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  1. Just enjoy it your own pace.. Its been eight years today since I found my first cache, (they were a lot more spread out back then) .. and I am still struggling to hit 1000. So I must be the slowest of all time lol
  2. Hmm I better not enter then that pretty much describes all my photography lol
  3. Welcome back .. You will find there are millions more caches (slight exaggeration maybe ) than there were back then .. Hmm maybe I need to find some as well Hope your doing well Brian
  4. Thanks Adoption sent Thanks for keeping this going. It was my 10th find back in 2003 and the old caches need to be kept alive Good luck and hope it can be dried out enough to carry on .... Brian
  5. Hi all I have not been caching much In the last year (or so) and a cache I adopted in 2005 is in need of some TLC its Hey Diddle Diddle GC4D01 placed in April 2002. Judging from the logs it just needs removing and drying out then replacing. Its a good 25 miles each way and cant see me getting there for a month or so.... Anybody fancy adopting it ? its been there for 8 years and really needs to be kept alive..... Also The loaded Gun GCKD34 placed 2004 is up for adoption. Thanks
  6. Loads of photos not much caching lol.. Will be interested to see the submissions though. Very Nice Paul
  7. Can you tell me the name of the trigpoint so I can have a look at it ? I am one of the admins on http://www.trigpointinguk.com. The cow photo made me smile as Pharisee took a photo of me and a cow a good few years back at a trigpoint whole I was taking this shot.
  8. Well done its taken you long enough Congratulations
  9. Wow that is some total for a month!! Nice work The Moor we hunt
  10. Congratulations on your early retirement John Good luck with all the caching and hope you have some fun
  11. I will give Ian a ring over the weekend . I have not spoken to him for ages but I know he was very busy with work and going through a training course that was taking lots of his free time.
  12. Congratulations Steve Glad to see your still powering on...
  13. Well done on the 3000th . Hope to see you both soon.
  14. Michelle does drag me out from time to time but not enough for me to hit 1000 anytime soon
  15. Big congratulations to Michelle Phil and Jake Who Bagged their 1000th find at The Tunnel of Love Yesterday. It was nice to be asked along even if you found all the cache without my help Thanks for a fab day out
  16. Yes. The trigpoint site is on a different server at the moment. This server is smaller and wont handle the G:UK side. This is why we have been able to reinstate T:UK and not G:UK. I am sure Ian will sort the problems out
  17. Yeah the platinum membership jet rocks
  18. The trigpoint side http://www.trigpointinguk.com/ is back up now..
  19. I know Ian Is on a very intensive work course this week (and next I think). The Trigpoint site should be up and running as soon as he returns, he was in the prosses of moving this to a different server last time we spoke. However, the new server cannot host the geocaching side so this is NOT looking good at the moment
  20. Nah HH your short of a webcam and CITO also full list
  21. Thanks for keeping it running for another 2 years Adam. I wish I could step forward and carry it on but although I am teaching myself PHP and Mysql (very slowly) I am not good enough YET!! Sorry to see this end but thanks to everyone who entered
  22. Yes Team Sieni, a different icon all 13 available icons can be found here
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