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  1. What a marvellous story - thanks for posting it!
  2. I had a TB in that one, and I was sorry to see the cache go. I understand GC's reasoning, but I still think it's a shame.
  3. I don't visit this forum much now, and I've only just seen this thread. Wendy, I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. I never met Caesar, but I've read many of your logs recounting your caching with him. I know how it feels to lose a much-loved dog, but as others have said it must be far worse when the dog was your helper too. My thoughts are with you.
  4. Stuart has now sorted things and you should find the GAGB forums running normally again.
  5. There have been intermittent difficulties for some days now - I don't know what the problem is but I've notified our webmaster. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. --- Bill, committee member GAGB
  6. That's really great! A huge thank you to all concerned!
  7. I agree with HH that you can't really make it any shorter without leaving out information that's necessary to give them a clear picture of caching. One minor correction - the credit for drafting that template belongs to Dave of The Wombles, not to me. Good luck with your approach!
  8. Thanks for the best wishes, folks! As many of you know, I'm not in the best of health at the moment, and I seem to be extremely vulnerable to anything and everything that's doing the rounds... I'm online right now, obviously, but I think my presence here might be rather irregular in the immediate future - I haven't eaten a proper meal for a week, and I'm struggling to get a slice of toast down my throat... As Dave has said, if you have any urgent GAGB related matters to discuss, it's probably better not to try to contact me directly for the moment, but to use our committee email address instead. Thanks.
  9. I show as Bill Daly, but my user name's Bill.Daly.GAGB which I think should tell cachers who I am...!
  10. Just a reminder that voting on GAGB's proposed new constitution opens to Members and other eligible categories on Sunday. If you believe yourself to be eligible but haven't checked your status please see this post on GAGB's forums. Thanks.
  11. ...did you have clover in your sandwiches? Nah, I wasn't that lucky...
  12. At the risk of saying what's often been said before, if you have a dog or dogs with you and you come across a field where there are cows with calves, don't go in. If you have a dog or dogs with you and you accidentally find yourself in a field with cows and calves, let the dog(s) off the lead. The cows see the dogs as a threat, not you. The dogs will look after themselves, and you'll live to tell the tale. I speak as a one-time dog owner who was once sitting in the middle of a field with my dog eating a sandwich when we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by cows with calves. My dog was off the lead - she ran, they chased her, and she outran them easily. I didn't even need to get up - I just finished my sandwich, strolled off to the next gate and called my dog, who came running to me with the herd in hot but far too slow pursuit...
  13. I don't have any adopted caches, but I wouldn't log a cache I'd placed or one I'd placed jointly with another cacher. I did once nearly have to log a DNF on one of my own, then my great-nephew found it, doh...!
  14. GAGB members will be voting on whether or not to adopt a new constitution next month. If you're a member of GAGB you can read the announcement and details of how voting will be carried out in the pinned topic in our Members' Chat forum.
  15. Some caches still begin life well-stocked, but I suspect they're a minority, and those that do start off that way soon deteriorate. When I placed my first micro (not my first cache) in January 2003 I managed to pack a dozen trade items into it, even though it was a 35mm film canister. Those days are gone...
  16. You mean they're down to just one hamster now? I dunno, staff cutbacks everywhere... There's talk of getting rid of the hamster all together, as the job can be done by three voles in a third-world country for less money... Ah, that's the way forward...
  17. You mean they're down to just one hamster now? I dunno, staff cutbacks everywhere...
  18. I've updated the link in GAGB's Regional Forums list. --- Bill, Chairman GAGB
  19. GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) is an all in one geocaching and waypoint management tool.
  20. On reading this thread, I question my own approach to wheelchair accessibility. I tend to rate a cache 1 for terrain if it's reachable by wheelchair, but if a wheelchair user might not be able to access the container (perhaps because it's at ground level, for example) I say so on the cache page. My reasoning in taking this approach was because if a wheelchair user was limiting searches to terrain 1 I didn't want to exclude caches that they might be able to do from their search results. I now wonder though whether I should rate caches like that as perhaps 1.5 - I'd be interested to hear comments from wheelchair users as to their preference with this.
  21. Mine arrived as normal between 8.17 and 9.51 our time this morning.
  22. It's a bit short on puzzle caches too - there are only 2 out of 82 caches...
  23. No, it's not just you - I'm getting the same. A search from my home co-ords is working properly, though.
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