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  1. When I started it was normal for caches to be in good places to visit, or puzzles or at least something of interest and I was pretty enthusiastic, even going for FTF's and the such. Then I was fortunate enough to visit my folks in New Zealand and bagged a few there that were all awesome...came back and walked down a dreary dog poo ridden path to find a micro and have struggled to muster the enthusiasm since. I do look in every now and then... not stopped really...but definately not addicted any more!
  2. You see, this thread is more like it - all familiar names Hello all!
  3. Which forums are you browsing through, as you can't be referring to this one? Honestly, I have been frequenting this forum for well over 6 years and it has always been like this. back in 2005 I posted a similar thread titled Marmite, despite lots of forum users agreeing with me, nothing has actually changed. I am also ashamed to admit that I have been sucked into the angst on more occasions than I wish to remember. I try my best to stay out of it, but I just hate to see people who have double standards and short memories when they have their whinges. I remember those days, I see things haven't changed a bit - even the same old people stirring things up. I'm with you on the 'sucked in' and 'ashamed' bit - the forums spoilt the game for me, I had my Matrix moment and moved on. Having said that, I'm really glad to see some of the old names still posting here, I'm glad so many people are keeping it up...and equally, from visiting the marmite thread, so many have gone...
  4. Ah, apologies for breaking decorum. All are trackable with their own icons and all are unactivated. Some of these are amongst the original coins that Groundspeak allowed to have icons and will become seriously collectable. There are some more recent coins here that I swapped for a Moun10bike coin a year or so ago! The list is: 1. Non- trackable coin removed by moderator 2. Illinois 2006 Geocoin - Antique Copper 3. Non- trackable coin removed by moderator 4. Signal Coin February 2006 Geocoin 5. Nevada State 2006 Geocoin - Bronze 6. Michigan MIGO 2005 Geocoin 7. Finland 2006 Geocoin - Gold 8. Made in China Geocoin - Nickel 9. Made in China Geocoin - Gold 10. Ark-Mo 2006 Geocoin - Antique Bronze 11. Nielsenc Shamrock 2006 Geocoin - Standard Gold 12. German Reviewer 2007 Geocoin - Black Nickel 13. Non- trackable coin removed by moderator 14. Rot 13 Dragon Spinner Geocoin - Antique Gold 15. EU 2005 Geocoin 16. Sunshine Gang #2 Geocoin - Gold 17. Geo Cat Geocoin - Polished Nickel 18. Wales 2006 Geocoin - Gold 19. Czech 2006 Geocoin - Silver 20. English 2006 Geocoin - Gold 21. Luxembourg 2006 Geocoin 22. Florida FGA 2006 Geocoin - Antique Silver 23. Pengy & Tigger 2006 Geocoin - Silver 24. UK 2005 Geocoin - Bronze 25. Norwegian Attractions - Nidaros Cathedral Geocoin - Antique Copper 26. Tracking Time Geocoin - Antique Gold 27. NWPA 2006 Geocoin - Satin Nickel 28. Scotland 2006 Geocoin 29. London 2006 Geocoin - Antique Copper 30. Texas Challenge 2006 Geocoin - Antique Bronze Ebay Seller ID: hampshireantiquesandcollectables2010 <Non-trackable geocoins removed from list by moderator> (You might want to edit your sale on ebay, those are not trackable, and you've listed them as trackable with their own icon, they are not)
  5. Hi I collected loads of the earliest coins during my caching days - 2005 and 2006 - am I selling them all now and the 1st batch is on ebay. These are coins from when the idea of a coin (other than Moun10bike) having it's own icon was rare. If anyone is interested, there are 25 or so on ebay, more to follow. Cheers
  6. How funny this thread should be here - I used to cache quite enthusiastically I used the mapping and search facilities on geocachinguk.com - I liked the 'dot' map especially. That website has gone, I preferred it to the main site. But, the real nail in the coffin - I did a series of caches in New Zealand - they were all in seriously stunning locations. I know there will be plenty of UK caches in stunning locations...but there are many more in poor locations, so I'm less inclined now. Adrian
  7. Hi I have a Moun10bike V3 up for trade. Please send a message if you are interested in making an offer - I'll try to reply as they come, but I'm away from 22nd August to 1st September. Probably I should make this post after, but I'm here now and I guess it gives you time to think about it. So, when I get back, I'll respond to any queries that arise in the meantime and accept the most attractive offer on, say 3rd Sept. Hope that's OK KH
  8. There used to be a greasemonkey script that added a trigpoint icon and number of finds to your cache page by taking the data from Trigpointing.co.uk. I daresay someone will come along who knows about it - I beleieve there was one that would show how many Simply paul caches you had found too. It was a gratefully recieved answer when I was active many moons ago. Adrian
  9. Good luck in Australia Martyn. I've not been here for a while so I assume it's voluntary! Can't adopt any, but here's a free bump Adrian
  10. There's 2 or 3 on the south coast - Portsmouth/Southampton area placed by Dysdera.
  11. You're all just playing GCMJDP 11572.2 miles GCV68J 11533.2 miles Adrian
  12. Technically you're right, but this is the exception to the rule. Reminds me - I'm cycling 40 miles of the South Downs Way today - I'll bag some trigpoints on the way.
  13. I'm happy with power trails as long as they comply with the same guidelines as other caches - at least 0.1 mile apart, permission, no micro's etc.
  14. Hi I'd say it's bad luck - I've had one floating around the czech republic for a while now. Adrian
  15. It could be just 'the wrong laces' But, something I've been told, and it works for me - if you cross them over and extra time in the 1st stage of the bow they stay done up better.
  16. This may interest some of you/us Downing Street Petition
  17. Once she can crawl she'll be a real asset for looking under gorse bushes. My top tip - set her up with a caching identity - you know, just in case. Take spare swaps.
  18. Nope, it's here and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/f***ing%2C_Austria here EDIT - cor, look at that, it's asterisked out the word, I bet that link doesn't work now. EDIT again - it does!
  19. Oddly I was just sent an e-mail about a funny place name in Germany. Apparently alot of Brits go there and ask if there are any '*&^%ing Postcards' and the such. The locals are not amused.
  20. I don't know if it still exists, but there is a greasemonkey script for Firefox users that adds Trigpoints to your 'finds list on the geocaching website. At least if you are doing it, you now know there is an icon to be had! Adrian Icon Bagging - what's that....
  21. You've got two methods here - either Use the search facility on www.geocacheuk.com If you are a premium member, create a new pocket query and run it immediately and a list will pop up.
  22. I found out about geocaching when researching what GPS to buy for my Skiing holiday. They are fantastic for skiing - I'm looking out for ski's this year that are a bit better at speed to see if I can get above my current record of 43mph - my ambition is to get above 49mph, my current mountain biking speed record. Also, for recording distance skied - you never know otherwise, and vertical meters skied. Adrian
  23. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone wants to adopt my Hexagons GCNFCQ cache in Southampton? I've had a very generous offer from a Pompey supporter who says he'll step in as a last resort, but this one really suits a Saints supporter better... Adrian
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