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  1. welcome to the world of caching hope you have a great time finding those caches
  2. Face it.... the cache is rubbish. I'm not talking about the "great walk" or the "fab hiding spot", I'm talking about the cache. The owner doesn't seem to care about it so why should you? Why waste time and money on someone else's cache? Stick it on your watchlist... post a "Should Be Archived" and wait until the reviewers archive it... which they will and then place a new cache of your own at that location if the walk and hiding spot are so good. Remembering, of course to clear up any geolitter that might just be there. [/quote i totally agree with the above
  3. hi joan dont know if you remember me i think i last saw you at derbyshire at one of the carry on camps good to see you back and im sure you will get back into the swing of things look forward to seeing you at some future events im the really short one
  4. as someone who has done this series i agree best caches ever
  5. i agree i picked mine to fast not realising it would be with me this long.think if i picked it now it would be shortymike
  6. carry on events and piratemanias.best events everytime
  7. i have noticed the drop in quality of caches over the last few years.gone are the days when all caches were good ones in good places and well thought out.now people seem to just walk past a place and put a cache anywere.give me one good cache any day then 10 or 20 rubbish ones just for the sake of numbers.
  8. this is a caching forum not an english grammer forum.does it really matter.people write how you want to.
  9. this has been my gripe for a long time.i can count on one hand out of say the last hundred caches the number of well stocked caches i have seen.yes the quality of the hide and the place is important but it is still nice to see well stocked caches so yes im with you on this one i promise to make sure my caches are kept well stocked from now on.
  10. try this one 023 8052 4000 thanks willvgive it a try
  11. My Nano in a Forest cache seems well-liked. What's wrong with them? NANOS IN FORESTS NO NO NO PLENTY OF ROOM FOR BIGGER CACHES .SO WHY PLACE A NANO. NANOS IN FORESTS SHOULD BE BANNED
  12. same thing has happened to me on the same gps .maybe ill give them a ring,see what happens
  13. i remember you two. glad to have you back.look forward to seeing you both at future events
  14. Except a cache owner is no longer allowed to delete a log without good reason...... and a negative log isn't a good reason (AFAIK) thanks for that .i will now tell it as it is
  15. although i agree with telling it as it is a few people have told me that any negative logs like that will be deleted so i would have wasted my time finding it as it wouldnt have counted.so i just keep the peace by saying found
  16. from talking to people i think one of the main reasons is cache burn out.i think people try and get that many caches under there belt that they get fed up.just take it easy and do them as and when,without going mad.
  17. my 7 yr old niece does a better job when caching
  18. the finder before you logs nice easy find yet you spend ages looking for it,or you spend ages looking for it and the next cacher says nice easy find
  19. batteries always run out near the cache
  20. i will be in london in august .cant wait to do this series.what a good idea
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