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  1. I AM Spartacus.........uh oh!.....wrong forum wrong thread
  2. I agree 100% with what kennamatic says here. It is because I agree that I have let Groundspeak know that I no longer wish to review caches or moderate the UK forum. In recent weeks I have, more and more, been instructed to do things I did not actually feel would benefit caching in the UK. I have been instructed, more and more, to do things that I could not actually see the point of. I have been instructed I felt – rightly or wrongly – to implement policies in reviewing or managing caches – that it seemed were not being made public. I tried to debate issues - but as much as GSP were not going to change philosophy, nor was I. Until recently I have felt totally backed by the GSP management team, though I have also felt that, rather than being evolutionary, and at times being prepared to "push the envelope" things had become more fundamental. I don't think this is the right way forward - I know that there are many UK cachers who feel it is, and it is this diversity of opinion that makes for lively debate - and goodness do we have that! I have had a great five years or so reviewing for the UK community and made many friends - I would not have changed it for the world. I have made many good friends, both on line and in the flesh at events - but the time has come to call it a day. I might even talk to my family again between the hours of 1600 and 1900 during the week and often VERY lengthy week end periods - especially if it has been a sunny Sunday! Many thanks to you all - it’s good night from me – and it’s good night from him. PS dodgydaved might now even find chance to visit a cache near you!
  3. Now onto a more serious subject...............has anyone any idea where I can get a Guinness out here? .....just as a matter of interest look at the secon review "Best Romanian Beer. Great taste, perfect dark colour, strong as a mountain man Almost same quality as Guiness or Kilkenny, but at a Romanian price. A beer to have in your refrigerator "
  4. I think I had better close this version!
  5. you don't melt when you get wet do you a la the wicked witch in wizard of oz ..................no but I loose the power to distinguish the word "Publish"
  6. ......and there you are, hooked for life
  7. Personally I know I've got a screw or 2 lose ....what is it that Churchill dog says? ......"Oh Yesssss"
  8. A reviewer make a mistake? Never!! ....certainly not in UK or Ireland anyway ..........well, S of 51* 40, maybe just very, sometimes, occasionally (as you all like to point out )
  9. A reviewer make a mistake? Never!! ....certainly not in UK or Ireland anyway
  10. Now, if you would just roll your sleeve up please Tim, a little scratch, that'll do nicely--KER Poxy DING
  11. That's the geezer! OK Simple quickie............. .........What is Edward Jenner's claim to fame?
  12. Heck no! I just read Pharisee's answer and - literally - started humming..........mnemic residue of long lost musical experience - a very deep voiced bloke I seem to remember - perhaps the same one who made a famous recording of "Ol Man River" - can't recall his name. If TLHM are no about give it to John!
  13. Heck No! I did none of the work, I just saw Pharisee's post and started humming - literally - un-conscious response to mental stimulus If TLHM are not about let John have it!
  14. ......and there I was humming "The Road to Mandalay" to myself .........
  15. ................and now that link does not seem to work for me So I give up
  16. The link doesn't work there Ecky .............does so At least it did from your post on my machine No good unless you're one of the cognicenti though :- Site access is currently only available to administrator and reviewer accounts. Visit Geocaching.com instead. .....ah! The "other" place - try here ....sorry!!
  17. The link doesn't work there Ecky .............does so At least it did from your post on my machine
  18. Considering recent posts on a certain subject (sorry wrong linky) is a must
  19. .........................I have a distinct and memorable feeling that you already may have done just that
  20. Hi Bob, I have replied to the email you sent me, twice, and each time the message bounced. Is it possible there is a problem with incoming mails on you geocaching mail address? Cheers, Eckington
  21. That surprises me as we have all 3 been actively reviewing over the last few days at least. Who did you mail? Are you sure they got your mail? Mail me through my profile - or try eckingtons31ATtescoDOTnet - I reviewed the caches originally! E
  22. Hi, and well done on the permission, great news. The GLAD database is indeed the right place for the information - and I am sure you will get read/posting rights within 24 hours or so. In the mean time I am referring this post to a member of the GAGB committee who will no doubt find some way to expedite things.
  23. I think the "Levant" is a poetic name given to a chunk of the mid east around Lebanon, Syria and Israel ish. I guess a Levanter and a Leste are winds blowing across this region from the far east.........
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