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  1. I've been hearing the saturation excuse for years yes some areas are Saturated, but that is a tiny percentage of the UK. The hardcore Outdoor enthusiasts who created the hobby within the UK. Were happy to spend hours searching for "just the right location". Take that attitude, and there are millions of suitable locations within the UK. Of the top of my Head in my local area, I could plant over 100 caches, and not hit saturation! It is just a handful of areas affected. As for people leaving the hobby, my experience comes from not only starting Geocaching, way back when everyone in the community knew each other, and watching the community grow. But from a unique perspective, in that I reviewed, every part of the UK. Not just during Training, or Holiday cover, but every day for several years. I've seen Geocachers dropping the hobby, because they hate the way Groundspeak and the UK Reviewers, who are supposed to be the communities representatives to Groundspeak. Are taking the hobby in the wrong way. Yes I know there have been major disagreements, over the way Jeremy Irish, was taking the hobby, way back in 2000/2001. With the Creator of the Hobby, walking away. And others creating competing Listing Sites (4 OR 5), but for the most part, those people were happy, with occasional blips. But with the on-boarding of new UK Reviewers, who did not view things in the same way, began a change for the worst. Who remembers the fact that the UK, had with the permission off Jeremy Irish. Could mention Pubs on a cache Listing. Did you know it was just a number of UK Reviewers, who formed a majority decision, who removed that right. That was not for the communities benefit, but because the "right" did not meet the commercial Guidelines! I've just had someone point out to me, that you can no longer submit a event over 90 days ahead, when there used to be Reviewer Leeway, so if it was 97 days run in, you could submit it, and know it would be published. These and other issues, are driving out, some of those who built this hobby and community. Names which to the majority mean nothing. Yet to others, mean inventive and very creative and totally unique caches. I can list close on a hundred people, who have quit Geocaching, because of the way the Hobby is being taken. Sadly a very experienced Cache setter/Event Organiser has this year alone, quit the hobby. All because of the insane Event Guidelines put in place, with out needing to by the UK Reviewers (Event Guidelines which do not apply across the water in Ireland) so not a Groundspeak initiative. Sadly his kick in the teeth, came well before these became active by the rest of the UK Reviewers. And yes I did see the evidence. Two plus years on since I resigned (and I saw the downturn happening in 2012, when Groundspeak went Corporate) I still have people coming to me for advice, because they feel they can go to the UK Reviewers I also still hear "I wish you were still a Reviewer"! So whose approach is right? Groundspeak's current Corporate Stance or Groundspeak's early stance, of allowing Local Reviewers, do what is best for their local communities. No slavishly applying Guidelines, and only putting in Local Ones, to Protect the Hobby Long Term. Around 2012, when the Growth of the Hobby Worldwide was huge, I was the only person to state that the Hobby would ramp up, hit a plateau, then decline. Just like what happened to Skateboarding in the UK and Roller blading, neither of which have climbed back up to their peak levels, despite Skateboarding being a 2020 Olympic Sport. The reason for the statement? I could see the way Groundspeak and the UK Reviewers were going, the Underground, unrestricted hobby was gone, and the freedom giving Hobby was going the same way. Oh and do you know who created the saturation issue? A combination of Groundspeak and the World Reviewer Community, who could not agree on a definition of what constituted a Power Trail. So eventually rather than work on one, because they were desperate for growth, Groundspeak threw the Power Trail Guideline in the bin. And yes I had a relaxed definition, whilst others, had a insanely strict version. A proper definition, would allow for fluidity and avoid the stupid situation of a cache per every 160m. But we will disagree, because your experience of Geocaching, is different to mine, neither of us right, and yet both of us right in our own experiences. But what is unarguable, is that we are slowly heading for a Negative Split, and Groundspeak and the UK Reviewers approach to that, will not change that I'd love to sit down with Jeremy Irish, and Brian Roth, and discuss, changes, which I believe could help turn around the heading to a negative split. But that would require them dumping the Corporate ethos, and going back to a Company Run By Geocachers, for the Benefit of Geocachers. With the Community the priority. Here is a question! What happens to Groundspeak, when the Community which is it's cash cow, severely dries up? Will it be the Employees going first, or will it be Bandwidth and Server Space? Either will happen when the Negative Split starts to kick in, and the Cash Cow leaves in hoards. Then what happens to the Hobby? It's a frightening thought, a dark vision I've been seeing for years with horror. Oh and that number I said I could list, were all PM's, so cache cows, in the Hobby for the long term. Not a App user, who jumps on to the next "in thing" App. Long term, what will Pokemon App have on Groundspeak's Apps? Another Cash Cow drying up?
  2. I've been watching the UK Stats on ProjectGC multiple times a month for several years. And this is the first year that there has been any sort of drop in Unique finds on caches within the UK. In fact until the Souvenirs by Groundspeak this year, the outlook was completely negative. As for Geocaches published in the UK, that figure has been dropping year on year for the last 3 years, how long will it be before it's a negative split? Where more caches are being archived in a year, than are being published. If the growth rate in the UK, had continued to ramp up the way it was, we'd now have over 225,000 + Active caches in the UK. Instead we've not yet hit 200,000. Some of that is down to the UK Community, but some is down to the UK Reviewers and Groundspeak, who are driving Active Quality Cache Setters, out of the hobby. With the Corporate comes First ethos, which now pervades bot groups. And that is truly saddening. And before anyone says anything, going way back to 2000/2001/2002/2003, there was dross out there, so that has not changed. Just the percentage of dross has increased and the numbers of active caches has increased. But also the unneeded, unwarranted and personal agenda Guidelines Rules, now being applied within the UK. With the Growth of the Hobby, some Guidelines, were needed putting in place, to protect the long term hobby within the UK. What is now happening, is all about, how quick can we destroy the hobby within the UK, by destroying the fantastic community here in the UK. And that is truly saddening. So Jeremy and Brian, you need to come out of your Ivory Corporate Tower, and smell the Non Roses, that the Hobby in the UK has become, because of your Employees and Volunteers, who have disconnected from the Community. And that makes me cry, because I've watched the hobby and Community in the UK, grow from one based underground, into a main stream one, now I'm watching the disintegration of both! Dave Geocaching since 2002 Reviewer 2006-2014. Resigning, because I always put the Community First, over Groundspeak! And would not allow myself to be shackled by a book sized Volunteer Expectations Document (in 2006, that was just half a page long!) The Truth is Out There!
  3. I use Magellen's VantagePoint software, which is free to download, in Windows 10. Run PQ's, which VantagePoint, pulls directly from GC into the Program, then simply connect my Explorer to my laptop, and sync between laptop and GPSr, that allows me to send the PQ's directly to my Explorer. The software even asks if I wish photos included. No issues, and the last time I sync'd was a couple of days ago, 5 PQ's all with no issue, covering all North Wales. Dave
  4. Should that not read " cache owners would be asked to show they have permission from the relevant landowner, or the Access Rights Holder" As the Landowner Owns what is above Ground, who owns below ground can be different. With the Landowner, having no rights to Grant Permission, or even access underground. And Legally only being in the Permission of Granting Access across their Property, to the Entrance of the Underground Facility The Landowner, and Access Rights Holder, in many cases are different, That comes from personal experience, of organising events, underground. And from a cache published around 2006, where the Cache Owner, had obtained Permission off the Landowner, yet it turned out that the Land Owner had no Legal Rights, in regards to the Underground Facility, so could not Legally give Permission for the Placement of the Cache. Which was refused Permission, by the Access Rights Holder, even though the Underground Facility was not Gated. The whole affair turned very nasty!
  5. The North Wales 2016 Mega Event GC5TQ6Q which will be published on the 6th September (Mega Status has already been awarded by Groundspeak) takes place at the Pafiliwn Llangollen Pavilion Denbighshire North Wales UK on the 6th August 2016. Will be Hosting the European GPS Maze (subject to funding). We look forward to meeting many International Visitors, alongside UK & Ireland Visitors Dave
  6. Sorry but if you'd actually read my post, explaining the background behind the decision, you would have noticed, that I stated that Geocachers on both sides of the Political Divide within NI. Were very happy with the choice. I personally tried to get several of the more active Cache Placers, within NI, before the change. Who all "demanded" and I do not use that term lightly. To List their Geocaches under Ireland, to change then to the UK, the actual Country they were in. One basically told me, any attempt to change the Location of his caches, to the UK, even if Listed under Ulster UK, would result in "all" of his caches, being Archived. Not a single Geocacher would change their NI located caches from Ireland to UK! Yet the majority were very happy to change them to Ulster Ireland, and those on the other side of the Political divide, who swore black was blue, that they would never allow their caches to be Listed under "Ireland", happily changed their caches to Ulster Ireland. The why both sides where happy? Provinces of Ireland The map goes back into the early History of the Island of Ireland. No Northern Ireland! No Southern Ireland! No Protestants! No Catholics!No Politics, getting involved in Geocaching! It was a Win Win for both Protestants and Catholics within the Geocaching Community of NI. And I'm still proud to have been involved in helping to remove Religious Political divides, from Geocaching in NI. Dave
  7. Unlike anywhere else in the World, the UK has 3 separate Counties Lists (States for US cachers) Historic - which is Pre 1974 Ceremonial - Based on a Out of Date Political Boundary List Political- 1974- 1994 Boundaries decreed by Politicians Political - 1994 onwards Based on the Pre 1974 Historic List, but with some Political Tweaks [amended in 2010 to split Cheshire into 2 Counties) Most Stat Sites, if not all, use the Boundaries for the Political 1974 - 1994 Counties List. Which does not in any sort of way match the Current Modern Boundaries (and to make things even more confusing, The Welsh Assembly are considering reducing the Current 22 Modern Counties, down to 8 Counties, and their even considering just 3 Counties) So as far as the Stats Sites are concerned, the Boundaries they use, are correct, as they claim to be unable to get Boundary Data for Modern Counties (I've asked numerous times in regards to the Welsh Counties, which the Sites Sites have just 14) Dave
  8. I have read the link. It doesn't explain why even though I've done caches in Northern Ireland the maps in my statistics do not indicate that I have found any caches in Northern Ireland (i.e., Northern Ireland is not highlighted). The map only indicates that I have found caches in the Republic of Ireland. So, apparently the only way to get Northern Ireland to be highlighted on the maps is to log a cache somewhere else in the UK OTHER than in Northern Ireland. This is nonsense. It seems that GC.com is being inconsistent with this issue. If the entire island of Ireland is going to be lumped into one geographical region than any cache found in Ireland (be it in the Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland) should result in the entire island of Ireland being highlighted on the map statistics. Currently this is not the case! GC.com should fix this inconsistency ASAP. I was a UK Reviewer involved in the discussions, along with the Irish Reviewer. At the time when the UK Regions were created. The UK Community, was asked which of the various Counties List, they would prefer to be used, Historic/Ceremonial/Political. Non of which actually match, and the Political one, subject to change at the whim of Politicians. No one could agree, and a 150+ Name Drop Down List, for the UK was unworkable. Hence the creation of UK Regions. This brought up the suggestion for Regions for Ireland & NI. Because up to that point, there was Politics within Geocaching in NI, divided on what religion the person submitting the Listing was. This was due to a decision made right at the beginning of the hobby, where Catholic Geocachers, living and Caching in NI, asked for permission to List their cache in Eire, this being granted. Created that Political divide. Another issue was, running a PQ, remembering that there were very few caches around, meant that a result could pull caches from Scotland, if the PQ was based in NI, and vice versa for Scotland. It also meant that a Visitor, not aware of the situation, could run a pq, and miss caches, listed as being in Eire, despite being very close to other pq results. Out of the discussion, was a suggestion, that covered the Whole of Ireland, both NI and Eire, but one which took Politics completely out of Geocaching, within NI What was suggested, was to use the "Historic" Regions of the island of Ireland, which pre-dated any of the History within Ireland, which lead up to the creation of the Free State, and the Troubles within NI. If you compare the Modern Ulster, to the Historic Ulster which is used as a GC Region for Ireland. You will find that a number of Counties, within Eire are included, with the Modern Counties of NI. The Regions were tweaked slightly, with the Creation of Dublin Region. To make it very clear, "Groundspeak did not" create the UK and Ireland regions, the UK and Ireland Reviewers did, the Regions were then presented to Groundspeak. With Ireland/NI, 2 options were presented NI as a Region of the UK, which would have caused political issues, for those Geocachers within NI who Listed their cache under Ireland, or the option as recommended to Groundspeak, Ireland being divided in to the Non Political Historic Regions. Groundspeak chose to go with the recommendation. The implementation was welcomed by Geocachers on both sides of the Political Divide within the NI Geocaching Community, some who were very staunch about their choice of where they Listed their Geocaches in NI. The result was a Non Political Geocaching process for NI, one which doe not and does not involve Eire, taking over NI, because the Irish Regions, pre-date any Politics within Ireland. So was a Win Win situation for all sides. If you wish to discuss the above, in person with me. I will be at the Essex Mega Event, from the Thursday until the Monday. You'll easily find me on the North Wales 2016 Mega Event Stall on the Saturday, or the Gavin to Stacey Hand Over event on the Sunday. Once again Groundspeak just went with what was recommended by the UK & Ireland Reviewers. The UK Reviewers, would review caches in NI and Listed under the UK, the Irish Reviewer would review caches in NI, and Listed under Ireland. The recommendation removed the "Politics" from the situation. Dave Deceangi UK Reviewer 2006 - 2014
  9. It is with a Sad Heart that I have been asked to pass on the news, that one of the very first Geocachers in the UK John Stead has Passed Away, following a long battle with Illness I and my family meet John way back in 2003 and he was a fantastic friend to many within the Geocaching Community. He was a Gentleman's Gentleman, who had a heart o solid Gold. The thoughts of my family and myself, go out to Johns Family and Friends, he will leave a huge hole within the Geocaching Community. Dave
  10. Sorry 4wheelin_fool but you like the Lackey involved and other US Citizens including Lawyers, do not understanding UK Access Laws. The issue was never about the Geocache on the Right of Way - RoW being Archived. That was always a acceptable fact. The issue was a Lackey, instructing the cache owner to put on the page of another cache, accessible via the RoW, but not on that particular Landowners property. That Geocachers should "Not" access that Listing, by crossing the RoW. Despite being informed very politely twice, that such a Statement on a Cache Page was "Illegal" under UK Access Laws, I got told "Groundspeak complies with all reasonable requests, off Landowners" Well the "Archiving" of the cache on the RoW, as requested by the Landowner was "reasonable" However the Landowner requesting the "Statement" on the Cache Page, was something that was Illegal under UK Access Laws. As was Groundspeak "requiring" the Cache Owner to put the Statement on the cache page! Statement of fact" Rights of Ways, are old forms of roads/drovers ways, ad pre-date modern constructions [by modern I'm talking about the last 300+ years], and the right of passage over them, is enshrined in UK. People have in modern times, taken possession of the Land, the the RoW crosses, and build on that Land. Move forward to very modern times, and people buy properties, knowing full well that a row crosses the land, possibly right next to the property [in some cases right past windows]. And they take the ump at people walking across their land, and try to stop this in many illegal ways. Especially as they suddenly find out that their property value, is reduced by thousands of pounds, because of the RoW, or they find the property becomes virtually unsellable, because they have to now legally detail the RoW across the property, ad people on taking legal advice, find that they can't get the RoW closed. Or that it could cost over one hundred thousand pounds in Legal Bills, trying to fight to get the RoW diverted. In this case not only did the Landowner request that a Illegal Statement be made to the cache page. The person has blocked the start of the RoW with a brick pillar [visible on Google Street View], but also placed a Illegal Note, diverting people at the other end of the RoW. The aim being to stop people using the RoW, so allowing for a Application to "Close the RoW" on the Legal Grounds of Disuse. As a US Citizen, you'd be outraged, if a UK Based Company tried to interfere in your right to Carry a Fire Arm, or to Free Speak. Well Groundspeak by "requiring" a Statement put on a Cache Page, which was Illegal under UK Access Laws, was doing the very equivalent sort of act, to a UK Citizen. Well I took it on myself to protect both the Cache Owner and Groundspeak, from a "Illegal" act, but I had to get extreme in a email, to get Groundspeak to retract the request. But at the end of the day, because I had to get extreme, I became the Guilty one! Yet I protected Groundspeak from committing a Illegal Act. And I do not regret my actions, because I protected the hobby I love. Dave
  11. I agree with this. I recently tried to ask permission to hide a cache between a Grit Bin and the church boundary by sending the church minister an e-mail. That was nearly 6 weeks ago and I still don't have a response hence the reason why I hid the cache further away from the church to avoid permission issues. It can take the Woodland Trust, 6 - 8 weeks to process a Geocache placment request. And they know and support Geocaching. The very first cache in Wales, and I believe the UK to gain Landowner Permission for a cache in a SSSI, took just over 6 months. And that eventually involved BHPBilliton the Landowner, CCW [now Natural Resources Wales] Flintshire and Denbighshire CC's Countryside Services, Enviroment Agency Wales, RSPB, Point of Ayr Holidays, Haven Holidays. And ultimatly a Site inspection with a Officer from CCW. The Minister might have had to take your request to the Parochial Council, for a decision Did you make any attempt to recontact the Minister, after your initial email? It might have gone into the persons Spam Folder, or the Minister might have been away on a retreat or holiday, or off ill. Personally I've found either direct contact, such as a telephone call, or speaking to the person on the phone. Alternitively a Letter, solicits the best chance of a reply. Dave
  12. As this post contains, my own personal opinions, it is being made under my Member account Sorry another correction, Locationless caches, were removed well before Waymarking was developed. Locationless caches, webcam caches, Virtual caches, were developed as Database Fillers, at a time when there was virtually no physical caches around. Groundspeak decided to go back to the core roots for GC, that of Hiding and Finding Physical caches. One of the issues for Locationless caches, was at that point in time, the Site was basically a Hobby Site, using Hobby Scratch Code. It was not stable, and could not cope with large numbers accessing the Database. Which lead to the site constantly crashing (for new members who moan about GC being down. In the early days, it was down more than up. And it could take you until Mid week to log the few caches you'd found at the weekend). So something had to give, and when you had one single Locationless cache, with if memory serves me correctly several thousand Finds (the Yellow Jeep), every time someone went to that cache to log it, the site took a major hit (compare that todays usage, I've got 61,394 logs under my Reviewer account, and it still takes over a minute to load them all, using modern connections, Servers and PC) As for Virtual caches, it's amazing how those demanding their return, always ignore the issues, which actually caused Groundspeak to stop accepting them for Listing. True examples being "Name the make or Colour of the Trainer/Tennis Ball/Golf Ball, I've thrown in the Woods". So a attempt to introduce the "WoW" factor was brought in. That was basically, if you had just one book on your coffee table, which all your visitors raved about, the Virtual would have to be in it. The issue being that the "WoW" factor could not be defined, because everyone's point of view, about "WoW" is different. That lead to so many Virtual submissions, going to appeals, and getting refused. It was unbelievable. And was bogging down the Lackeys, dealing with all those appeals. So again something had to give, and Groundspeak stopped accepting Virtual caches for Listing. But unlike Locationless caches did not remove them, which they could have done at that point in time. As to why Waymarking is not developed, into the site it could be? My own personal opinion is that, because only a core group are regular users. Groundspeak sees no justification in Developing it at the present time. And instead throws all resources into GC Honest opinion, and one which would satisfy everyone, including the numbers hounds? Groundspeak, needs to chuck a load of resources, into the fabled Groundspeak V2 Portal Site. Where GC/Wherigo/Waymarking are all in tabs on one portal site. With facilities for combined stats to be displayed. But that would need huge resources put into Wherigo to make it into the project it could have been (and was during Beta Testing, but that's another story) and Waymarking. So instead of demanding a slice of the cake with the return of Virtual caches, people need to be getting together, and as a Group, Petitioning Groundspeak to develop the V2 Groundspeak Portal Site, and Wherigo and Waymarking sites. And so get the whole cake. End of Personal opinion Dave ps: I have posted similar on FB before.
  13. Dave, for someone who has repeatedly raved against the tyranny of Garmin and their attitude to cachers due to their business practices this is somewhat hypocritical. Groundspeak chose to make the transaction in local currency, we used to pay in $ and WE took the financial risk of fluctuating rates. So it is spurious to explain that they are being lovely to us to risk their profits. They have factored in a extra cushion already to cover themselves and it means that for a while if not for a long while they are going to be making extra. They have changed the wording from "continue to renew" to ensure that anyone who just renewed each year cannot keep their fixed price. If they are paying VAT in this country then let them show us their VAT number so that we know there is nothing underhand going on. If not then it certainly appears to be a cynical attempt to justify a jump in prices. It has been pointed out that the American market can effectively utilise the game slightly more due to a few different cache types that are not available outside the USA. Whilst a promise made ten years ago to never increase the prices was naive in the extreme, it was a promise none the less. The way that they have just changed that for everyone, except the USA, is what has caused the problem. We are back to the good old days when Jeremy played HIS game HIS way and to heck with anyone who didn't agree. The fact that our reviewers are supporting it is adding insult to injury, personal opinion or not you are the longest standing reviewer and are outspoken when the likes of Garmin treat the caching community with disdain and disrespect yet seem to support Groundspeak when they do the same. You can't have it both ways. If they need more money to make it a viable company then they should be honest and apply the price hike to the ENTIRE community and tell us that they are doing it. People might grumble a bit but would be happy to pay an increase to continue to enjoy the hobby. Matt I expressed a personal opinion, it is up to Groundspeak to full explain all the background, and why specific decisions were made, in regards to pricing in Local Currency. Again I'll point out, it is a communication issue. In that Groundspeak appear to have decided not to fully explain the reasoning behind the decision over charging in Local Currency. How much of the increase is actually VAT? and How much is Currency Charge, which is locked in, whatever the value of Sterling. So whilst they might be covering costs today, there is no guarantee that they will tomorrow or the next day. Because the value of currency bounces every day. So how much is actually a increase on PM, it would appear you have the cost of PM in Sterling plus, Currency Exchange Fee, plus VAT charged at UK rate. So please point out how the actual cost of a PM has risen, when the Currency Exchange Fee and VAT are removed? The moans are about Currency Exchange Fee and VAT being added, not PM being increased. VAT they could not avoid, so lets get things correct, the Moans are about the Currency Exchange Fee, being added due to the change to billing in local currency. So if the exchange rate meant PM cost of $30 in Sterling was £25, then vat on £25 would then be added. Instead it is locked down, and will only change with a change in VAT. You know full well that as a Reviewer, any explanation, by Groundspeak remains confidential, so all I can comment on, is information in the public domain. So if you believe I'm" hypocritical" so be it, Groundspeak are the ones to provide a full detailed explanation, because I can't due to the confidentiality placed on me. As for Garmin, well a Employee made a not so supportive post, which all of a sudden seems to have disappeared. Maybe Garmin don't want the facts out there! Dave
  14. You know it's funny everyone plays hell about big American Corporations, doing everything they can, to Legal avoid paying Taxes in the UK Yet you have a Small American Company, who is fully complying with legislation and collecting and paying VAT are required by Reciprocal Trade Agreements, between the US and EU, something which was enacted in 2002 . And they get ripped to pieces, over charging and collecting the appropriate VAT. Fair enough Communication could have been better, but the major grumble is over how much PM's have gone up. Groundspeak have admitted that they have included a Currency Brokerage Fee, and due to the fluctuating nature of Currencies, if things go the other way, they will get a stung for a loss on each transaction. So a case of swings and roundabouts. If you believe Groundspeak are illegally collecting VAT are required, and are failing to pay that money collected to a appropriate Government Department within the EU, and please remember, one nominated Customs and Revenue Department for a Single Government in the EU, can act as the collection agent for all Countries within the EU. Then make a formal complaint to HMCR. But please be aware, that by circumventing paying VAT, on goods or services, could lead to HMCR, contacting you and requesting back payment. For knowingly circumventing paying appropriate VAT due. And if Canada also has a Reciprocal Agreement, then Businesses there, could face themselves coming into the same situation as Groundspeak. Oh and not every US cacher, pays or has paid $30 for PM, in Washington State, where Groundspeak is located, there is a Local Sales Tax Levied on PM's, so cachers resident there have been paying more for their PM's without screaming about it. So have a rant about poor communication, because that is the cause of your angst. But if your going to rant about VAT being charged, then your just condoning Google and Starbucks efforts to avoid paying UK Taxes, and if/when the exchange rate is in your favour, don't forget to thank Groundspeak for locking you in at a fixed rate, so they take the loss. Groundspeak Staff work their socks off for your benefit, it is poor communication which lets them down. Dave Mancunain Pyrocacher Personal Opinion before anyone comments!
  15. Just like the Policing of logs, except for cases where the log is offensive or attacks, is the sole remit of the Cache Owner. So is the Policing of Finds to a Cache, the sole remit of the Cache Owner. The fact that Owners can log their own caches as a find, has been moaned about, from the early days of the hobby. And one of the Site Owners Jeremy Irish, actually commented many years ago, he was not going to change that ability, and that those Cache Owners who logged a find on a cache they owned. Were only fooling themselves. And personally that's what I believe as well. There is one specific reason, where a Cache Owner has a Find on their cache, that's when they have found the cache and logged the find, and then at a later date adopt it. And as comparing Found Numbers is totally meaningless, I'd be happy to see numbers take away, only visible to each individual member, or alternatively let those who wish to display them do so, but let those who wish to hide them do so as well. Examples to support this Cache Owners Find caches they own, and placed from the start. Cache Owners Logging Maintenance Visits as Finds (and yes this does happen) Angel Caches, can't find the container. So I'll throw down a Micro to claim the find, which can lead to 2 or 3 containers in the same location Groups doing Series, splitting up and logging each other into the cache. Despite finding half or less of the series each (that is not even being present when the container was found) Cachers can't go out with the group they normally cache with, so their mates put their name in the log, so they can claim it as a find. I found the hole the container was in, so I'm claiming a find I found the remains of the container, so I'm logging a find I saw the container so I'm claiming a find (in one case I personally know of, the person was 20-30 metres away, the container being in a high muggle area, just 5ft off the ground in plain view) These are not isolated examples, but ones that regularly take place, some who do the above, have finds in the Thousands, and have been caching for a number of years. So are experianced and Knowledgeable members. And this is a World Wide thing, not related to one community. Those who have been members for a number of years, will lremember the Arm Chair logging, that was prevailant in Germany. A program of education, by both Groundspeak and the Local Reviewers, and this practice has been virtually eradicated, because it was a belief within the community, that the practice was acceptable. Well those Cache Owners, who log their own caches as finds, are in the same sort of mind set. they belive it is acceptable. Just like those who take part in the practices above have the same sort of mind set. If people would just be open and honest, and admit that they do such things, then everyone will know where they stand. Just like the Germany Community has been open and admitted that such practices went on, and have turned things around. Part of the solution? Ask those you meet, if they do such practices and why. Lets get them out in the open, and turn things around. Educate those within the community who are joining, that these practices are not a acceptable part of the hobby. Education, when the community supports it, has been proven to work. Dave
  16. There is a lot more than has been presented for view. Think Iceberg, visible above the seas surface, but the majority of it hidden. Groundspeak consider interactions with their customers to be confidential, so will very rarely discuss interactions between themselves and a individual customer. You'd castigate Groundspeak if after a interaction with a customer, they then started discusing it in public. Only for that member to then make a public complaint that they are doing so. So Groundspeak are in a No Win Situation whichever way they operate. Sven has full knowledge of all the issues behind the topic. And the OP Ve8 also has a good idea of the details, having posted on other forums including EMCache about this [he owns and runs EMCache, and Sven has made a number of posts related to this on there]. But with more information. Part of this topic is related to issues between community members, some of which has been going on for a extended period. Details of which are in the Public realm, so I'm not breaking confidentiality. If Groundspeak decide to keep to their policy of confidentially, then some of those who have castigated them in this topic will continue to do so. Despite never knowing the full facts. Personally I would expect any person recording a Video of the Hunt for any Non Traditional Cache I own. Which is intended for public view. To obtain my permission to do so, out of respect for my wishes that the caches are not ruined. With Traditional caches, I've no issues as the location can be seen using Google Satellite/StreetView, But each cache owner is intitled to their own personal opinion on that. Dave-Mancunian Pyrocacher This post has been made under my Member Account, as it is my own personal opinion. And is in no way a official opinion or reply.
  17. With a camping event on a site that has restricted access (i.e. only campers allowed on site) I do not see the camping as an ALR, but it may mean that a cacher may have to pay camping fees (or visitor fees) to access the site and then go home early without putting up a tent. Entrance fees to events have always been forbidden in the UK to my knowledge, but if what Andalusite states above is UK reviewer policy then that puts a whole new perspective on this. Clarification, up to 2008/9 the UK Reviewers believed that the Organiser could not charge to cover reasonable costs, after clarification off Groundspeak. We discovered that a reasonable charge may be made to cover appropriate costs. So a Campsite which has a Day Visitor Fee, is treated the same as a Car Parking Fee. We don't concern ourselves how people get to a event, just about the event it's self. However forcing someone to Camp to attend is not covering "Reasonable Costs" the Organiser can charge each person a reasonable fee if they were hiring out the Activity Barn on Site for those attending to use, or for Food at a BBQ or other food and drink. Charging to Camp to attend, is not covering "reasonable Costs" it is a ALR which is being charged for. As the Organiser is "Forcing" Attendee's to Camp Hypothetical Scenario, someone organises a Camping Event and required all attending to Camp. However the Site will only allow or is only licensed for Tents, no Caravans. Now you have someone who wishes to attend in their Caravan, that makes the Event immediately exclusive to those Camping in Tents. So then alone you have not only excluded those who do not wish to, or are unable to Camp in Tents, you've also excluded those who wish to attend and Camp. But are Caravan Owners. So please explain why you and others your acquainted with, wish to require only those camping, attend the events you organise that have a Camping Element? Are you trying to make the events exclusive clubs, by refusing non camper attendance? Personally I've attended a number of Camping Events, where the Open to All element was on-site as a Day Visitor. I've stayed to the early hours before driving home. I've attended The Gathering In the Glens as a Non Camper. We stopped on a Caravan Site over 20 miles away (in fact that was the closest Caravan Site). That involved driving 2 miles each way down a single track Lane and 18 miles each way down a B road. If that event had been only open to On-Site Campers, I would not have been able to attend. I'm aware of a number of other community Members who attend Camping Events as Day visitors, and who put in a number of hours attending each one. So you wish to spoil the chance of attending for those with no wish to Camp, because one or two have no interest in interacting with other Community Members who Attend the Events. Then again I've heard from those who have camped at events on a regular basis, and who have described those camping as going into small exclusive cliques, and who have no interest in interacting with others who are attending and camping. So using the excuse that it forces those attending to spend more than 5 minutes at the event, does no mean that those attending will interact with each other in anyway. All it means is that the event is a Small clique. Events are about the community coming together and socialising. Dave (Personal Opinion!)
  18. Tony that statment only covers those who have expressed a oppinion on this forum. This forum represents a very tiny number of the UK Community, at a guess less than 1%, of that 1%, what is the actual percentage who have even commented about the plans for the G.A.C. on this forum. On it's Facebook page, 56 people have stated they like it. If there is a issue about the fact that a group have paid for the ammo can and TB tag, then I'm quite happy to personally refund them. And leave all decisions made about the G.A.C. to the account that currently holds the Annual UK Mega Account, at that point. If the Group who created it, wished to control how the G.A.C. travels from Annual Mega Event to Annual Mega Event. Then they should have created a specific account for it and not listed it under the Annual UK Mega Event Account, knowing that it's handed from committee to committee once a year. In fact it was created with the following on the page The Harrogate Committee created the Annual UK Mega Event Account, with the aim of it being handed from Committee to Committee. With no strings attached. Why is the G.A.C any different? To remove the arguments, so that how the G.A.C. is moved from one Mega to the next is decided soley by the Cuurent Holder of the Annual UK Mega Account, if the Weston Committee, will please advice me the total cost of the Ammo can, TB Tag and Paint. I will refund them. That way there will be no issues involved anymore. Another option would be to return the Ammo Can and the Weston Geocoins to that Committee, and the Goecoins of the other committees to their respective committees. And leave the Weston Committee to soley decide what to do with it. Because currently the G.A.C is just a normal TB that no one at all apart from 5 or 10 UK cachers having any interest in it. At least the NW Committee are trying to rectify that, and get a larger % of the community interested in it. So I personally challange all of the Weston Committee, to publicly state, whether they wish the G.A.C is brought to the Attention of a higher % of the community. Or do they just wish 5-10 UK cachers to have a interest in it! Sorry please do not fall back on the it should only go to the Annual UK Mega Event, please express a specific opinion. Higher % of the Community, or just 5-10 UK cachers. Dave-Mancunian Pyrocacher Please Note! Posts made under this account, are my own personal oppinion only. They have no conection to, nor do they represent any view or oppinion held by Groundspeak, or any Site Volunteer for Groundspeak.
  19. As the person referred to, I made the suggestion because someone who had actually attended the Welsh Mega Event, so had a opportunity to see the G.A.C. live in person. Stated that he/she thought it was a Raffle Prize. Also as stated no one at the NW Mega Event Launch event, even showed any interest in it , not all of them actually attended the Welsh Mega, some have never attended any Mega event before. The G.A.C meant absolutely nothing to them, when you consider is carries the fruits of all the previous Annual UK Mega Event Committees, in that it contains the Geocoins produced specifically for each event. Then that is a total shame, because it does not express the Hard work put in by each Committee, because no one is even aware of it By using it to promote the NW Mega Event, by taking it to "local" events. The NW Mega Event Committee, are not only promoting the hard work put in by the Harrogate/Weston/Perth/Swansea Mega Event Committees. They are also promoting the Mega Events proposed for 2013 & 2014. It's interesting to note that the NW Committee, shared the proceeds from several Raffles that they ran with Event owners permission held in North Wales with the Swansea Committee, but also a couple events that took place at the Cheshire Cat in Cheshire. One of the NW Committee has permission off the Event owner in the Midlands to hold a fund raising Raffle. The proceeds being split with the Committee currently forming with a aim of Organising the Annual UK Mega Event in the Midlands in 2013. Will someone please explain to me, using a clear unemotional explanation, as to why it is wrong to use the G.A.C. to actively promote the Hard Work put in by Previous Mega Committees, The Current Committee Holding the Annual UK Mega Event Account, and future UK Mega Events. And why it should sit in a dark closet for 364 days of the year, on a perpeptual basis? Dave-Mancunian Pyrocacher Please Note! Posts made under this account, are my own personal oppinion only. They have no conection to, nor do they represent any view or oppinion held by Groundspeak, or any Site Volunteer for Groundspeak.
  20. That says "stdennis01 found Cornwall's First Hamster Cache - Relocated. Sunday, 19 June 2011". Not blank at all, and quite a useful log! Actually what I see, is that a Member was signed In, which was probably done automatically by the smartphone app Who selected the cache Selected the log typye And hit the submit button The system then produced the smiley, the account user name, and the cache details. So in fact the member did not actually make a log, they pressed the button that caused the system to display the above information on the site. If they had written any sort of text for that log. Even if it was just a . they would have made a log to the cache, as they would have physically been responsible for that . being displayed on the website. And not the text that the system is solely responsible for. Plus the cache owner and possibly the log owner, will not even be aware if the person has selected the wrong log type as they have not selected any text, meaning the CO, will not query to ask if the person intended to make a DNF or Needs Maintenance log instead of a Find log. So please explain how it can be a quite useful log, when there is no clear indication of what log type the person was in fact making. Dave
  21. It's late and I've been very busy so my brain is seizing up. But Isn't Tresspas a Civil Offence not Criminal, and as such you can not be arrested for Tresspas. Unless you refuse to obey the instruction of the Landowner to leave their property, and even then you would not be arrested for Tresspas. Dave
  22. Looking at the joining dates of those who have posted, has taken me back down memory lane I see HazelS at a mere 5 years young (account wise that is ) is currently the youngest poster. So to avoid posting with a even younger account I just had to drag out (screaming and kicking this one ) Welcome back to the fold, the saying we used to use in the early days (yes I'm showing the age of this account ) was once you've reached 10 finds, your hooked for life is true. You might drift away, but as Arnie would say You'll be back Now just sit down and log all the old finds under Eyore1, just logging the find on the same day as the original find with "Logging as Eyore1, due to the split up of the Cave Troll and Eyore account" Oh and did I say welcome back Dave
  23. Does that include all the people you banned from both emcache and icache? And would you care to confirm that those people are extremly welcome to join if they so wish? And why would the current Membership object to the site being open to all. You claimed to represent all the community from the start? And in the interest of research the Santa_is_DEAD account is a Sock for uk89camaro (Site admin for emcache/icache and UK Geocachers) . Care to put your real name and Prmary caching name at the bottom of your posts? Dave (Mancunian Pyrocacher is the Finder Account for Deceangi UK Reviewer)
  24. UK Cachers & emacache & the now defunct icache are all owned by the same person. A search of the the site owners request for all details of his membership of the GAGB to be removed, and also the angst behind the demise of icache. Will provide all the background. Oh and the Santa is DEAD account, is a Sock account of one of the Site Admins for all 3 sites. And sorry but how can a closed site (your membership has to be approved by a site admin) be a National Representative of the Geocaching Community. When both emcache and icache actively blocked some members of that community from joining? Dave (Mancunian Pyrocacher is the Finder Account for Deceangi UK Reviewer)
  25. Sorry but it sounds like your not interested in the opinions of those who do not toe your party line! A very experianced cacher, who at one point was also a Forum Moderator for this site. Has given you some very valuable advice, which you feel you have no need of. From looking at your Profile you've found 95 Traditional Caches and 6 Multi Caches, had 9 Traditional caches Published. 2 of which lasted 3 days. And now feel that you've enough experiance and knowledge of Geocaching to set up a web site to explain Geocaching to new members? I'd suggest becoming a more rounded Geocacher, I'm not talking High numbers. But more a case of have Found the various types of caches currently listed on this and other cache listing sites [there are 7 different cache types listed just on this site and available in the UK]. And Placed a variety of cache types [currently there are five different types just for this site]. It would also help to have at least attend one event [you've got a choice of 3 types of event available on this site], so you've got actual experiance of meeting members of the Geocaching community. Then you'll have a rounded understanding of what Geocaching is about. And will be in a position of being able to properly explain Geocaching to new or potential new members. As for Why not get activly involved in discusion on here, your local geocaching forum which in your case is secaching or become active in supporting GAGB By doing any of the above, you'd be helping with Geocaching in the UK. Also by signing the Number 10 Downing St Geocaching Petition [someone will be along with a link soon] you'd be doing a service as well. Dave All spelling mistakes are my own, as IE Tab does not use the native Fire Fox spellchecker
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