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  1. I am needing to download a map for geocaching purposes for my Garmin Origon for Bali I am assuming openstreetmap is the way to do do it... but how ? Can someone letme know step by step instructions ! Ta
  2. Can someone please point me in the direction of a freebie map of India for my Origon ! Cheers
  3. Yes nice to hear about you, yes I remember switching on geocaching.com and being disappointed at no new caches had appeared, and my first objective of clearing out EVERY caching in all of North Yorkshire which I did (All 350 of them)!!! Imagine trying to achieve that today ! I cant even think of one cache back then in North Yorkshire that I did not like or want to visit, much different from today !!! (and thats just Harrogate area !) Also seeing the face of Seasider driving all the way from Blackpool to Harrogate to find his nearest unfound ! Part of my Harrogate Hobble series, and he even set out knowing the final cache had not being released....Good one John... Memories...... As my friend with the same initials HH(Happy Humphrey)has said things develop, and yes despite and email I received this morning and I quote "Hi Robin, Not seen you around for a while, a shame as your such a character." things develop, little did I know that when I started my first "North Yorkshire Meet" in 2004 which ran for 4 years eventually developing in the First UK Mega !! Very proud ! Recently the only caches I have found are in Thailand, Morocco and next week in India..... So despite my current lack of interest in the uk, I am lucky to be able to explore areas abroad.... The "Game" continues, and for many more years to come......
  4. talkytoaster does not do thailand, so I have found the openstreetmap Next question how do I get the map onto my oregon ? The export button gives me a few options, but I am stuck.. easy list for a nunce please Ta
  5. I am going to Thailand and would like to take a better map than the world wide base map that comes with the Garmin Oregon... Any ideas anyone... I cant find anything anywhere... What can I load on and how ? Cheers for any help ! Robin
  6. glad to see that they are not just been handed out willy nilly !!! At lease people seem to be giving them for a purpose not just because you have them
  7. It seems silly just allocating Favourites to a whole host of caches just because I can I have 209 unallocated..... Is this norm ? How many unallocated have you ?
  8. Yipee ! However I tried and failed... Can you send me a list of instructions ! Right I have ticked the box to allow to download and i have downloaded .gwz file, but cant seem to rename to .zip !!! Can you try ?
  9. Yipee ! However I tried and failed... Can you send me a list of instructions !
  10. Due to a computer crash, I have lost my original .lua file... Is there anyway I can get a copy from www.Wherigo.com ? Help please Robin
  11. Thanks for the clarification re point 2 !!! I will keep trying re point 1, see what happens ! Robin
  12. been out today caching and using my iphone with geocaching app in conjunction with existing garmin colorado. Its not a substitute for the garmin, but i do like a couple of features e.g. logs as you go along, and yes I do type in proper logs not just "found it" However help please for those who have also used the iphone app 1. Why when I take a photo via the app why does this not upload to the geocaching site ? 2. Why when I choose a cache as a favourite again this does not update the main site ? What am I doing wrong, or do these options just not work ? Cheers
  13. I have had three no finds on a recent cache of mine and someone reported it !!! My cache could have gone the same way..... Its actually still there, the recent no finders need to go to specsavers There used to be a time when geocachers looked after their own caches, this system seemed to work very well, obviously times have changed !!!
  14. I have had to send my colorado away for repairs... Now its back I have tried to send a map (of Rome) to my colorado and it says "unable to unlock map" on colorado when I switch it on. When I go to mapsource and click on utilities and manage map products I can see City Navigator Europe NT 2008 is unlocked... Can anyone give me instructions on how to sync my new colorado with my mapsource program. I assume its because I have a new colorado serial number
  15. Hi and welcome back This is Harrogate Hunters formally known as Harrogate Hunters It seems a long time ago that I saw your smiley face at the North Yorkshire Annual events here in Harrogate eagerly taking place in my annual travel bug races !!! Now you have a few caches to catch up on ! Robin
  16. I bought a couple in ASDA a few months ago... Pretty sure I paid less that £2.95 for them. They did prove to be waterproof but fragile around the hinge. The ones I had were broken by careless cachers within a few weeks of putting them out. Hope yours last longer I dont make any profit on any item I sell..... I just do it to supply... hence the low postage... less than It costs me !!! I have had them in situ for a few months now and X fingers ok.... ! If they fail, I would expect people to return them to me, and I will make full refund... So 2 caches for £2.95 and full refund if they fail.... can you really complain about the deal ! Robin
  17. I have imported a number of them from US...!! I have popped on one ebay ! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT If you want to buy, purchase through ebay, send me a message and I will pop in another free of charge in the envelope !
  18. I have some flat waterproof boxes......... watch this space I will get a photo uploaded with sizes ! Any further details ask.... basically its thin, totally waterproof as it has a rubber gasket in the seal
  19. I have some flat waterproof boxes......... watch this space I will get a photo uploaded with sizes !
  20. One of my TB's which was placed on one of my rare holidays ( ) Portugal to England went missing on 6th July 2007 and Just over 3 years later on 31st July was placed back in circulation and off it goes !! Just shows you..... Now all I need is the other 10 TB's that I own that are missing to appear !
  21. My July issue of the Camping and Caravanning magazine landed with a thud through the letterbox this morning with the cover story of "Pining for Perthshire" Thumbing through the pages I find three pages of information all about the area.... but not a mention of the Mega event !!!! Plenty of walks to do, items to see, even the odd camping site to stay on, but not a peep of the word Mega... Looks like the normal world is continuing as normal whilst all us lot are having fun !!! 40 days to go as I type..............
  22. Wot !!! No deci refusing to publish my caches...... 7 years of publishing my caches and all gone
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