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  1. I'm in support of dropping the day event for any camping event, as others have already said, it's a camping event, not a turn up for a few minutes event. It's a while since I set a cache, but I recall an attribute for specialist equipment, I'd see a tent as specialist equipment to attend a camping event. It's good to see that our voices are being heard, an this discussion is taking place.
  2. It seems a long way to go, especially if I'm having a great time at Piratemania... Think I'll stick to a mega that doesn't need a conference room.
  3. Apologies, I did indeed misread your comments. The Prohibited Location was added by the reviewer at the time they archived the cache, not sure it was really needed, but it was their choice to add that to the cache title.
  4. Evidence, look up and read your responses... Deliberately confrontational, using capitals to shout, being rude to others... All typical behaviour of forum trolls. You did make me laugh about getting slapped down, were you a comedian before you retired?
  5. Being of the genous 'blunt speaker' - may I respectfully suggest it's not the words "lack of communication" that are in question - but your total inability to comprehend the gravity of your rather immature actions; or in reallity, your non actions. Just put your hands up (pun intended) and admit - your response was totally unjustified and does put geocaching members of the public , in a very embarrassing , if not DANGEROUS situation. Beside that - the more you protest - the bigger twit you are seen to be ..... Move on - Nice one Rutson .. Badger needs all the friends he can get at the moment As we are speaking bluntly, you are a typical Forum Troll, why don't you go back under your bridge where all good Trolls should be... I understand the need and the reasoning for the exclusion zone, that is not the issue, it is the fact Groundspeak or their representatives did not successfully communicate with the cache owner bere jumping in feet first and leaving incorrect accusations on the cache page. The cache and original placement of the cache were well within the guidelines, and still are. Had I received the contacts regarding the imminent exclusion zone I would have removed and archived the cache, that is not in question. I now realise once again why I stopped using the forums so much, it was because of the keyboard warriors such as yourself! And I don't need to add a silly rolling eyes emoticon to disguise a sarcastic comment.
  6. Been there, done that, was reported for carrying a camera tripod... it was claimed to be a gun! Not an issue really, unless the geocachers are actually carrying firearms. I have received an email from GMP today, that wasn't the problem here as it was not being sent directly from a GMP email address, it was emails sent through Groundspeak. Dave may have the evidence they were sent through the geocaching website, but does that show they actually left the server or were correctly routed? The email account used is my main one, which is checked regularly, spam is in extremely low volumes so is also checked. It has been the only email address used for geocaching since I first joined. The weekly geocaching email arrives without problem, pocket queries arrive fine... but I have not had any contact emails from Groundspeak/geocaching for April or March, other than the weekly email and pocket queries. As it stands, their is no maintenance issue raised as a result. You should know the wood then, it is made up of trees that are still relatively young, quite tall but also very narrow in the trunk and there are no obvious places to hide a cache as no holes have formed around the roots... as to the cache hide, I'm not letting that slip, as it may be re-used if a suitable location is found.
  7. Again, read my posts... the issue is the LACK OF COMMUNICATION from the Groundspeak/reviewers before archiving the cache.
  8. What exactly do guns have to do with this??? Please re-read what I wrote, then read it again. It was the lack of communication from Groundspeak/Reviewers before archiving my cache! So before you jump in and tell people to get real, learn to read and understand what has been said. And using an abbreviation which contains foul and abusive language is not required.
  9. My email is working perfectly fine, and is checked regularly. I have received other contact emails from Groundspeak, and copies of those that I have sent. Clearly the fact that I did not receive any regarding this issue is a cause for concern. Before claiming people are giving the reviewers a hard time about their actions, you may want to check what was said. You will find that I am not giving the reviewers a hard time about the actions taken, but rather the lack of contact made with the cache owner. Kev, why are you surprised that I'm disappointed? I'm sure most people would be disappointed to find out their cache had been archived without any contact from a reviewer. If you were local, you'd also know that the small wood the cache is in, is unique to the area, and was chosen as it suited the specific container perfectly. Haggis, nobody was stopped at this cache by the Police, or if they were then they never commented on it in their log.
  10. As a cache owner affected by this, I was extremely disappointed not to be contacted by an official from Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Airport or any UK Reviewer before my cache was archived. What I am surprised about, is the fact some caches that are extremely close to the runway remain active... I would have expected GMP or Manchester Airport to have made an official approach to Groundspeak, rather than a cacher on their behalf. Now, if I had received the alleged emails, I certainly would have enquired further and/or taken actions. But for a reviewer to archive a cache without any warning, or even trying to make contact with the cache owner (Dave I know you have my email address) is simply unacceptable. Seriously disappointed with the whole issue, and how TPTB have dealt with it (this includes the Police and the Airport Authorities)
  11. Sorry to all for not replying, I've been away for a few days and have started a new job this week, so time has been short. I'll respond to each mail in order received. I need to get a full list of the coins for sale, as requested by a few people. Apologies again.
  12. I have a large number of Geocoins that I wish to sell, although activated, they can be adopted over to any individual. Most have little if any mileage, as they are my personal collection. Have a look at my profile for the coins available, and drop me a message though my GC profile, not forum PM. Prices are between £3.50 and £4.50 depending on the coin, and P&P within UK is £1 (P&P to europe and worldwide varies) There are a few which are not leaving me, but they are low. Don't hesitate, ask me now... Badger
  13. Either drinking... or taking stunning photographs... Well, may as well blow my own trumpet about the pictures, no-one else will
  14. Any volunteers then? We've had a follow up from BBC Radio Notts. The feature is more of a chat, rather than showing them what to do. Any takers let the GAGB know via Gagbcommittee [at] gagb [dot] org [dot] uk Also, we are waiting to here back from two Terrestial TV channels about possible TV features on Geocaching. We have returned their calls and are still waiting for further information. For anybody interested, one is for ITV West Country, and the other BBC North-West Tonight. Matt GAGB
  15. Saves them asking us all... just look here!
  16. Any takers? Please see my profile for the caches...
  17. Do I need a reason? I'd rather they weren't lost to the caching community, and would rather not just archive them.
  18. Right peeps... A fair few caches are up for adoption... I'll crack on for two weeks before they get archived. All my caches, except the Madness series (8), Don't get Stumped and Ben Lomond National Park are up for grabs... Send me an email if you want to adopt any of my active caches that are on offer. Ta, and thanks for your perusal of this humble thread! Badger
  19. Well done you two, it doesn't seem that long ago when I was a some way behind you. Keep up the good work caching, and you'll soon have the next 1000...
  20. Vix has hit another milestone, that's three in June so far! The latest is 1300 caches found... Well Done Vix on the milestone
  21. It may be worth posting this on the GSAK forums as well, there are many knowledgeable people on there, that don't always look here. They can be found at GSAK Forums
  22. Lots of funny captions guys and gals... Certainly made me giggle. I was tempted to stuff it in the boot of the car and attache a TB tag to it...
  23. Phew, finally finished logging all of those caches. It was a fun day, we both enjoyed ourselves... Logging them took nearly as long as finding them! We stopped at 100 as that was our goal. Little sleep the night before, and loaded with red bull, I got a bit excited on the way to the last cache and took a bit of the car! Vix has the photo evidence... ooops! Thanks all.
  24. I don't see it as a problem with doing this as long as they have visited the cache. Just make sure they log for the same date and reference being part or the team. What would happen if a couple that are a team split up? One would keep the team name and the other would have visited the caches, but not have a physical log in the book, but have still found it. Go ahead, and log those caches.
  25. If I visit a YOSM location, then I class each visit to a different location as a separate cache, you only want to log it once, no problem. That's the beauty of caching, we can play it our own way... You play the game your way, and I'll play the game my way... after all, it's just that... a Game!
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