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  1. All gone now. Very many thanks to those of you that have taken on those caches that I still had left. Who knows... If there's any room left around whichever area I eventually settle, I may be tempted to set a few more. Happy caching, folks. It's been a privilege to have been part of this areas caching community for so long.
  2. Many thanks to David (CapJackSparrow) for taking over the Plantation Set, Soda's Stash and One for Kerrie?
  3. Many thanks to Abi (abiherts) for taking on the Dance of the Dead series. Quite a lot of work maintaining those caches. Good luck!!
  4. I've had no word back from Jo (mulberrygirl21) so I see no reason why not.
  5. Many thanks to Pete and Kim (mr+mrs minion) for taking over ownership of the "Hoo'll Challenge Lilley?" series of caches.
  6. Jo... I've sent you a message via the Message Centre John
  7. Many thanks to Tony and Cath (Ed2Ed) for taking over ownership of "LQ:Herfordshire" and "The Secret Stash of Futhark the Elder". Also to Bob (The Bongtwashes) for taking over "Hornet's Hide 5" and The "M1 Junction 10 - Luton Airpot T/B Hotel"
  8. I have no plans to archive or adopt out "Your Mission.... " at the moment so you're ok to carry on. That may well change in the fullness of time but for now, it will be business as usual.
  9. Many thanks to "dirtycourgette" (Anne-Marie and Nigel) for taking on LQ:Bedfordshire and Hare today, Gone Tomorrow.
  10. I will be moving out of my current area in the not-too-distant future and will not be able to properly maintain the caches I have in the Bedfordshire / Hertfordshire area. If anybody is willing to adopt one or more of them, please get in touch via the geocaching Message Centre. Any not adopted will, in due course, be archived. There are maintenance overheads for some of them with information sheets needing to be checked and replaced at regular intervals so please don't take them on if you're not prepared to maintain them properly. I'll list those needing adoption below... Thanks in advance John (Pharisee) Traditional caches GC4FAE Hornet's Hide 5 - Spooks up East (this was originally set by "The Hornet" in 2002)... Gone to "The Bongtwashes"... Many thanks. GCQZ91 The Plantation Set - #1(a) Minsbury Plantation... Gone to "CapJackSparrow"... Many thanks. GCD90F The Plantation Set - #2 Tingley Field Plantation... Gone to "CapJackSparrow"... Many thanks. GCD914 The plantation Set - #3 Bygrave Plantation... Gone to "CapJackSparrow"... Many thanks. GCWYY5 Soda's Stash... Gone to "CapJackSparrow"... Many thanks. GC2ARGK M1 Junction 10 - Luton Airport Travel Bug Hotel... Gone to "The Bongtwashes"... Many thanks. Little Quest caches GC34NH5 LQ:Bedfordshire - Jackdaw Hill..... Gone to "dirtycourgette"... many thanks. GC177F3 LQ:Hertfordshire - Lilly Who?...... Gone to "Ed2Ed"... Many thanks. Puzzle Caches GCQ7PK 'Hare' Today, Gone Tomorrow.... Gone to "dirtycourgette"... many thanks. GC26ENP One for Kerrie??... Gone to "CapJackSparrow"... Many thanks. GC2N9E2 Righteous Indignation.... Gone to "dirtycourgette"... many thanks. GC1P2EF The Secret Stash of Futhark the Elder...... Gone to "Ed2Ed"... Many thanks. Series Caches GC101C3 Dance of the Dead : Chapter 1 - The Village Hall..... Gone to "abiherts"... Many thanks. GC101C5 Dance of the Dead : Chapter 2 - The Maltings..... Gone to "abiherts"... Many thanks. GC101C7 Dance of the Dead : Chapter 3 - The Church..... Gone to "abiherts"... Many thanks. GC101CA Dance of the Dead : Chapter 4 - The Post Office..... Gone to "abiherts"... Many thanks. GC101CD Dance of the Dead : Chapter 5 - The Farm..... Gone to "abiherts"... Many thanks. GC3FRT8 Hoo'll Challenge Lilley? Cache 1... Gone to "mr +mrs minion"... Many thanks. GC3G0ZZ Hoo'll Challenge Lilley? Cache 2... Gone to "mr +mrs minion"... Many thanks. GC3G1VE Hoo'll Challenge Lilley? Cache 3... Gone to "mr +mrs minion"... Many thanks. GC3GY1M Hoo'll Challenge Lilley? Cache 4... Gone to "mr +mrs minion"... Many thanks. GC3GY7T Hoo'll Challenge Lilley? Cache 5... Gone to "mr +mrs minion"... Many thanks. GC3GY7B Hoo'll Challenge Lilley? Cache 6... Gone to "mr +mrs minion"... Many thanks.
  11. I thought I was Spartacus... Talking of virtual caches.... I was gobsmacked when I got an email telling me that I'd been awarded one of the new 'reward' virtuals. I'd not set any new caches for quite a while so it took a little thought. Happy to say that it has been well received. (GC7B687) Some of you 'older' cachers may remember the location from way back in 2003 when under the collective name of "The Grockles"... Omally, HiTek and I set up the "Grockles Gumbo" series of caches. "Gumbo North:Epitaph for an Unknown Woman (GCH7X8)" used information from the same location. Anyway... Happy to hear that some of you at least are still with us...
  12. Thanks, guys... (even you, Dave). Icons found and successfully installed.
  13. It's been a while since I did any serious geocaching but recently I've started to do a little more. My computer has been changed a couple of times in the intervening period and some of the 'stuff' I used to have/use on the old one has been lost. I've re-installed MemoryMap and GSAK and they seem to still work... hooray!! I remember that 'back in the day' I used a set of custom icons created by "Lordelph" but no longer have them on my current PC. There's a little old information on the 'web' but the links on those old pages all seem to be broken. Can anyone tell me if those custom icons are still available and if they are... give me any guidance as to where to find them and how they are installed? Or are there any similar alternatives? Thanks very much John
  14. My first cache was placed on 25th November 2002. It was first found two days later by 'The Hornet'. It was muggled and subsequently archived in November 2004.
  15. Sorry..... I haven't used this forum in a while and was unaware of previous threads. Thanks for the useful info... I seems that logs have been deleted anyway. I may come back, I may not...
  16. I've just had three consecutive 'Found It' logs on one of my caches that stated "I really enjoyed this geocache. TFTC ----- Found with hints from gcpro.co.uk" Never having heard of gcpro, I found that it appears to be a website for mobile devices where you can upload / download hints and photographs for geocaches. Basically... a website full of 'spoilers'. Has anyone else heard of this?
  17. Ok... It was "The Quiller Memorandum".... First one in gets the next question.
  18. I'd always considered it one of the classic spy films.... You should watch it!!
  19. Ok... You obviously need a clue... Starred George Segal, Alec Guinness and the very lovely Senta Berger
  20. Ta... guesses do sometimes work. It starred an American actor, born in 1934 but was essentially a British film. The theme tune was "Wednesday's Child" The opening scene was a bloke being shot in a telephone box in Berlin. What was the title of the film?
  21. Having just watched the recent Poldark series that I recorded a while back, they were complaining about copper being mined more cheaply in Wales So I'll have a guess that it was somewhere on the South Wales coast... Swansea?
  22. How about the stainless steel monstrosity on the round-a-bout on the A24 at Dorking.
  23. That's a kudos laden DING to you. It was their 4th album, released in early '72.
  24. Thank you... Here's your music starter for 10 Which English rock band released an album entitled "Demons and Wizards"? Extra kudos if you know the year it was released.
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