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  1. Anyone got any tips for mapping software (palm/Fugawi), and caches for the washington state area, as Ive got a three week thrip over there from the 21st dec Thanks Phoenix
  2. GPSr are commonly used as speedometers on kite buggys and land boards, ther are quite a few geocachers who started after getting a GPS for this reason.
  3. Been taking a time out, Work has been very busy and things got to a point where I had to drive 40 miles to find a cache, not to mention all the issues with summer holidays and looking after kids, and actually going on holiday to Cuba to find just one cache, which makes going 40 miles to find one a little insignifigant, well actually to not find it since it had been muggled.... less than a dozen caches in the entire country, and the one I went to find was the one thats no longer there!!!! Ill probably get back in the saddle soon, there looks to have been a nice new crop of caches in the area, I just need to get a few more things sorted out first....
  4. the GPSr that can handle unlimited waypoints is a PDA with a stack of mem cards... considerably less than £infinity
  5. no. But Ive solved one in the eye though
  6. hm, £1.00 per cache is hardly likely to pay for anything but the cost of posting the letters!
  7. Don't think a car would get up there.. doubt my lad would take his Honda 600 cbr up that track either.. As for the rural side.. caution is the word.. familiarity breeds contempt.. spent to long test driving to be a total wasock But have found it to be more acceptable than yer average 4 x 4 or scrambler Roads are meant for riding, mountains are meant for walking, if you want to ride up a mountain then get a horse.
  8. worst of both worlds! lacks the speed and manoverability of a real bike lacks the protection of a cage.. sorry car
  9. And who is the lad in the front with the white shorts
  10. Which just goes to prove, if you want something finding, ask a Geocacher!
  11. The BBC have been sent a bunch o photos from the 'finding a cache' photoshoot and a short explaiantion of what was going on, not heard anything back, watch this space
  12. bump, I beleive this is the answer to Skippy and Pingus problem (or at leat one of them )
  13. Again it boils down to removing the usefullness of the tools you can, GPS makes the difference between a local resistance/espionage cell/fanatics, of untrained individuals doing the job, or a highly trained guy who can do it with a map and compas.
  14. Thats the point, being able to scramble GPS removes it from being a viable tool, if it wasnt possible to scramble it, then it would be a viable tool. We have all had times when it goes on the fritz, but, being experienced users we learn to recognise the problems and accomodate for them
  15. Your confusing in flight control with targetting, if you cant aquire a position of a target, then you cant remotely attack it. The thing is, there are always alternatives, and defence normally about limiting them with a package of measures, rearely is there a single measure that is a solveall solution.
  16. A very good reason for a civil system such as Galileo to be established. Unfortunately the military will disrupt the civil Galileo system as easily as they disrupt civil reception of the military versions of GPS which we call Glonass and NavStar. We would need jamming/disrupting technology even for a civil system, it would be a joke if a hostile force could use a nations civil or even military system against themselves, besides I doubt that a civil system would get put up if there wasnt an option to scramble the signal for wither military or comercial reasons. It would be interesting to have an idea just how long satalite based technology would last in the event of an international conflict, I doubt it would be long at all. This system they are developing looks to be more of an area exclusion system, I would envisage it being set up as part of a high security perimeter to disrupt GPS guided attacks... think the kinda security we saw in scotland at the G8 summit
  17. just go up there and shout Dave, see who answers
  18. Great stuff Davester, I get very tired of the nice walk, great view type logs, sometimes I think there should be an automatic "yeah Ive bin here" button that enters simplistic tripe, leaving us more time to write decent logs for the caches that proved of greater interest.
  19. I think the real star of the show really was Dave, I know it has been said that he is a prickly character, but he certainly knows how to keep a secret
  20. farm tracks that are marked as public roads in Via Mitchlin/Tom-Tom
  21. A theory already considered most triangles have two geometric centres and a c.o.g. (im not certain if this always coincides with one of the two centres), three caches must form a triangle, however there are specific instructions inside one of the caches that places the final cache on a vector that doesnt even intersect the triangle described by the first three caches.
  22. ... and you are still denying ownership or insider knowledge about it Gorse bushes, I never want to see another one of those again. As for MN, I think the sheep up in the Welsh countryside are telling us as much as MN. are you suggesting that Bob is being sheepish
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