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  1. These forums disappeared quite a while ago, but there is a facebook group which you can find by clicking here
  2. These forums went a long while ago, but there is a facebook group which can be found by clicking here
  3. We and PopUpPirate are back in the game. We've got new tech too ? We have licensed Memory Map on our Android phones and are able to load gpx files directly into it from email pqs. We used to use MM on our PDAs, with data extracted from GSAK prettied up with LordElphs lovely icons. We're currently trying to figure a way to have different icons for the different types of caches on our phones. Has anyone achieved this already? At the moment we've only been able to change the default icon to a geocache. ?
  4. It's on ebay! Fab numberplate to have, my car is an old banger and I don't think there is anytime soon when I will have a vehicle new enough to put it on, and it is costing me £25 a year to roll it over. Single mum, broke, buckets under the leaks in the roof, breakfast is my main meal of the day, need new tyres on my motor, blankets are good as layers rather than putting heating on ... right? LOL, just kidding, I can't see a point in time soon when I might get to use this flippin fab plate so please take it off my hands - it deserves to be flaunted at geocaching events! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Personalised-Registration-GE08ABE-Geocachers-Geographers-Geologists-/271747581949?pt=UK_Cherished_Numbers&hash=item3f456b07fd
  5. Thank you Paul for your good wishes. I do wonder though .... as Piratemania is so big this year, I believe it puts us in a very good position for gaining mega status next year. As you are planning on holding your event, and likewise we wish you luck with it, on the same weekend as Piratemania V, I am not entirely sure how it can be 5th, 6th, or whatever, I am losing count. There is of course always a possibility that another regular event before then may evolve into attracting over 500 attendees. Who knows what other people have planned?
  6. Mark and I have been absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of support we have received for Piratemania this year, from regular attendees, new attendees, UK reviewers, mega event committee members, even from people who are not able to join us this year but wish they could. Piratemania has grown from year to year ... it was abundantly clear to us at the first Piratemania that we needed a bigger campsite; we got that for the second year but figured we needed a campsite with better facilities and with less mud (and a bit more luck with the weather) and the third year we found ourselves, by invitation, at the location where we are at this year. Last year, they did us proud. They welcomed us with open arms, they went out of their way to make sure that everything was just as we needed it, and this year we have experienced the same welcome. Nothing is too much trouble and even the silliest of requests have been met. We love geocaching! We love geocachers! We love PIRATEMANIA! We are so looking forward to this weekend! Piratemania is all about people with a common hobby G.E.O.C.A.C.H.I.N.G getting together, having some good fun, going out caching on the existing trails and the new one we have put out for you all this year, flying our flags on the rally field, getting really giddy .... the emphasis being on FUN! After all, that is what geocaching is all about for most of us. At the time of typing, we have over 550 567 people who have logged a Will Attend, the campsite have taken bookings for 166 pitches, and there are still more who have yet to book. Extra toilet facilities have been drafted in, and an overflow field has been opened up just in case! If you haven't logged a Will Attend, there is still time! We would love to see you there! Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Just a bit about mega status .... we have not been at all presumptuous in this. We are applying for mega status in retrospect and hope that we have everything in place for this to be met with a favourable decision. We have been staggered by the response for Piratemania IV .... but it is what it is because of GEOCACHERS! Thanks to everyone for your support - here's to a cracking weekend!) Liane
  7. We are very pleased to announce that we now have 500 cachers who have logged a Will Attend on this event, so we are hoping to be awarded mega status after the event has taken place :)Please come and join us if you are in the area ... you will be made very welcome
  8. Greetings from the UK If you are planning to be in this country later this month, you might like to pop along to Piratemania IV, a geocaching camping event which is taking place between Friday 22 and Sunday 24 July 2011, with the main event day being Saturday 23 July. You can find all the details for the event here - if you are able to join us, you will be made very welcome. PopUpPirate and The Cache Hoppers (event organisers)
  9. Check back - links were posted - signature line - always there, just like yours! These are the UK Forums - why on earth would anyone be posting a link to regional forums in the US - good grief!!! Hang my head in despair, but only briefly - I can hardly control my laughter!!! Well get you! If you are into issuing directives, here is one for you ... "Get off your high horse and take a reality check!"
  10. Drat! Too much jungle juice again It's in my Geocaching Dictionary under "Words to describe reaching mega milestones" I've got it on a PDF download - let me know if you want a linky - it is free of course
  11. I was indeed ... thank you Clotguy The correct forum links are in my signature line
  12. New UK Number 1 3000th 4 DrSolly Just thought I would point these two threads out There are probably others. Forum regulating inconsistencies? Please don't accuse me of throwing my toys out of the pram because I protest about unjust regulating. I am as entitled to my opinion as anyone else. I'm pleased you have enjoyed months of peace and quiet but I suspect that's more down to the fact that so many of us have taken our voices elsewhere. Unfortunately, now and then I feel obliged as an active cacher, event setter and regional forum admin to pop back and see if there is anything of interest going on here. Fortunately it doesn't take me long to have a quick peek at the tumbleweed blowing through.
  13. My first posting on these forums in god knows how long resulted in it being closed because there is a pinned thread which is millions of pages long (please excuse slight exaggeration!). I posted here about something monumentus - our No 1 UK cacher hit a milestone - the first UK cacher to hit 7000. It really doesn't deserve to be lost amongst a load of other congratulatory posts, albeit they have their worthiness too. Please folks feel free to come and post your congratulatory postings on the SE regional forums and I think I can also speak for the NW forums too You can also post off-topic stuff and your fundraising threads too. MTN-Man ... please dont bother to respond to me - I won't be reading it - just close this one too but please don't delete it - let everyone see how really petty the people regulating these forums have become - happy caching Edited to correct grammatical errors - don't want to get slamdunked for that an ' all ;-)
  14. Woooohooo! DrSolly and LadySolly broke the 7k barrier today at 9pm. I was in the pub (at a geocaching event of course!) and missed the call so only just heard on my voicemail. Huge congratulations to Alan and Susan! How fast was that last 1,000???
  15. My ears were burning There are some Hopper coins - I have a couple in my trackables list but no pictures - if you click this link someone else has a piccie on their profile. A quick search on google and I came up with this. Also, there is a caching team in Idaho called Cache Hoppers
  16. OMG Wendy!! It just goes to prove you should not be let out alone! That bit of paper an' all - it does look very incriminating to the untrained caching eye Looks a great cache too - I might have to make a special effort to get into the big smoke and have a crack at it.
  17. Ok someone had to ask - so I will be dumb enough to be the someone ... what does DLTBGYD mean? is it anything like DILLIGAFF? Probably not .. but in answer to the OP - "Is it really all about the numbers" ... Well .. for some ... yes it is?
  18. Hey up Botherers! It was fab seeing you this weekend and bumping into you on the caching trail! PuP and I both said that's it's been wonderful getting to know you and see how you have thrown yourself into the camping scene - not an easy task when you have young kiddies in tow, as we know; good on ya!
  19. I am seriously impressed!! As an experienced camping cache event setter, and having taken part in camping events with anything from two to five children, I didn't attempt that one although I know it was a very enjoyable event. Hope to see you at some camping bashes next year.
  20. That is a great pity ... a couple of really good series there, one of which I was hoping to return to complete.
  21. Good thing we are away at a camping event this weekend - a three day ban won't bother us none
  22. Some excellent links there ... but you missed one ... oh not again!
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