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  1. . Hey! It wasn't my fault I had a dodgy GPS... well maybe it was...
  2. All sorted now, The Bolas Heathens have agreed to take on them all! Thanks everyone for your kind words about my caches in the past, hopefully they'll be around for another five years! MarcB
  3. Thanks! I still can believe I've only had to replace one cache after 3 years (the series was online on 04/04/04), it's full logbooks that are the main problem now.
  4. [Edit: Kindly adopted by The Bolas Heathens, thanks all] Due to increasing constraints on my time and (thanks to being stuck in Lancaster) an inabilty to service my caches, I'm sadly putting all 26 of my caches across Shropshire, Staffordshire (and one in Worcestershire) up for adoption. My geocaching has had to be drastically scaled back due to a hectic three years at university. As many people who are in the local area will know, my caches have been round for a long time (dating back to November 2002 - coming up to five years ) and I would love for someone dedicated to take care of all of them in one big job-lot. This includes the massive Alchemy Quest, The Road to The Wrekin + many others, the majority of which are ammo boxes and cannisters. Please be aware that ideally you've got to Gold on the Alchemy Quest and don't mind replacing a few of the jam packed log books! Please contact me if you think you're up for the job (or know someone who is) and I'll get in touch. All the best, MarcB
  5. Best wishes from me to Billy Twigger and his family
  6. "Dodgy Clue"!??? How DARE you! MarcB
  7. Well done and big congratulations for doing it at Gold! MarcB
  8. I'm watching you! Congratuations to everyone who did the series on Tuesday! MarcB
  9. Hi all, sorry about my lack of replying - very busy atm, I'll let you know closer to time if that's ok MarcB
  10. Yep good luck! It was me who planted Something Sinister and it's true, my GPS did die there! MarcB
  11. I got one - I agree with bexybear - it's based on how long ago you registered. MarcB
  12. Thanks very much I'll keep you posted with what's going on MarcB
  13. Alchemy Quest - Gold is currently 43rd which I'm quite chuffed about Thanks to everyone who's voted so far! MarcB
  14. ...I've also had the sheer pleasure of doing the UK's second worst cache. I'll leave it to the curious to find out.
  15. I always do - I've also noticed that only 9 of the 149 caches I've done have been in the top 2000! In some ways I'm not at all surprised, I've always been kind of let down by the vast majority of caches I've done, the best still probably being Fisherman's Walk in North Wales. Perhaps it's time I went for quality rather than... er... ones near to me. MarcB
  16. Sounds good to me, Morecambe is v.close to Lancaster Uni, whether I'll be able to get to Sunderland Point by bus is another matter! MarcB
  17. If people want it, let them pay. It's only going to go AWOL in the first cache it's placed in!
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