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  1. I'm another who would find the cache type useful to be able to see. I'm not so bothered about whether its a DNF, I'm more bothered about the cache type particularly because solved puzzles still are shown at the published coordinates on the map not at the solved coordinates so the DNF location means nothing for those.
  2. Unfortunately been like it for us since that page was released. Its still like it, tried logging out and back in again.
  3. The new version of the list page is not showing list names thus making it totally useless and unusable. I have the same problem on Edge and Google Chrome and my husband has the same problem on his laptop as well. I know that we can use the old version of the list page for now but really the new version needs to be working.
  4. I'm have the same problems. Been going on for a while. Now can't do anything, just saying my browser isn't supported. I get this with edge and Chrome.
  5. Have found it and sent a request to join now.
  6. Welcome to Earwigo. I assume you are talking about the two standard Buttons of a Message. Now you have to make a decision in the program code AKA If_Else_Endif. Knowing If_Else_Endif structures will help you to create awesome cartridges . Here is a link to the decision section of the tutorial http://earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge#decisions_introduction This is how to handle your specific case: Prepare the usage of an If_Else_Endif decision structure. In order to do so in Earwigo you have to define an Expression that describes what you want to test for. In your case you can test for Button1Pressed. Create the expression ButtonOnePressed (or any other name that helps you to remember what you are testing for. Use the Properties/Conditions Section of the Expression to create the following test "Button was clicked Button 1" Now go to the Message that has the two buttons. Switch to the Messages/Events SubTab Here you will find the Event "When a button is pressed" Create the If_Then_Else logic for the button Event. It will look like this if ButtonOnePressed Your action number 1 Else your action number 2 EndIf Thank you . That's really clear as well. I hope you don't mind me sharing this with a couple of friends who are also struggling with this.
  7. Thank you so much. I've loaded that into earwigo and seen what I need to do. Its worked and I'm happy because it means I can make my cartridge do exactly what I want. I thought I was going to have to simplify it and I didn't want to. Its an adventure fantasy style Wherigo.
  8. I'm making a Wherigo using earwigo. I have a message with 2 buttons but I can't work out how to check which button was pressed to then trigger different things to happen depending on which button was pressed. At the moment the same thing happens regardless of which button is pressed. How do I check which button is pressed? Thanks.
  9. Thank you, we have checked this and it would appear we weren't. We've now an update of the firmware and a lot of niggles have gone. It would be nice if when you buy the unit it either comes with the latest firmware or you are at least told in the quick start how to update the firmware. I managed to use it to set some new caches yesterday and was impressed with the ease of marking waypoints and putting notes etc with them.
  10. We have bought a Monterra and are trying to get it set up. We have put our PQ gpx file on it in the GPX folder and can see all the caches in a list and on the map. When we look at a cache we can't see all of the description, only the beginning of it. How do I see the whole description please? Thanks.
  11. Last night I used the new cache submission form. I used the drop down calender to select the date of placement. It autofilled the field using dd/mm/yyy format (my default on geocaching.com). When I clicked continue it said my date was not valid (13/05/14). I tried using the drop down calender again and I still had the same problem. I eventually thought I would swap the dd and mm round manually so put it in the format mm/dd/yyyy (05/13/14). This was accepted. It doesn't tell you what format the date needs to be in and more to the point its autofilling it wrongly. Had the dd been 12 or less I wouldn't have known of the problem and it would have put the cache being placed in totally the wrong day and month.
  12. Are there any Scottish and Irish cachers who are able to help me redeploy a couple of TB's for me please? I have 1 TB that needs to be in Scotland and 1 that needs to be in N.I. I stand no chance of getting to either at the moment. Rebecca
  13. Ponder Stibbons have offered . Thank you very much and thank you for such a quick response. Will see how we go about this now. Rebecca
  14. Hiya, Very old oldie here whose not been on for a very long time and even might have to admit to it taking a long time to even remember that I might get help here LOL!!! Anyway, we have a great series of caches that are still highly praised years on from when we placed them. With the best will in the world we are no longer to maintain these. The walks aren't that long to the caches from easy parking spots but they are a bit to far for tiny legs, one of whom complains with every single step that we're walking . The walks are all lovely though, nice views and things to see. So the caches are Rainbow Red: GCMVJH Rainbow Orange: GCMVJQ Rainbow Yellow: GCMVJT Rainbow Green: GCMVJY Rainbow Blue: GCMVK0 Rainbow Indigo: GCMVK1 Rainbow Violet: GCMVK7 Rainbow Pot of Gold: GCMVKP In reality this is a low maintenance series. Each cache seems to only require a visit once in a blue moon. Green has the biggest tendancy to go walkies. Violet can get swept away in the winter. Blue is missing at the moment but thats the 1st time in 4.5yrs. Non of the others have ever gone missing in the 4.5years and have just needed general maintenance visits. It would be a shame to see this excellent series archived but if there are no takers it will be archived I'm afraid. Hope that someone would like to take these on. Rebecca and Adam
  15. Thanks everyone. I think we'll go for the quick and easy way and just delete it all and start again. Its got a lot in it, over 1000 and I have not got the time or inclination to go through them manually. Just means we won't have all our information that we've written about the ones we've done. Might try and see if I can somehow save the ones we've done and all we've written as a seperate file and then delete it all otherwise we'll cut our losses.
  16. Hiya, Long time no posting from us! Pinga & Roo kind of took over our lifes for a while there LOL!!! We're trying to get our life as it was before Pinga & Roo as much as possible with 2 toddlers in tow! So we're trying to get our geocaching organised. We have GSAK and I've upgraded it to the most recent version. According to it the last time anything was loaded into it was back on 19th May 2007. So I've run a pocket query for the time between then and now. Its picked up 74 new caches within 10 miles. I loaded that into GSAK but I've still got a problem, it contains archived caches and still thinks they're active. How do I let GSAK know what caches are archived now? My memory map was a bit of a disaster so I deleted all the caches other than those we've found. So I could do with GSAK being correct so that when I export to Memory Map its uptodate with only active caches. Rebecca and Adam
  17. Nice one H, and to think, we were on the same numbers when we did Fiat Lux...... WALK THE LINE!!!
  18. I think Hazel should get bonus points for rescuing kittens!! far above believe me!
  19. There is another one with 9 but maybe we won't mention that one, don't want to spoil the surprise eh Paul?!
  20. Sorry for double post, must be my stalker Cheesyfeet again......
  21. Thanks to everyone for your kind messages, mother and babies are doing well. There is already a cache planned by Skippy and Pingu for them to FTF in mega quick time!!! Oh and Chas, we had planned to have them on friday but they thought they would give the other FTF hunters in the area a chance by leaving things alone for 2 days!!
  22. We can also do Anglesey (not on the list) when we visit Skippy's parents if there are no other offers.
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