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  1. I have a yellow dot against a specific two message thread with another cacher that I have read multiple times without clearing the dot. I have tried reinstalling the app but this didn't solve it. Any ideas? I know it's not related to souvenirs or drafts as it is against a specific thread and in any case I have no drafts and have viewed all souvenirs in the app.
  2. Ummm, for those of us who are script-illiterate but willing to have a go, is there any chance of someone providing some instructions about how to do this ? Where do I find the script itself, how do I back-up the original before fiddling with it, what do I do to persuade Chrome to use the new version after I've edited it, etc ? Thanks. I am illiterate in these matters but just managed to do this successfully in Chrome and Firefox. In Firefox left click on the monkey icon, then Manage User Scripts, right click on the Geocaching Map Enhancements and choose Edit, scroll down to the right line and add // in front of return, click on save. That worked for me. If it goes wrong just go back and take out the //. It's similar in Tampermonkey for Chrome. Right click on the Tampermonkey icon and choose Options.
  3. What I don't understand is that discovered logs are sent to me on my TBs, which are of no interest as they don't involve traveling, but logs showing someone took a TB to a cache aren't copied to me even though they do involve traveling and are of interest.
  4. I made this switch about 6 months ago when I lost my GPS. The 600 has has a very nice scratch resistant touch screen and can handle as many caches as you could possibly want but it is not as good in terms of accuracy as my old 400. It has the glitch I last encountered with an old yellow etrex, where it will be out by a considerable distance (without interfering buildings or trees) and then suddenly changed location dramatically to the correct place after up to 15 minutes. This never happened with the 450. I find that it also freezes much more than the 450- normally when it receives several quick touches to the quite sensitive screen. It can't handle Wherigos either(although to be honest it's a better Wherigo experience on a phone than on the 450). Overall, I wouldn't switch unless you have to.
  5. I've now found the saved game for one of the wherigos so it looks as though it is just a problem with the other one of the cartridges.
  6. I've played a couple of wherigos with the app and one problem I have is that the save function doesn't seem to work. When I saved and reopened the Wherigo it went back to the start in both cases. Is there something I am missing to avoid this?
  7. You can find a gaggle of NW cachers on the Facebook forum NW Cachers.
  8. As I understand it the island of Ireland was kept as one entity to enable easy searching of caches that are on the island without picking up closeby caches in the rest of the UK that are separated from Ireland by the Irish Sea. It is a result of the way GC.com allowed searching of caches and as such the consensus of cachers on both sides of the border in Ireland is that this is OK from what I have read. The decision was made before the UK and Ireland were split into regions which can be used now to eliminate the searching problem.
  9. If you read the old thread you will find a lot of angst and little illumination from both sides of the argumant. Actually, it was done for a practical reason, to make it easy for Irish cachers on both sides of the border to search for caches on the island of Ireland without picking up caches in the rest of the UK which are across the water.
  10. Pieman

    URWIGO builder

    That works a treat. Many thanks.
  11. Pieman

    URWIGO builder

    I installed the program and wanted to have a look at one of the open source cartridges. I downloaded 4 different ones, renamed them as zip and extracted the files but none of the lua files will import into Urwigo, including one built in Urwigo. Is there some knack to getting them to import?
  12. Working OK for me. Have you accidentally changed the format at the bottom of the PQ page?
  13. I have released 37 coins and TBs since April 2004- mainly between 2004 and 2007. Of these only two are definitely still and strangely these are the second and third TBs I released. Most of the ones that have gone missing seem to end up in the hands of people who stop caching, a fair few were clearly picked up but not logged, some have been lost by people who are still caching but ignore pleasant reminders and a small number were in caches that have gone missing. I doubt that many of them were deliberately stolen but I guess it is possible.
  14. Well I got the activation link OK, but there was no activation code in the email just Username, Email and Password so no way of logging in.
  15. There is a Motorway Mayhem bookmark list. I know because (as an antidote to them) I used to have a "Not Motorway Mayhem" cache that was briefly on the list.
  16. I have been lucky because in 9 years of placing ammo box caches only one has ever gone missing- lots of tupperware has disappeared in that period. Actually, I suspect that why for most hiders ammo boxes go missing more than other containers is that they are both bigger (on average) and more attractive to non-cachers who stumble upon them.
  17. If I remember correctly the decision to classify the island of Ireland as one country is because of the way Groundpseak have set up pocket queries. You can't do a search on Northern Ireland and Eire so Irish cachers near the border were picking up caches from other parts of the UK in their PQs. So the decision was made on practical grounds to regard the island as one territory. If the individual countries of the UK were regarded as regions, a PQ of Northern Ireland and another for Eire would have the same effect, but Groundspeak decided not to go that way.
  18. What I should have said is top for the number of countries I have found virtual caches in rather than the actual number of virtual caches.
  19. Just found out that I am equal first in the UK for finding virtual caches in foreign countries and I will have the chance to find another on Wednesday which will give me a (probably brief) spell at the top of the podium on my own! I am also in silver medal position amongst UK cachers for number of countries cached in. In fact looking at that table gave me an idea for a really spurious record; a new cacher has just appeared well up the list as it seems that they have moved from the Czech Republic to the UK. So all you need to do is pick something you have a reasonable score for and change your home location. For instance, if I decided that Bhutan was now my home location I would be out of sight above the single currently registered Bhutan cacher for caching karma score .
  20. This is the situation in this case. Paul Geohatter Volunteer UK Reviewer & Forum Mod - geocaching.com UK Geocaching Information & Resources http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk Geocaching.com Knowledge Books http://support.Groundspeak.com//index.php Personally, I wouldn't have a problem in anyone charging for an event. They are unlikey to get many attendees as there are so many free ones, but that is by the by as in most cases they will be outside the Groundspeak rules. In this case the event owner comes across as a reasonable person in their commetns on the listing page, but his reasons for charging as stated in his note of 21st June he/she says that "all proceeds will go to the upkeep of the park for the future" which clearly isn't "a legitimate cost of the event". From Geohatter's comments there is actually another reason for the charge, so it would be a good idea to mention that on the listing page if the owner were to re-enable the event.
  21. I understand the desire to lock in the D/Ts to what they were when you found the cache. I have played the D/T game and have seen cache ratings be changed subsequently so that I get a had new hole in the grid. Currently, I have a completed grid but I have decided to accept that this might not be the case in future and I will just have to find another cache of that rating if and when that happens. Personally, I think if you want to lock in the ratings, it is up to the cacher to use GSAK rather than to get Groundspeak to do it.
  22. I have placed two bird boxes which were either the cache or involved in the cache find. Both are/were clearly sealed off from bird access and at a low height that no self respecting bird would occupy. I have to say that all the real bird and bat boxes in woods that I see are placed out of reach of humans to stop people fiddling with them, so I think it highly unlikey that a child finding a bird box cache will end up disturbing a bird in a real box. As it happens, one of the caches was actually stolen by a child. By chance he was spotted by a cacher leaving the park with the box in hand. When told what it was he refused to hand it over.
  23. This was the cache: "The Most Boring Cache in Britain".
  24. You're not that far out of the loop Provided the final is within 2 miles of the published coordinates, the stages can be a far away as you like. Just play nice and tell people what to expect in terms of distances involved. Andy Red Duster Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com UK Geocaching Information & Resources website www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk Geocaching.com Knowledge Books Can the stages of a multicache take you to further than 2 miles from the listed coordinates (ie the first stage?).
  25. A lot of the best caches I have found have been of this type. Most of The Sparrow Boys caches in the North West of England are set like this and they are some of the best around as they have a tricky first (and sometimes second) stage followed by a traditional hide. I have also placed a few caches where there are physical containers at each waypoint as there are things to do at each stage. This includes a 3 stage multi (two physical stages and one virtual) where all the stages are at the same location and the trick was to make sure a cacher finds them in the order I intended! I think whether it is a series or a multi with physical stages the main thing is to make it interesting rather than a selection of 35mm film containers 0.1m apart in an unremarkable spot.
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