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  1. Thanks for the answers guys
  2. I would like to add favorite points to my export to a garmin montana650. So that they display along with the cache name on the gps. Isbit possible and does anyone knownhow. Thaks Wadders
  3. My Colleague has a Garmin Montana 700 gps and he wants to put maps onto it from Memory map. 1-25000 Is this possible? Has anyone done this? How do you do it? If it can be done, i may have to get one too :-) Thanks Terry
  4. My Colleague has a Garmin Montana 700 gps and he wants to put maps onto it from Memory map. 1-25000 Is this possible? Has anyone done this? How do you do it? If it can be done, i may have to get one too :-) Thanks Terry
  5. Thanks Jen, it is not the one, but it will do. Thankyou
  6. No i dont think it is, it was to see the top cachers by typw of cache. EG the cacher who has found most multis or mystery caches. if this is the link, i can not see how to get that info.
  7. In the past i have seen a link where you an see all worldwide cachers and where they rank for each type of cache? Does anyone still have it. Thanks Wadders
  8. I have a pq in gsak where i have a load of solved mystery caches which have corrected coords. Does anyone know if there is a way to highlight these before they are transferred to your gps. Other wise there is know way of distinguishing which i have solved and which i have not solved once they are on the gps. FYT i use a Montana 650t Thankyou
  9. Thankyou for the response.....looks like i wont be getting many of them then
  10. I notice on my profile that i have several unfound cache types...as follows; Lab Cache GPS adventures giga event Groundspeak lost and found Groundspeak block party Groundspeak HQ (I guess this is in their building in Seattle) I have done several PQ's over the west side of the USA but can not find any of them Any suggestions please? Thanks Wadders
  11. tried several leads and changing the settings to no avail
  12. Thats a shame, i just put a post on here, mind you it's the first time i have been on here in years LOL. Hope you are well MrsB
  13. Hi, I bought the Montana some time ago and quite quickly got rid of the rechargeable battery that came with it as it did not last long at all. so i now use Duracell batteries all the time, however i am now eating through these quite a lot too. I tend to leave the GPS on, whilst it is on the windscreen mount in the car. I have tried to plug a lead into the GPS and power it right from the cigarette lighter, i have tried with the batteries in and out but each time the GPS thinks it is connecting to the PC and wont come out of that mode.. Why would this happen? I would rather run it off a lead before spending out on a powered mount. Anyone any ideas. Thanks Terry
  14. Good luck Ipplepen, i have enjoyed doing some of your caches and Satans pit MUST be adopted Alas, i am not your man to adopt as i am in the same boat as yourself, and no longer have the drive or enthusiasm, although I am not ready to give up quite yet. However, i shall be putting mine up for adoption this time next year. All the best to you, Terry
  15. A loooooong time ago, someone was kind enough to send me a disc with all of the UK topo maps on. i still have the disc, but for the life of me can not seem to find a way to get these on my garmin 60csx could anyone assist? Thanks terry
  16. Ooops look what just came through the post.................looks like i need some maps for my Montana now
  17. Looks like Montana is winning this one, can anyone tell me what its like for scrolling across the map, apparently the Oregon is really slow....is the Montana the same?
  18. Any suggestions on where to buy the Montana?
  19. Thanks Ali, I do like to have the 1;25000, spoiler sync is not important to me but screen size is. may have a look at the Montana. Terry
  20. Garmin Montana gets my vote. But you're gonna have to buy your maps all over again! As you would with the Satmap. The only way to utilise your current significant investment in maps is to stay with a Memory Map product, either go down the Adventurer route - I can't help with any experience of said units though - the paperless geocaching side would need some investigation on that platform OR opt for a smartphone that runs Memory Map, such as an iPhone with GPS. What aspect of Cachemate are you not liking? Jon. The fact that i have not sussed out the one click for cachemate to come up, and that on more than one occasion memory map decides that i am "trying to open a file past it's end date" Which is a real pain!
  21. I have been using a mio 350 for some years now as i like to use Memory map and i already have the whole of the country at 1:50 and 1:25.000 The thing i like about the Mio, is the ordnance survey maps and the size of the screen 74mm x 55mm or 3" X 2" for those of us with longer teeth What i don't like about it, is that i have to run cachmate alongside Memory map for descriptions etc. So what would you recommend? I have looked at the Satmap, but at £280 per region for 1:25000 i think it's a rip off... Let the recommendations begin ...........
  22. Obvious question is whether other Greasemonkey scripts are working OK. I assume you did upgrade Greasemonkey to the current version 0.9.8 which is needed for FF5? Yes to the version of Greesemonkey and to trying other scripts first.
  23. Works fine on FF5 so this must be nature's way of telling you it's time to upgrade. FF5 is OK... Honest I've not had any problems with it. Brilliant.........upgraded to FF5 and it still wont work!!! Geograph works but not the maps............any ideas? T
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