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  1. I suspect that this is what you are looking for: https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=6728904
  2. I suspect that you are talking about a third part application such as Project-GC as Geocaching.com has never recognised UK counties
  3. I've had the same problem, you select the "Needs Archiving" option but nothing changes, the best I could do was leave a note. However, there is an option to "opt out" which takes you back to the tried and tested logging page that works . I've done a search of the forums and can't find the answer there
  4. If only it were so simple, my Facebook Group (along with many others I believe) has been taken down because it uses a coord.info link, I can't even access it to amend it!
  5. Chris, would this be similar for a cache in the middle of a 1/4 mile long tunnel with another cache 250 to 300 feet away on the surface?
  6. Sadly this seems more prevalent (particularly in Germany for some reason) than ever, with lists of trackable numbers in circulation. Also if you have an early TB, the tracking code is numeric and sequential so virtual loggers just need to add one to the number for the next TB, and so on.
  7. Greetings Roy! I can't beat the TB miles - but just thought I'd say "Hi" as one of the old-schoolers. Now caching on the Isle of Mull... Very good point, I hadn't even clocked who the OP was! Great to hear that you're still kicking around Roy, and i have a letter for you that was using some sort of cache postal system. We picked this up a few years ago but havn't seen you since; seems that this is a tad less efficient system tha Royal Mail .
  8. My Tricky and Friends TB(s) has beaten this at 119058.5 miles, however some might say that this spooky TB has been cheating
  9. The new beta search tool on GC.com has a filter that you can specify certain D/T combinations
  10. I suppose that's true, if they hadn't been allowed to begin with. But I can't just ignore hints because there's also an opposite problem: caches that are impossible to find unless you read the hint. I have no problem at all with COs that don't give hints. Many COs consider hints part of the description, and I think it makes sense for those COs to just include them in the description instead of putting them in a different make-pretend-secret field. But I never read the description
  11. You're probably right there, they were probably herding flocks of sheep or herds of cattle
  12. Yup, what Marty said I have much more chance of getting a cache in a kayak than one 50ft up a tree, not that I have or have access to a kayak
  13. I suspect I'm on the black list with you Simply Paul & Pharasie, which is probably not a bad thing as I struggle to log my own finds let alone reviewing others caches
  14. I've seen Geochecker used many times, however I note that also has adverts so may now fall foul of Groundspeaks over zealous IMHO implementation of their non-commercial guidelines
  15. Apologies Paul for causing your post to degenerate and Deci for the attack, totally unnecessary. Seems I've been Mr Grumpy today
  16. Well i'm probably going to get my head bitten off for this and who knows, maybe even a ban but hey ho, who cares Deci, you're the first to shout if someone is selective in quoting "The Guidelines", they actually state: And why o why do you always have to fall back on this defensive statement whenever challenged, you would be amazed at the number of people it winds up
  17. Do you feel victimised Paul, I think I would if an event that had been disabled was archived 3 weeks after it finished without even a request. An out of area reviewer as well, is big brother watching you . At end of day it's no big deal as it's only an expired event, but I would be a bit niffed.
  18. We have booked the Blacklands Lakes Holiday Centre. It is a very well kept site with good facilities and we have sole use of the Paddocks field along with a large covered BBQ building. There are a few down sides I'm afraid: * Only a handful of hook-ups (prety much already booked and/or reserved) * Only 60 pitches * An increase in camping fees The event is open for bookings, details of how to book and prices are on the listing page. Bookings are already comming in fast and almost half of our allocated pitches are booked. This event will almost certainly be a sell-out so please book early to avoid disappointment. The best place for discussions regarding this event is in the Facebook group we have set up for this purpose, however we will monitor this forum and answer any questions.
  19. Our annual camping meet has moved east to the cache rich county of Wiltshire and is returning to the popular Christmas theme. Book the date in your diaries for: "A Wild (West) Christmas 2014" NOW! Essential dates for your diary 20th to 22nd June 2014 The event listing can be found here: http://coord.info/GC4V4X2
  20. and also tend to require more maintenance visits due to smaller log books and a tendancy to go missing due to their small size.
  21. Would have loved to have looked after these for you, but unfortunately we now live even further away in Bristol. I hope you are successful in getting these adopted as they were a very enjoyable series and well thought out . Anyway I hope you are keeping well Roy, we haven't heard from you for a long time now. If you're ever in the Bristol area do pop in for a chat and a cuppa.
  22. As long as you're not responsible for anyone else, then sacrificing yourself and your dog like that is up to you. Remember that the poor dog may still be attached to your body in these circumstances. All I'm saying is that official advice is to release the dog as soon as the attack begins, and I see the sense in that. Dogs are unlikely to be hurt by cattle, even if they may be frightened, and they tend to be what the cattle want to chase. Country code, farmer's notices, and so on mean nothing in these situations. Confusing people by making this less clear isn't helpful. Although I fully agree with what you say HH, we had a very bad experience with cows where we did exactly as recommended and the cow attacked our GSD Chester by flipping him in the air four times with her nose under his belly. We were calling him to come but he just stood his ground with the cow despite being in danger, he did not attack at any point just stood there barking and growling at it. Once we were out of the field he came immediately and I'm pretty sure that he was just protecting us. So in hindsight I think that we should have got out of the field ASAP and he would have followed, rather than standing near the exit calling him. All that said I don't think we would do anything differently (other than getting out ASAP) in similar circumstances, however we are unlikely to be in such a situation again as we are very careful were cows are concerned (particularly with Holstein Friesian cattle), even aborting the walk if there are no alternative ways around them.
  23. I can see nothing wrong with their responce, what more could be said? Why try to turn this into a thread knocking the GAGB?
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