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  1. I'm really sorry to read this Dave. I'd like to say a massive thank you to you for all that you have done for the Geocaching community over the years. Some people just aren't appreciated, especially in particular with you is your knowledge of such access matters. Groundspeak are fools for not listening to you.
  2. So, to resurrect an old thread again.... My TB completed a third mission "back from down under" a few years ago, and it is now on the fourth trip around the world. It is now in Germany after travelling from Australia via Canada. Mileage covered now is 103,000 miles!
  3. He said on the show that he and his family went caching with Nigel Barden (the Thursday drivetime show guest chef type person) and his family. Maybe Nigel has a geocaching account and invited Simon Mayo along?
  4. My stolen Garmin was found dumped in a hedge, luckily for me they were an honest person who contacted me using my contact details which were displayed on the splash screen. I was re-united with the Oregon yesterday, which is in perfect working order!
  5. I have put in corrected co-ords against a puzzle cache on geocaching.com, yet when I navigate to it on the Android app it still sends me to the original (incorrect) co-ords.
  6. Anyone got a "spare" Oregon 300 (or better) that they want to sell please? Or maybe even a Montana that they don't get on with and want to sell?
  7. Is it so wrong for a cacher to expect the cache placer to have had the common sense and decency to leave a pen/cil in the cache along with the log book so people can sign the book? Has this tradition gone away? I know that nano's will probably not have a writing implement available, but I remember wittling a pencil down to the size that would fit in a breath strip container that I placed several years ago. If anyone deleted my log when I'd forgotten a pen (I use muddy thumb prints from time to time) I'd be pretty pee'd off, especially if they'd not been bothered to provide a pen in the first place either.
  8. Thanks qrang for your lists. It was great to appear on a few of them, and I did prefer yours as I was higher up your list than these new ones, lol.
  9. I disagree. With respect, if you'd been caching early last decade you'd know what the benchmark was with cache quality. A vast majority of all caches were hidden at locations that were chosen because it was worth going there even if there was no cache there. "Improved" in your opinion. "Different" in my opinion. It's not a case of people having to not play the game any more, it's just that some people will have to be more choosy in their caching to still enjoy themselves. Favourite points help in this respect, to a certain extent.
  10. Yes, sometimes. On my Oregon which has the first "log" set to display all of the attributes. It's made possible by a GSAK macro called ColoradoExport.gsk which also adds a diddy little icon for corrected, parking available and micro indicators.
  11. I have one you can have, artificial, about 5 feet I think? I intend to do your series during the next month or so, so I'm sure we can sort something out!
  12. Eyes or ears? I heard nothing but my eyes saw capital letters.
  13. For you maybe. Not for me. Please dont shout. Shouting warranted, in my eyes anyway. I think that says enough, don't you? Sam should be welcomed here for the original post and explaining what happened. A lesson to us all I think.
  14. Are people really condoning stealing pens/pencils from Ikea/Argos/etc.? You can buy a pack of a dozen pencils dirt cheap from almost any supermarket or stationers, get a hacksaw and cut them to size.
  15. I must have left muddy finger prints in log books on dozens of occasions. If in doubt, take a photo of the log sheet with your GPS or you, and offer to send it to the cache owner in your log if they require photographic evidence of your visit.
  16. I've done the Three Peaks challenge twice. Once when I had started caching but wasn't "hooked", the second was just a few years ago, and I'm well and truly hooked now. The last time we did it we had absolutely no spare time whatsoever to consider looking for any of the physical caches either on the way, or at the summits. I did manage to get the info for the Ben Nevis Earthcache, and the Virtual at Scafell Pike summit is easy enough. The rest of the time we were 100% focussed on not wasting any time at all. Imagine how you and your friends would feel if you did the challenge in 24 hours and 10 minutes, and you'd spent 15 minutes in total looking for a few caches? We didn't have a driver the last time we did it, and the only problem was having to use the Park & Ride at Snowdon because Pen y Pas car park was full, which added about an extra hour to our time. We did base to summit in 20 hours 50 minutes, and base to base in 23 hours 25 minutes. It rained the entire time from half way up Ben Nevis to when we got back down to the bottom of Snowdon at the end. Soaked through (even with expensive Goretex gear - water blows in through the holes and creeps down your clothes) we were relieved to finish it. We've thought of doing the second highest peaks challenge one year, which I think is even more challenging, but do-able. Good luck!
  17. I've just got an Email address and mobile phone number on mine Likewise. At least it gives a chance for an honest person to get in touch if I lost mine.
  18. I currently use 4 devices, for various different types of caching. In-car sat nav (fine for the occasional drive by) Garmin Oregon with OS maps (great all rounder) Sony Ericsson X10 mini phone (great for live "unprepared" cache trips and live logging) HP iPaq with GPS (good on a numbers day for panning the memory-map maps quickly) My old Garmin is now used by some relations who took up geocaching after I introduced them to the fun many years ago. I think you should be more careful with your devices
  19. Congratulations to everyone who completed their 366 day caching calendar grid yesterday!
  20. Yep, look what we did quite some time ago: Exeter cemeteries
  21. Sorry, I can't see Options when I start the macro, neither can I see whether it is the latest version of the database. I just click on macro when i am on the found caches database page then select FindStatGen from the list of macros. Sounds like you selected the box to run automatically, I'm not sure how you would force it to run afresh. From the GSAK help page: Looks like you have ten seconds to choose the Options dialog?
  22. Are you sure they have "presumed" it? I thought Groundspeak had awarded it already? Rgds, Andy From their (non-mega) event cache page: FAQs Q. If it's a Mega event, why is it listed as a traditional/standard event? A. As a 'first time Mega' event, Groundspeak will only allow it Mega Status once an attendance of over 500 people has been confirmed. This should happen on the day, with Groundspeak 'upgrading' the event and its icon while it's still running, to ensure the 11 icons in 11 hours challenge works fine!
  23. I'm puzzled. A road goes pretty much all the way there? Well you have to walk the final few hundred yards to the very pointy end... ... and an overnight stay
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