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  1. I wanted to know it this page still exists, because I cannot open it It says server down for maintenance, so maybe it will be back soon?
  2. Pressing the Home key on your keyboard should get you to the top. That is with IE, not sure if this works with other browsers.
  3. I was fortunate to have a business trip to Florida earlier in the month. I put the jetlag to good use by getting up early and doing a few caches near the beach. The picture below was on my way to GCNDHT (I dream of Jeanie) plus a couple of other nearby caches. It's looking East towards the Atlantic on Cocoa Beach.
  4. I remember doing that cache and enjoying the cryptic nature of the hint, it's great when the penny drops! I try to make the hint amusing. One of my hints was "Look for a pair of trunks", now that wasn't cryptic as I'm sure the cache finders would realise what I meant as it wasn't near a swimming pool!
  5. Pet hates? Let me think... None, I just enjoy caching, whatever it might spring on me
  6. Chris I've never noticed any compliments so I'd like to say that your Follow the Arrow site is really great - a brilliant resource for geocachers new and old. Many thanks old mate for the work you have put in to create and update it. FMC Seconded!
  7. Well, I came across Geocaching in a most obscure way. Way back in 2003 I was considering buying a new compact camera and I was liking the look of the Canon IXUS400. I did a lot of research and Googling to find out people's experiences with it. One description was from a scientist who was working down in Antartica who used it to record his life down there. He happened to mention that he was going to hide a container in the snow and fill it with a few goodies and a logbook. He called it a Geocache and I assumed it was some sort of time capsule like the people at Blue Peter hid once. Just out of interest, I Googled Geocache and was totally amazed by what I found. What really got me was that there were several of these caches within a couple of miles of where I live - even back then. I was fascinated by this 'underground' activity going on right on my doorstep. I soon had my GPSr on order and will always remember the excitement of seeing the distance going down to zero and finding my first cache. Back then, I wasn't sure if it was just going to be a passing fad that I would get bored with after a few weeks later. Well, here I still am, so it seems to be taking a long time to pass!
  8. Without hesitation I'd delete a log like that on my cache... Obviously hasn't found it, and just doing copy/paste on any/all caches in the area! I'm sure they found the other caches that were not in the series. I just feel that, after someone has put the time and effort into setting a cache, a few seconds acknowledging them individually isn't asking too much.
  9. I came across what must be the ultimate insult regarding cache logs a while back. The cacher had done a series and also, as often happens, found a few nearby caches that weren't par of the series and were, indeed, hidden by a different cacher from the the series setter. Identical cut and paste logs were written for all the caches in the series and the exact same log was put on the ones which weren't part of the series. The logs even thanked the series setter by name! I thought what a nice feeling the setters of the non-series caches must have had
  10. I've just this minute seen this log submitted: :-) Well, at least it looks like they enjoyed finding it!
  11. Not very active these days but still have a 2m/70cms SSB/FM setup. 73 from G8AYC
  12. Thanks, I've just updated our phones.
  13. I did wonder if it related to the time slider. The latest I seem to be able to drag it to is 20th June, despite the fact that the gpx file was dated and loaded just today. I suspect there must be a 'duh' about to happen but I don't see it yet!
  14. Thanks for the reply. I do have the little box ticked, I click on the level above and get all cache entries ticked. If I delete them and load them in again I see them on the 'map', but save and come out and go back in and they are still listed but not showing up. I tried it on another computer and had exactly the same problem, so I'm obviously missing something!
  15. I've used Google Earth quite a bit and have often loaded GPX files created with GSAK so that I can see the caches there. Now I find that I can do this and it all looks fine, but if I then save the "My Places" in Google Earth, close the app, and reopen it, although it still lists the waypoints, it no longer shows them on the display. I can't see any viewing option which has turned them off. What am I doing wrong? Also, is there a way of de-installing the Geocaching Google Earth app?
  16. It's a bit quiet round here.....
  17. I did an Earth cache once where you had to get answers from some descriptive text on a notice board. The text was in French and I didn't know enough French to translate it on the spot. So I took a photo of the board to decode it at home. I found an online OCR reader, so submitted my photo, and back came the text. I then put that text into the Google translator and out came the English. Isn't technology wonderful?
  18. Or we'd end up with dozens of sock puppet accounts, each of which owned ten truly dismal caches precisely 0.1 miles from the next truly dismal cache. This could be solved by allowing only premium members to set caches. The free account people would still be able to find as many caches they wanted.
  19. You could always try mine - a bit South of you!
  20. I missed this thread when it first appeared. I would just like to add my congrats. Also, can I have the name of the company that makes those torches so that I can buy shares in it
  21. I remember your name as you are the owner of the very first Travel Bug I ever picked up: "Back in Black" which was a charity collection tin. That was way back in 2003. Ive just checked and I'm pleased to see it ended up back in your hands. I'm still crazy caching after all those years.
  22. Congratulations! It's pleasing to see someone taking the trouble to do multis. By their very nature, multis take a lot more effort to place.
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