trap, so soon too.. don't worry I will impose a 3 day self imposed ban.. Save you the bother.. I hope you are ready for the flak pet. He is a pain in the butt and over opinionated.. See you all friday.. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee Word in your shell like.. chuck the towel in while you still have credability..
  6. I said "the Groundspeak main forum for general geocaching-related talk and info,". When it comes to UK/GB-related talk and info, it's clear to me that posting on a US-overseen forum has its limitations. Generalising about Americans having better manners, whether true or not, is not helpful. I wanted to avoid making this a US v UK thread, but you're trying to steer it in that direction. I said that tweaks are needed: it's not perfect there. But you get chance for a riposte to the "shut up" call, don't you? Rather than immediate reference to guidelines and threats of suspension? Anyway, if you don't like the GAGB forum you're welcome to ignore my call to join in. This wasn't really a discussion thread, more a news/reminder post. Once again someone dodges the question . What exactly are these "limitations" you speak of? UKTIM You are a total <edit to remove personal attack>.. voicing yer own opinion that does nothing more than wind every one up.. do us al a favour and wind your neck in.. Moss T And yes I have read all your posts.. you havent learnt anything have you..
  7. Welcome back marra, glad to see you.. An next time.. just say what yer mean rather than beatin about the bush Moss T
  8. Just Jacking in the money side John.. My thoughts.. Rules & Regs.. Guidence of the wise obediance of fools.. Nuff said.. again.. MossT
  9. I think your in a rapidly decreasing majority M I for one will NOT be renewing my premium membership and I know that wont have much of an effect but I have had enough of the heavy handedness that seems to becoming more and more prevelant. I only run a few PQ's so I wont miss out on much anyway. Thats the final straw.. I'm out of here.. My 30 odd dollars dont sound a lot.. but look after the penny's and the pounds look after themselves.. Well my pennies are now of to Help for Heroes.. a CHARITY.. god bless em.. they will appreciate my monies.. Bye goodnight and thanks for all the fish!!
  10. Now, that takes me back! But I don't think we should resurrect all that again, we are able to cause enough new problems not to revisit old ones. Flippin Nora........a blast from the past.......remember it well!! Who's Robin Lovelock..
  11. Aye.. they were all reviewed.. but we had scant guide lines.. but after some arguments (nowt new there) and threats of invasion we persuaded those on tuther side of pond to allow UK reviewers.. Those that knew territory so to speak.. This was the ground work of what an who we have today.. hard fought and nothing given up lightly.. so the moral of this story.. divint argue with the Brits.. I know.. cos I was that man an we dint have a frog..
  12. Hello Folks So here we all are.. arguing.. finger pointing.. who did it.. who said it.. who denighed it.. I will not denigh Mandy and her effort and reasons for what she does.. she does what she does with an open heart and the only ones to gain are a charity.. be it breast cancer, doggies or the hospice down the road. Now.. the food for thought.. while your all wingeinge and finger pointing about who did it.. why.. is it right is it wrong.. and this goes out to those over the pond also.. There are boys and girls.. on the ground away from home.. right now .. making life and death decisions.. do I pull the trigger.. do I kill that man.. I might get charged for murder if I'm wrong.. but if I don't pull the trigger my best mate may get killed.. Please please please.. remember before you start petty finger pointing and wingeing that there are people dieing.. and makeing decisions I am glad I dont have to.. This may be a load of waffle.. rubbish.. but I hope EVERYONE gets the point. Nuff Said. One Peeeeeeeeeeed off Moss T
  13. I recon he's quackers fer comin in ere.. Reminds me.. Guy jumps in a pond an nearly drowns, gets pulled out by his mate.. mate says.. "What the ffff you doing.. yer know yer can't swim".. drowndee! says " Well I didnt think it was so deep.. only came halfway up that duck!!!".. OK I'll get me coat
  14. Bob.. I am proberbly one of the ones who grates most.. I speak my mind.. and if it upsets folks.. so be it.. You said what you felt.. why appologise for that.. this is a free speaking world.. and as such you shouldn't appologise for speaking your mind.. I don't Moss T
  15. When we are camping we love barbies.. Which are allowed on most campsites. We use those cheapish BBQ's with the two trays that you can adjust the height. We use charcoal not the briquetts. Once the grub is scoffed we shift the trays an dump more charcoal on the barbie. A bag usually lasts the night, it gets mad hot and is ideal fer yer marshmallows You can also buy peat logs which aint bad either.. Moss T
  16. Bump For those not in the know.. The other two, Monz and JasonW place this cache in my garden next to my wheely bin.. the rotters
  17. Hi Peepses.. The only 3 pennyworth I'm putting in is.. everyone move to the GAGB forum, and pin a topic here saying we have all moved there.. then we can discuss things as we always have in the past. Without too much interference. Which brings me to the point, which has been mentioned previously in another thread, about a UK listing site.
  18. and another snippet.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7488524.stm Ties in with what Mandy was on about.. !!! Think I move to the moon lol lol
  19. Did anyone else notice this in Yesterdays news.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7488009.stm Just thought it might be of interest as some folks proberbly wont like there info splattered all over the states.. OK bit extreme.. I recon most folks will have had a nose at UTUBE at some time or other..
  20. ......Yup, but he were a right pernickety old so and so, weren't he Don't I know it.. fancy a beer at Chollerford marra
  21. I've archived two of my caches in the last few days. Both had been 'interfered' with but neither had been physically removed. In one instance the fully labelled 'Hornet' size ammo can had been stolen and replaced with a fully labelled lid-less plastic tub that was two small to hold all the contents. The geocoin it contained had also gone. In the other, another large ammo can, the combination lock which forms an integral part of the cache had been stolen and the ammo can left open. It's unlikely that I'll be placing any more caches. When those of mine that are still active reach the end of their time, that will be it as far as I'm concerned. I've just spent the last two days hunting trig points in East Anglia..... That was a lot more rewarding than finding a lot of the old tat that seems to be acceptable as a geocache these days. Know the feeling marra.. All my fault yer know.. Interviews with computer active.. TV progs.. LOL but I do understand.. I'm archiving more than I am setting.. but will admit that there aint as many folks having a try and getting board.. or using ammo boxes.. being honest.. think they best left to the military lol We were in, in the early days when it was fun.. and no one interfered with you cache.. manly as ther wernt that many around. I still have a few to go before I burn out LOL LOL But these days.. Think I'll get back to my walking and just taking in the views.. cheaper too lol lol Moss T
  22. Think this is now bordering on pure tat.. This whole event has gone from sublime to ridiculous Who decides who wins whatever prize???? Too many things happening.. pre events! Pre pre event! Then the Hog roast. You can’t book on the day.. so you have 20 people on the day who have booked.. what happens to the other 480 who might think.. hey that looks good! But cant!! I think you may end up with pork lunch for a few months!! But will admit it was the Utube stunt that takes the biscuit. Sorry.. but what happen to.. let’s have an even.. try for 500.. if they turn up.. claim a mega.. if they don’t.. welllllllllll we had a bash.. better luck next time Not decrying the effort the guys/gals have put in but to date there are only 429 will attend logs. Be pleased if it comes off but too much going on, to many variables. and as I said.. UTUBE.. pure tat. This is my opinion.. and sorry if this the wrong thread but there are too many mega event threads to pick from!! Moss T Some one had to say it
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