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  1. I have returned home from the Giga with a list of codes for the lab caches - but I cannot find anywhere to log them. Is it me, being thick? Anyones help please!
  2. Hi I am visiting Oslo (Torp) next week can anyone recommend any decent caches in that area? Also any accommodation - that is reasonable? I have looked at the Norwegian Forums pages - but I'm sorry I do not speak norwegian.
  3. In yesterday's Daily Mail (Page 6) there was an article about the credit crisis and one of the statistics was that 40% more tupperware boxes are being sold this year as more people are taking packed lunches to work - Could there be another reason?!?!?!?
  4. Don't forget Doncaster Robin Hood Airport - they do cheap flights to/from Ireland with Ryanair and to other destinations in Europe.
  5. Thanks for everyones ideas - I will try the date option if I go along that route or use the download all on geocacheuk. Many thanks again
  6. Hi All We keep hearing about Geo-Woodstock (now in it's 5th year) and we were wondering why we are missing out on a MEGA event in the UK - we know that Glastonbury followed Woodstock musically - so is there any chance of a Geo-Glastonbury geocachingly?!?! Could we assemble 500 cachers at one time in the UK?!? It would be a great opportunity not only to meet with cachers from all over the country and from further afield but it would allow the participants to obtain the Mega Event icon. We know that we are raising our head above the parapet to be flamed and ridiculed but if no-one suggests it it will never happen. We thought a good place for it would be somewhere geographically central - maybe somewhere like the final place of the Alchemy series, but if anyone has any suggestions ideas to throw into the melting pot that would be great... What do you think? Over to you...
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew what co-ordinates/postcodes were required to use as pocket queries centre points to generate the whole of the UK caches into GSAK using the least number of pocket queries? What do other people use/do?
  8. Good Luck whoever it is - Carol and I appeared on Radio Nottingham this last Bank Holiday Monday.
  9. Well Done Alan - that is a big milestone! Congratulations!!!
  10. At least one of us wouldn't mind talking to the radio. So we are up for it - let us know what we need to do.
  11. Didn't know Celtic were playing. No, but Liverpool are
  12. We are off to Prague for Easter and we are planning some caching when we are there - as there appear to be one or two caches about!! We are planning on going paperless and we were wondering if there is a czech equivalent of memory map or at least just a map of Prague we could download? If you know of anything that we can download (pref for free) could you let us know the website? Many thanks in advance John + Carol
  13. We have been using custom export to get the icons - can you get the LordElph icons using the export to memory map? We don't think you can - if we are wrong let us know how you do it
  14. Hi These have been working fine - but we have now downloaded the latest version of GSAK and the custom export seems to have changed we can no longer get the %hint find in the Comments box - does anyone know of anyway round this?
  15. We too use an Acer - ours is the N35 could anyone say whether a SD Wi Fi adapter would would on this unit? Many thanks
  16. Or what about... Silent cache, quiet night All is calm, lid is tight Round yon Virgin cache a child Little muggle so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Silent cache, quiet night! Walkers quake at the sight Praises stream from cache site afar Loud geocachers sing Alleluia! FTF, we are here first FTF, we are here first Silent night, holy night Log Book, it’s a pure sight Radiant beams from Thy frozen face With the dawn it’s running pace Nice place, cache, at Thy birth Nice place, cache, at Thy birth John + Carol
  17. What about this one?.... Caching through the snow For a one star easy find O'er the fields we go Wondering what we’ll find PAF we can ring Making spirits bright What fun it is to laugh and sing A caching song tonight Oh, GPS, GPS Follow all the way Oh, what fun it is to cache To a one star easy find GPS, GPS Follow all the way Oh, what fun it is to cache At a one star easy find John + Carol
  18. Although stictly not a carol... I'm dreaming of a new geocache Just like the ones I used to know Where the lidboxes glisten, and cachers listen To hear Steviep in the snow (Cue old joke about yellow snow!) I'm dreaming of a new geocache With every log entry I write May your days be merry and kind And may all your Caches be first to find I'm dreaming of a new geocache With every log entry I write May your days be merry and kind And may all your Caches be first to find John + Carol
  19. How about... While cachers watch their screens at night All seated in their homes A new cache notification appears FTF chance, can't you hear the phones Fear not said they, there is a clue Which eased their troubled minds Glad tidings of great joy it brings To them to help with their finds To you in a nearby town this day Is hidden, by railway line A cache which is a large multi And this shall be the sign The virgin cache you there shall find To human view displayed All meanly wrapped in stickoflage and in a crevice laid. John + Carol
  20. Hi Stuey The PPC MM is Version 5 Version 5.0.5 build 663 Hope that helps.
  21. Still can't get this to work. I have removed all of the icons from the PC version of MM - except the new ones. When I export details to the PDA I simply get blue dots. The only way I can get anything other than blue dots is creating an export from GSAK which uses the boat for multi, the Petrol pump for earthcaches the anchor for waypoints and the like. Is there somewhere else in MM that I have to remove the icons from? I have been using Overlay>Icons>Add and Remove. On checking this there are just Lordelph's icons listed. Sorry to be a pain - but I would really like to use these on the PDA Best Regards
  22. We have got the icons to work fine on the PC at home but when we try to transfer them to the PDA they all disappear and are replaced by a blue dot. Are we doing something wrong? When we check the properties on the PC the symbol field is not showing.
  23. How nice to have a story with a happy ending! 2 GPS's is that why you are out and about today despite the weather!!!!????!!!!
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