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  1. I have had several logs on coins that no one else have ever seen - not been to events, or had photos taken - just in my albums! Do Groundspeak have an anti hacking policy?. It is not as though I haven't paid for the Code and icon!!!
  2. Never sold my cat coins and never will they are too much of me bob
  3. Great to see some of the old names againand to look through my albums and see their coins. Im still about but doing very few caches at the moment - Messed up a leg a few years ago so didn't get ouit for a year or so but at that time many cachers from this forum were playing Mafia Wars which kept me sane after the operation. Just a quick nopte to say have posted out the "Cats" that people have asked for - I am not unsociable but the english postal service will charde more if you put a letter in a small package - so just a coin in the envelope. Anybody want one can have one - let me know - Icant trade in person cause I am in the UK! sad and happy!!! regards BOb
  4. Do you remember when there was only a few coins and.creating new coins for love not money, The non trackables that people collected by swapping like cigarette or bubble gum cards. The excitement of the new icons you could put on the profile - long before souvenirs and other flashy stuff, Waiting to get a Georgia Peach – sold out in minutes. How we all tried to collect them all. I think Moops along probably did!. The whole thing exploded and then suddenly they were ezerywhere for everything.Mystery coins came along to keep it going, I then dropped out as I couldn’t keep up with it all. After a few years I have popped in to see what is going on and I see we still have the odd cointest and Maths trades. I still treasure my hundreds of coins and the good people I contacted through them – Thank you all. I also still have a load of my own Chester Cat non-trackables if anybody is interested in such things let me know Bob
  5. did 2 yesterday and found loads = moved a few tbs Hi Alex long time no see!!! Next Deego 'll turn up!!! Jan and the Percey Boys
  6. I have just put out 2 puzzle caches recently. Thay are easy to find nd I thought to solve. One of them (what I thought was most difficult) has been found the second I am asked for nudges for as it is hard to solve Any Rating advice? Bob - Im not back, thhought I WAS BUT THE QUACKS SAY NO >gRRRR
  7. "Take a picture of yourself with a cacher named on a geocoin holding their coin no photoshop, pictures of your own coin disallowed" If you like the idea please vote at http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/130071-worldwide-challenge-ideas/suggestions/2248505-take-a-picture-of-yourself-with-a-cacher-named-on- bob
  8. okay Guys Can I now shut the list as I have loads of participants if you have not sent me your address please do so asap so I can get teh choices out Bob
  9. Name - Nimrod (It means - the mighty hunter) Tip - Get him interested in looking at where you either point or move a twig with your foot - you look so less obvious waiting for a dog to sniff around a tree than when you are trying to see the darned box in the ivy!!! (Of course if he is a smart dog train him to look for tupperware and you just do the walking!!!!) Bob
  10. The mission is panning out nicely - thanks for the prompt replies Bob
  11. The mission is panning out nicely - thanks for the prompt replies Bob
  12. okay the Family has left for Canaan - had to be the first stop and now they are in your hands. I will send the first missioner a list of 3 destinations to choose one. I will then send that person a list of three ad infinitum until we run out of people! When you get an E mail from me please chiise where you ewant to send them next and let me know so I can make sure they visit all. If anyone else wants to play there are still a few "berths" Bob
  13. well tomorrow is 12th night and seems like a good time to set the family on the way I presently have 14 - 16 participants (2 I am not quite sure of but have e mailed them seperately) so there is still room for a few more List burgessfour cache_in_hand cainrcc Cheesy pigs die_anita hollora KernowCachers Leafer54 Lorca.nl mainefamily mousekakat opalsns RedsknsU2 rockin roddy Tooey yalehockeymum If I have missed you let me know! Happy new year one and all Bob (JNPB aka Jan and the Percey Boys)
  14. sorry if I didnt really explain this very well let me try again the blessing mission is a single coin mission which is supported by either something personal or local to your area So you will receive 1) Mary joseph and donkey 2) Book for comments, thoughts reflections special prayer whatever 3) A trackable coin to keep 4) A persoanl item - souvenir, path tag sig item Or/and a local item You write a thought in the book, take and replace the coin and the other item and send the book Mary Joseph and donkey to the next person on the list to join I do need names and addresses but there is no formal close date as long as the travellers turn up at my stable next christmas!!!! I Hope this helps BOB ps can I have your address to put on my list
  15. We have a tradition of Joseph, Mary and a donkey to visit houses before turning up in church on the christmas carol service. They have a little book for people to add comments photos etc. I was wondering if this might be a nice idea for a mission the idea os to send a trackable coin and a personal item along with the book and Mary Joseph and the donkey with your thoughts and best wishes. I have a suspicion that the coming year might be a tough one and we could all do with the blessing of a visit from the Holy Family I would be happy to start it off and would like to have at least 20 participants. they must be forwarded within 2 weeks Obviously the family and book would love to go to events to bless people. I would love to see them back here for christmas 2009 Tell me to get lost for being a mystic if you like but hey I could do with being blessed this year wishing one and all a blessed New Year. Bob If you want to be involved I need your address and I'll get it started - My name is Bobpercey and I am at AOL.Com if you need to know!!!! timed ou thought the message worked!!!!!
  16. Resolutions 1) To make my missions easier 2) To stop winding mods up - you know who you are 3) Getting this dang diabetic ulcer to resolve
  17. the other tradition we ahve is to always buy a new nativity every year Wall hangings, crib sets, batiks etc. we have been married 17 years and always display them all - we also have some gifted to us, so it is a joy to put them all out - a week before the tree and sparkly things We have them from Bolivia USA West Africa Germany Jerusalem India kenya tanzania mexico france as well as england so anybody fancying getting rid of a set in the pass on mission.......... Bob
  18. well the first one arrived today from Gayle and mark thanks a lot PS did I say whether I had mailed mine - my memory is geting worse. Get half way up the stairs and cannot remember if I am going up or down1 If not mailed las monday so shpuld be hitting the boves soon Bob
  19. We have a very simple tradition we eat christmas dinner on Christmas eve so we do not have to cook and mess on christmas day when the boys ant to play with their toys. We adopted this when we came back from working with street kods in Brazil as it was a tradition there so we could do their dinner on christmas day Bob
  20. I never knew there was an r in Proxy JNPB
  21. Every time I leave these forums this happens!!!! then I wonder why I come back - maybe I shouldn't Bob
  22. Hey Eric You aint the only one got a great package from switzerland - would post a pic but the kids ran off with the contents - that pretend knife was great - packet 2 is coming by sloth I reckon Hey ho Bob I will send a couple of notes off to your mission people and find out what I can. tsun I just sent emails to both of your mission people, I will update the thread when/if I hear from them. I'm sorry you haven't received anything yet. tsun Guarantee the moment you say haven't seen a package one will be sitting on your doorstep the next day!!! Wonderful package, great coins and the boys are so excited about candy corn they thought it only existed in Springfield!!!! Bob
  23. Hey Eric You aint the only one got a great package from switzerland - would post a pic but the kids ran off with the contents - that pretend knife was great - packet 2 is coming by sloth I reckon Hey ho Bob
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