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The first thing I ever registered for on the internet was IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) which is still one of my favourite sites. I used the name aisledog 'cos I was a keen cinema goer and seemed continually to be walking the aisle. I also used to live in...well near.. the Isle of Dogs in London (when it was still a yuppie-free zone). I've kept the title for all sorts of things...I'm sure if I asked anyone else for suggestions they wouldn't be nearly so benign!

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I'm Robin - I used to chat a lot on IRC and ICU - I used Nibor (Robin backwards). A few of our trans-Atlantic cousins worked it out and I spent far too much time explaining that I didn't like being "hit on" as I was NOT female. I liked the Nib bit so moved to Nibbly, and as this is now a family enterprise we're the Nibblers. Solo finds I refer to myself as Nibbly in logs.

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Being 'Hit on' on IRC was the main reason I started using Tigger. I started off on IRC about 9 years ago using Becky, but using a female name just attracted the pervs. First I changed it to Beck, but then people assumed I was a David Beckham fan, so I changed it to Tigger and have used it for everything since.


Pengy changed from Joanne for the same reasons.



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There are 2 of us and one likes purple and the other one likes penguins. A mutual friend thought up the name for us. We also wanted a name for which we could have a stamp, which we could put in log books. We did start off as Herb Garden (another hobby), which we chose in a hurry when we first registered but we couldn't find a stamp to signify that name! PurplePenguin

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We are Fat Kids of the World Unite!! it started as a joke between my brother and his best friend. There not the smallest guys around (brother: 5'10" 350 lb his friend: 6'2" 370lb or so) so it became our Xbox live name and when I found Geocaching I thought I would use it, not a good idea. Its allot to write so we often shorten it down to fatkids or just fat.

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In reality if I started caching again I would probably change my caching name..


As it happens it was a bit of a spinnoff from something else..

So really a bit of a Micky take.. I love the countryside having lived in it for most of my life.. Maybe I'm mad..?? Who knows....


Anyway if you get bored just call me Steve

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Quite enjoyed reading up where on earth everyone's names have come from. Mine is just my name (Scott), middle initial and surname initial. The 100 was because 12 years ago (oooo, long time ago that) when I first started using the net there was another account scottpa somewhere.


I wanted a user account with my name because like others have said when you just had a generic name, on IRC you always got asked asl? Age Sex Language which just got annoying when you just wanted to chat with people. The PA was frustrating because then the internet was much smaller and very US centric. They all thought I was from Pennsylvania! But I lived with that and I just appended the 100 to stop conflicting with the other scottpa out there.


Like others - if I knew what I was signing up for with this geocaching malarky, I would have come with something more original... Ho hum!

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When I had to change my caching name a few years ago it took me ages and ages of thinking up another name...


I use another name everywhere else online, but I didn't want to use that for caching, as it still gives me a bit of anonymity when I am anywhere else.


I tried to think of myself as anything other than Hazel, or the other name, and couldn't, so just had to settle for Hazel... but this was already taken..... so I plopped the S on the end, the 1st initial of my surname.



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We didn't realise we would need a team name until we found our first cache and read the logs so we had to decide on the spot. We like piratey things but didn't want to use pirates in our name because it sounded like we were plundering caches and we don't. We all had t-shirts with various skull designs so we came up with Team Skully.


We like it because we can leave skull themed swaps and 'team' covers all of us as sometimes we drag friends out with us too.

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Way back in the dim and distant past, I did a year as secretary of a uni sports club. One of the things I ended up doing a lot of was sending emails containing (relatively) essential information, and then dealing with various issues with people who just looked at the subject line and went "club email, not important, bin without reading".


One day, when I had something I really *needed* people to read, I changed tack and titled it "And so endeth the sad tale of Harry the Furry Squid . . ." And yes, people read it - even the club chairman, who wasn't pleased and delivered something of a bollocking by return email.


Harry the Furry Squid then became something of a running joke.


I'm more usually known online, both on UKC and the letterboxing forums, as "Wingnut", but geocaching already has at least one wingnut and I needed something more unusual, so . . . Harry the Furry Squid rides again!


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I had a really cool caching name but put my password in the wrong box so my password became my user name... and if you believe that you are as stupid as i look!


I should of just used my name as it is Donny and I don't particularly like being called Don but as I doing more caching I get more used to using it.

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Because the first cache that we ever found, way back in May 2004, was The First in Wales which is situated on top of the Blorenge near Abergavenny in south Wales. After stumbling around over rocky scree and boulders for about 40 minutes, we were on the point of saying, "Booger this for a game of soldiers, what a stupid idea, there's nothing here, let's go home for tea"... when we found it! :);)


So MrB used the name Blorenge when he logged the find. Later he thought he should acknowledge my participation, so changed it to The Blorenges :(



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Like a lot of people, we didn't realise that the name we used to sign in with was going to be our name for everything including the forums. :) careygang was our first Internet sign-in many years ago with our first ISP so it just got used for geocaching.com when the time came. The gang used to be bigger when the kids were at home, but they still join in when we're out together

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With two kids called Dash and Jac Jac it seemed the obvious choice, that and the fact that Mr Incredible likes to lift trains in his spare time. :)


Joking !!!!!!!!


Kids have perfectly sensible names and no trains ever lifted round here any more :) The boys had got the Incredible DVD for Christmas and we'd sat and watched the night before we did our first ever cache. We even have a plastic Violet attached to the rucksack to complete the team. :D


Bit boring really, but we think we are pretty incredible, really :D

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Mine is VERY dull, and I can't remember why I didn't go for my normal username. I registered with the site a few years before I actually went caching, at the encouragment of my friend somloci, who told me about it, and promised to take me out with him, but it never happened, and he moved back to Hungary... When I found my first cache with him whilst visiting him in Budapest last November, I then had to scrabble my brain trying to remember what I had registered with. Clare Louise is my first and middle name!


In pretty much every other forum, I'm Addaperle or Elphaba (occassionally resorting to Elphie where I can't get Elphaba)- the Good Witch of the North and the Wicked Witch of the West respectivly. I love Oz stories. Addapearle is named in The Wiz, and Elphaba in Wicked. I've debated changing the name, but I'm not sure how it works with find logs and stuff!

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Really enjoyed this thread.


We were taken on a geohunt with It's Spitting, when staying with them, we found a few and decided we might like this game. Didn't know what name to have so decided to use L8HNB until we got sorted out with something really good - two years down the line its a bit late to change now!


Oh, L8HNB is meant to be our initials, Linda & Henry ......

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Can anyone work ours out?


Or our sig :)


Think it might be quicker to write your sig down the usual way!


01001110011010010110001101100101001000000110100101100100011001010110000100100000011101000110100001101111011101010110011101101000001000000100101001010010 :)

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Hollys Hikers comes from Holly our Spaniel.


Holly is meant to be one of the most popular dog (bitch) names, but she is named after the Ships Computer in Red Dwarf. She would have been Lister if, she turned out to be a he!! :)


Hikers comes from the other two of us in the team that spend a lot of time hiking around with Holly. Seems to fit ok.

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Haha true! Luckily we don't!



Yes, I'm wondering if I could just put 01... and people would realise who it is!!

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