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  1. That's a great plot for a novel/film; perhaps you should assert copyright.. Not quite the same plot, but it has already been done.
  2. Not really, it was a "I don't know how to change the date format settings, therefore it's somebody else's fault" thread. Once you'd been told how to fix your problem it then turned into people disagreeing with your judgement of what makes a "Major" company which, when you are putting it in the same league as eBay, Microsoft & Google is clearly nonsense. I only got involved because of your snotty put down of Delta68's response, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Shusssshhhh please sweetheart. Adults are talking.
  3. I honestly don't know if there is anything planned like this for next years Mega. But, the Haggis Highway series is growing exponentially and there may be plans for it to reach the border via Glasgow & Ayr. I have posted a link to this thread on the Scottish Facebook page and hopefully someone from the organising committee will come along and confirm any details.
  4. Go back to the link in my post above and you will see that non CROW areas of Dartmoor does not require specific permission. Here was me thinking you had done your homework!! If you had bothered to read my posts you would have seen that I'm not speaking about Dartmoor. You are quite right. Please accept my apologies, I had wrongly thought you were part of the Dartmoor argument. I believe I only jumped to the one wrong conclusion, and Puzbie pointed that out to me about 30 minutes before you decided to. Thanks for making sure I got the message! Well done I applaud you for writing such a document. Having read it myself it does leave me wondering what your argument actually is? You have already had it pointed out that there is no common land, so I shall leave that point. However, for the whole thread you have been saying that MOD land belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall. Last time I checked he was Royalty, meaning 'his' land is not common. Who's getting confused now? PARDON? Up until this point your posts have alluded to the fact that you don't like the military on Dartmoor. At no point before my comments did you distance yourself from your comments stating that the MOD are just tolerated. I suspect you didn't think anyone would pick up on that comment, which you made three times before I commented on it. I think it is too late to back track on it now!
  5. Go back to the link in my post above and you will see that non CROW areas of Dartmoor does not require specific permission. Here was me thinking you had done your homework!!
  6. The term the area is not used for live firing keeps getting used. Live firing tends to be rounds being fired out of the end of a barrel, whether that be a personal weapon or a tank. But pyrotechnics are used on all MOD land. Some of which can be very dangerous. So just because it isn't a live firing area, doesn't necessarily mean it is safe.
  7. The Dartmoor National Park Authority, actually cover the rules of placement of Geocaches on Dartmoor. You can view it here. As you can see it stipulates that CROW accessed land may require landowners permission. Which I would say would also mean land managers permission. If anyone disagrees with that, I look forward to hearing the reply from Prince Charles. They may not be the landowners, but are most certainly the current land managers. I very much doubt you know who if anyone was consulted before the ban was enforced. It really makes me angry when people state that the MOD are just about tolerated. I have seen and been the brunt of people like you, that don't like the military training because it gets in the way of your comfortable life. Please tell me where you think our military should train, so that they are fully prepared to be shot at and blown up whilst on active operations such as Afghanistan and other hostile areas that they have to operate in? Believe me, keeping a level head whilst faced with such situations doesn't come from classroom training!! Please, lets get this all into perspective. We are talking about the difference of searching for a plastic box and the training, sometimes dangerous, of our soldiers so that they are prepared for war. Thanks for that, we will certainly be working towards a local exemption here on Dartmoor where there has always been an excellent relationship between all the parties involved. REALLY? Your other comments allude to a different opinion. Never under estimate the stupidity of others!! The locals may know not too, but that is because they are used to it. But Geocaching by default attracts visitors to the area, who may have never have seen a red flag before never mind actually know what it means. I suppose you could compare it to someone thinking they can place a plastic box on someone's property without permission because their perception is that all the other boxes didn't have permission. As a side note, did you know that the MOD are credited with being the best land conservationists in the UK? It was mentioned on TV just a few days ago. Edit for a grammar typo.
  8. People are getting all excited again without waiting to find out exactly what is happening. The GAGB are taking a beating on here. Has anyone thought that they may have stepped up to the plate to try and secure permission for caches after the MOD have just banned them without any thought or negotiation. I would guess that someone has placed a cache without permission. Probably within a danger area, such as ranges. A cacher has ignored or not seen the red flags/lights and walked into the danger area. Thus meaning live training has probably been stopped and the person spoken to. The MOD then see one possible incident as something that could happen again with disastrous effects and just banned all caches on their land.* I don't think the reviewers have gone and done the knee jerk reaction (why do they always get accused of this?), they are just following the rules set out to them from Groundspeak. A land owner/manager has approached them and said no you can't have them on our land. Until negotiations have taken place they must obide by their wishes. Whether you like it or not. So please, think like adults and have some actual thought about what is happening, because the only knee jerk reactions I am seeing are from certain people on here. *This is just a possible scenario and doesn't actually mean it has happened!!
  9. Whilst you are wrong about everything else (now and in the past, future and in all parallel universes for all time ... trust me, I've done the calculations), I've got to admire this suggestion - well played Oh My! I feel like Sherlock Holmes being pitted against Moriarty in an episode of Dr Who...............
  10. How about couch potato for a theme, then we really won't have to leave the house, only take a picture of our computers whilst doing a German virtual cache......
  11. Well I know I was most certainly outside in the open air doing caching when I took my photo. It just wasn't during the time frame that you wish it to be!! Ach No! I wouldn't have said one teddy out of the pram was controversial. The OP made it quite clear that old photo's were allowed. If I! thought that was unfair, then (s)he shouldn't have entered. It's sour grapes that's all. Well done on winning it is a super picture. :D
  12. It wasn't just my best effort, it was the only effort I made this month. You need to look at the comments that were made with the older pictures and the reply the OP made about them. So please go back to class!!
  13. No matter what you do in this pastime, you always get a whinger!! This is only a bit of fun, get out and find some plastic for crying out loud.
  14. facebook is public or can be private, it all depends on how you set up your account with the privacy settings. To answer the former question, why do you come on here? When you can just email other Geocachers with your points and views!! It doesn't quite work does it?
  15. It took me 2 1/2 years to get 500. now it only appears to take that time to get 5,000, although i don't do the numbers, prefer the walk.
  16. I'm gonna give it a try. Appears to work for me, and I am using the instructions Mrs B has given you.
  17. I don't know if this will count as it was taken back in 2009. Taken at BPJC: Brean & Gone
  18. Is it possible to find out who the winner is so we can get this months competition started?
  19. I had overlooked that possibility, may be due to the fact I have never even looked at Twitter never mind have an account. Please accept my apologies. No need to apologise, I understand how it may have been misconstrued . On facebook I could have clicked 'like' for this post and you would have known I liked what you said without having to do another message.
  20. I had overlooked that possibility, may be due to the fact I have never even looked at Twitter never mind have an account. Please accept my apologies.
  21. Facebook is a lot easier to share pictures of your caching activities, literally a few clicks and you can have a full album on display for people to see. Here it can take ages if you want it all in the forum. Also, you can tag people to a post and they get an email letting them know that there may be something to interest them. There is in fact so much you can do on Facebook that you can't do here. Now I personally don't really care what you call Facebook, or any other site. But in this instance it would appear that for those that don't like it, the thread naming of it means we all must be idiots (twits) for using it!! So in the same breath, I tend to find that the antiquated don't tend to move with the times.
  22. What I suggest is post the GC code, found at the top right of the cache page and the area which it is placed and hopefully the correct reviewer will be able to come along and help. It may be something as simple as that you haven't ticked the box saying it is ready to be reviewed.
  23. I know you do a big CITO each year Dave and the Hunt and Munch and I can appreciate how much work must go into those, do you think these events of yours are on the same level as a person whos event is sitting in a pub for an hour? BTW don't brag about how many people were at your event Dave or you will be classed in the same league as Paul and myself Mandy My CITO's aren't actually that big, they usually attract around 40 to 50 people. The Hunt & Munch is around 55 people actively taking part. The event I quoted before was sitting in a pub, granted there was a little bit of other stuff, but nothing significant. Being someone who has organised events sitting in pubs, I have to agree that the main two which I organise do tend to have more put into them. But does that make them better or worse than any other event? I would like to think so, but it doesn't mean it does. At the present moment Groundspeak may upgrade your event to a Mega if you can prove that 500+ people turned up. I expect they do this as there won't be many each year that fall into this category and doesn't really take up a lot of administration time. Now given the fact that you never really know how many people will turn up for your event, it is extremely difficult to list it correctly. I can't see Groundspeak willing to upgrade/downgrade events on a regular basis, or policing them for that matter. I can see where you are coming from, but I think you are wasting your time, as it will never be implemented. With that said though, I did hear about a new category for event that may be called something like Super Mega and it will be something like over 5,000 people. But please don't quote me on that as I might have just made it up!!!
  24. The term 'event' was introduced very early on in geocaching history. You were lucky in the early days if you got 20 people to attend an event. I remember one of my events being the first in Scotland to attract over 50 people. That number is the norm now. Events have grown, but the original principles haven't. No need for a new category in my opinion.
  25. Trees which sit above the cave for UAMH SHOMHAIRLE in Glen Nevis.
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