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  1. I did a little animated badge that you can add to your profiles if you like (look at my profile for a preview). You need to copy and paste the following text into your profile:
  2. Well this is an interesting thread. Kudos to Alan White for actually making the effort to travel to do this cache for himself before commenting. (Like others, I am not convinced that the account by Equalizer is entirely factual, but I don't really wish to get into that whole sock puppet debate). This cache is not far from me, but when it was published, I had no desire at all to go and do it. I still don't, and missed it out when I was caching very close by. This is just like another similar cache in the area, which I also didn't fancy going to do. This latter cache is hidden in the exact same way and has been going since September 2008 and the reviewers have not chosen to disable that one. As "Frogger" was published and has only latterly been disabled by the reviewer, does that mean that any similar cache should be thus disabled? I can understand a policy decision not to publish a cache or certain type of cache, but not one to retrospectively and seemingly arbitarily, disable one cache and not another. If a cache set on a public footpath gets zapped because it is deemed that it is too dangerous, does that mean that similar value judgements about cacher safety will be made about caches in other publicly accessible areas (caches on tidal islands where there is a danger of being cut off by the tide, caches on cliff top paths, caches in city locations where there is discarded drug paraphernalia nearby, etc). Caching aside, this is a public footpath that anybody is permitted to use to cross the dual carriageway. The local council have decided that it's safe to cross the road on foot at this point. I know that just because one cache got published, the reviewers state that this does not create a precedent that means that a similar cache would and should automatically be published, but it is surely understandable that a cache setter would ask why their cache was not published and not unreasonable to expect a transparent answer. It is true that our reviewers are volunteers, and therefore I am not going to have a go at Red Duster. I will do him the courtesy of assuming that he sets about his task of publishing caches with an open mind and makes what he believes are the best decisions in the circumstances. What I really want to know is this: is there an official reviewers policy to reject caches such as this? It would surely be possible to create a rule/guideline (even if just for the UK) which said no caches to be placed in the middle of dual carriageways in the same way that no caches are to be placed within dry stone walls. If this is applied retrospectively, then all such caches should be archived. If existing caches are grandfathered in and the policy only applies to new caches, then "Frogger" should stand, because it has already been published. It is still a cache that I will not be bothering to do any time in the near future, or if it gets archived. should I say 'a style of cache' that I will not be bothering to do any time in the near future?
  3. That really sucks and I am sorry to hear it, CJ. I have had about 6 ammo cans nicked myself and in most (but not all) cases, the cache contents were left behind (not in a nice box, but in a Tesco bag).It has also happend to some of the old Hornet caches in our area in the past. Other novelty cache containers have gone missing too, including my fake pigeon in Hockridge Woods, which is not too far from your Rossway series. When this happens, I do like to assume it's NOT cachers, even though of course that suspicion always comes to mind. It is still the summer holidays and kids will have been around the place and have been into everything.... however in your case, sadly it does sound like it may have been a cacher. It's not nice to think that a fellow player could do this, but of course caching encompasses all sorts of people including I suppose, some who idley look at it for a while, don't really buy into it and then after a while get bored and do something else. There's nothing much to add to this except to say I hope it does not put you off setting all your very enjoyable series. I for one appreciate the quantity of local caches that you have set and which mean that I don't have to travel too far to get my caching fix. Please consider coming along to some of our local events and meet up with fellow cachers from your area. You will discover that the vast majority of us are nice people who appreciate your efforts. We also have a Beds, Bucks and Herts group on Facebook if you are on there, which you are more than welcome to join and can 'meet' a fair number of us in there. Nil illegitimi carborundum!
  4. You just got my vote And mine. Publicising the game has pretty much ruined it Yep.... have to say, I agree too
  5. I think it might have been nice if they had hidden a special cache for Mike and the mob to find rather than taking the chance of compromising View from Coombe Hill, or indeed have relocated this cache just for the filming like they did their own micro. As it is, one of the trackables that was contained in the cache was found dropped on the ground some distance away and another has vanished altogether. Recent logs state how easy the cache is to find, whilst I (and SP) spent some time and effort covering it up on a recent maintenance visit, so it looks like another check is in order. I have very mixed feelings about this. I think the piece that appeared on TV was good, but it did not leave me with a warm glow
  6. Quite agree! POF has just yielded little boys and grandads who are into various speciality activities (and we're not talking geocaching here!!) DELETE!!!!!
  7. ... and don't forget, if you are caching with an IPhone and cannot find the cache, be sure to put a SBA on the cache page!
  8. if you do want a GPSmap60csx, I know somebody who's selling one in very good nick, with box etc, for £100. He's just upgraded to the 62st
  9. I would love to go on the Big Pit visit. This is a place I have been meaning to visit for some time. I think the Wales Mega committee should organise a sand castle building competition to be held on the famous beach at Porthcawl
  10. Well, the Jeep has now been locked by TPTB and Eartha has spent some time zapping all the virtual logs. It seems that the sudden mass stampede of virtual logging did not escape the notice of the frog! Cannot say I am terribly surprised. Perhaps I should spray it gold again and hang it on the Christmas tree
  11. It's just parked at mine, pending a cow print paint job, then it will on it's merry way again. BTW, it does not look as if it's previously been painted gold. edited to add -hmm, I see there are still some teething problems with the forums code!
  12. which moron published the tracking number of this TB. Not long before TPTB lock it, I think.
  13. Have TPTB been testing this on my profile, as my souvenir (single) has vanished and I think I should have at least 2.
  14. my souvenirs have vanished, and I think I should have two. Isn't this what the OP asked? has anybody else got this (minor) problem?
  15. As somebody else says, did it possibly have an insulated handle. Some people don't know about them and don't know that it's safe to grasp them and unhook the fence to get past. They look like this: However, if the footpath was blocked, I would report it to the revevant council. When ever I have come upon a blocked footpath, for example gates chained shut, stiles badly maintained, etc I take as much info as possible such as grid ref, footpath no and fill out an online report. The hardest part is usually finding the page on the relevnat council's website. A have a friend who's a rights of way officer and she say that unless people report rights of way infringements, they don't know about them, and encourages everybody to do so.
  16. I found a self inking cache stamp belonging to Al, Clo and Fergus in GC2C9Y6 yesterday. They seem to have signed this cache and others, but do not appear to have logged online and I cannot find a profile for them. If anybody hleps me track them down, I will be able to re-unite them with their stamp.
  17. send them all to Keehotee, I believe he especially likes them
  18. Because the ammo can got nicked, then the replacement regular cache got nicked, then two small caches in succession got nicked. Now that particular cache is a micro. I do agree with you though, and I try to upgrade my caches if at all possible.
  19. Invite me round for a cup of tea, Jeff, and I will sort that out for you.
  20. Huh? I cannot see why on earth they would be motivated to manage somebody else's records for them.
  21. fancy a little walkie some time this weekend (I read the forum you linked, it mentioned GEOCOINS!!!!!)
  22. this cache was also in that area, but Bekandian say that they removed it.
  23. wonder if it was the final of this multi? Although the hint does not seem to suggest so.
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