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  1. Buy the standalone GPS. My experience with plugging GPS units into a Handspring Visor was that the journey was over by the time the GPS locked on. The handhelds, especially Garmins were immeasurably better
  2. I have looked through the electronic manuals but there is no clue as to how many letters you can use in a waypoint name. Can someone enlighten me please? Thanks a lot Andy
  3. Brilliant News Although I also have a Win laptop I cant be bothered to go through all of the security update and virus update hoops to be able to use it so I never got GSAK which looked like a brilliant app. I use 10.3.9 so should be able to run anything that you turn out. I don't want to infect my Mac with a PC emulator so have avoided that route. Only GSAK had any hope of changing my mind on that decision. If you do produce this then people like me will become fully paid up members to GC.COM. At the moment there is little point except for that warm feeling you get inside. Shareware? Yes its a good idea. Make something out of your talents. 20 - 30 usd sounds more than reasonable to me and I am one of the poverty struck ones.
  4. Its where I live - well sort of close anyway Most of the world are southerners to me now!
  5. Boo hiss! My vote was with the bin!
  6. That's people for you! Years ago I found a mobile phone in bits near where I lived. I picked up all the bits and put the phone back together then on charge. I couldn't find out who owned it as it was locked. I could tell that it was vodafone so I rang them on their expensive number. After long waits wading through automated phone systems they wouldn't put me in contact with the owner (fair enough), neither would they put the owner in touch with me (odd!). They suggested that I took it to the nearest police station.. This was 15 miles away and I had no intention of doing this so I had the idea that someone would ring the number eventually. Sure enough, the next day the phone started to ring. I picked it up said hello then explained that this wasn't my phone and I had found it and could they tell me who the owner was. All I got for my troubles was a stream of expletives from the prat at the other end. I let him finish abusing me verbally then told him of the steps that I had taken to re-unite him with his phone. I then asked him to hold the line and wait for the next sound. It would be the sound of my size 9 boot stamping on his phone prior to dumping it in my kitchen bin. Stamping on that phone and reducing it to a heap of shattered plastic felt wonderful. The fact that I had told this retard the effort that I had gone to to re-unite him with his phone meant that my conscience was clear. The world is full of prats whose mouths operate ahead of their brains. Take the bug tag and toss it in the bin. It's their loss!
  7. I am in agreement. The problem with the system is that it is the poor that get priced off the roads. Hardly anyone cares because the disaster that is brewing through global warming will most likely not have really severe consequences until we are all long dead. Walk more and remember that if it is all uphill there, it will be downhill back! If you get wet in the rain you can always dry off once you get home. Dont drive to the cache - walk
  8. Different world up here. Cars are still left with the keys in. House doors left unlocked. In fact I visited a factory unit at lunchtime and there were laptops still running on the desks. The staff had gone to lunch and that was how they always did it. We have the moron element who scratch cars, but if a car gets broken into and say a mobile phone gets nicked it will be on the evening news. Quality of life here 100 Quality of life in Sussex 3
  9. ebay has been fine for me. Only problem I had whas when someone changed their mind when they won the auction and wouldn't pay up. Be aware of this sort of thing though with PayPal PayPal Horror Stories
  10. When 40mph winds are driving chunks of hail into my face on a summer day in Shetland I wonder if walking is the right thing to do. Then I look at all those people that drive to the gym to exercise and just smile!
  11. It promotes the sport, which potentially brings in more members, more money to GC. Lets encourage it.
  12. Installed it on the Mac. It just worked! Excellent - thanks!
  13. A waypoint is just a location saved to memory. Have a look through the manual and all will be explained! The 3 was a nice bit of kit and will be more robust than the etrex. Best of luck with the venture.
  14. Ah camping! It takes me back to my motorbiking days. I went out and bought a Honda Goldwing. 1520cc of throbbing, ok then whispering, 6 cylinder beast. Four speaker stereo, intercom system, air compressor, foot warming vents, sat nav system. blah blah blah. I started off with a Vango 2 man dome tent,, karrimat, sleeping maggot and a trangia stove. The then girlfriend didn't like being left out so I had to get some extra bits so that she would come along: - Armrests for her seat - its true Kyham Mega Dome(?) tent - comes with its own ballroom! Double airbed Double sleeping bag Double gas burner with grill 7.5 kg gas bottle Fridge (powered by water (groovy!)) Table Chairs Stainless steel pan set Stainless steel cutlery And a 28 cu ft colour matched trailer to put it all in! Fully loaded it was almost 17' long and weighed a ton with both of us on it.
  15. An ex-boss of mine said that he would never travel on buses. "Full of people who sit down next to you and talk to you", he used to tell me. The word Numpty comes to mind, but I have absolutely no idea why! Perhaps he was painfully insecure?
  16. I have sent them a thank you and pointed out the link
  17. It must be Garmin's day for fixing things! You will recall that I sent my eTrex Camo back to Garmin after the screen cracked for the second time. The first time was my fault. I owned up and they still replaced it for free. This time I honestly have no recollection of anything that I could have done would have cracked the screen. It was in a case. It was always treated carefully. I have just answered the door to a nice man from the local courier company and guess what? Sure enough another brand new eTrex Camo. Result!! What a brilliant company. I was wavering about whether I should buy the 60CS due to dwindling funds, but this has sealed the deal. I shall continue my one-man Garmin advertising campaign. This calls for a blog entry!
  18. As the Germans would say: - Achtung - Minen
  19. To be honest I am at a loss as to what to do with the caches here that are mine, and those that I have adopted. The late Mark (The Cat)'s caches up here are now my responsibility, but I have no idea whether permission was sought from anyone to plant them. I was already concerned about the location of a couple of them, within the walls or ruins of of dry stone walls. I wouldn't want any cacher at the scene being accused of damage which they had not caused. As far as mine are concerned, they are so tucked away that even those looking for them can't find them! I have no idea who owns the land. Nor have I the time to try to find out. No-one can complain if I archive my own caches, but how do people feel about me archiving the caches of the late Mark (The Cat)? If no-one objects what should I do with the contents? Thanks
  20. I am unsure if the caches that I have adopted have permission from the landowner. Should i uplift them and move them to locations where I can seek permission?
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