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  1. I have spent a few hours this afternoon clearing out my travellers watch list on our profile I must have removed 100s it is really quite sad there must be literally £1000s of pounds of TBs and especially geocoins that have been stolen, washed away, MIA ect It is no wonder we find very few TBs and even less Geocoins in caches these days, (that being said we don't find many caches these days that are big enough to hold a traveller, but that is another story ) they seemed to be in every other cache in years gone by... I was going to check how many travellers we had released and how many are still going but I don't think I will bother now Does anyone still buy and release coins? Has anyone seen a green, white, red or yellow Jeep in the last few years or one of those Diabetes rings? M
  2. We have opened our Secret Santa 2013 forum for a while, so you can now go in have a look around and see what we do, read the instructions and see who is playing so far this year, if after you have had a look you decide you would like to join in this year there is a link you can click to join which will open up the rest of the forum
  3. OK the kids go back to school tomorrow, so it is time to officially open this years Geocachers Secret Santa (this will be the 8th year!!) As usual 100 teams will be able to join and I think we have about 60 so far, I am looking forward to chatting with all the regulars and some newbies again this year. All the information about our Geocachers Secret Santa and loads of photos ect are at the following link http://secretsanta2010.myfreeforum.org/ If you would like to join us for the first time give me a shout and I will help with any info you need
  4. The first £100 has already been raised and will be donated to Mega Scotland very soon!! We will be adding a photo page to show off all the lovely donations very shortly. Please check out our little website and support next years Mega
  5. Please help raise funds for next years Mega Event Another GIANT Geocache, this time raising money for Mega Scotland 2014 http://megascotland.weebly.com/index.html 2 TBs, 8 geocoins and 6 Path Tags already donated, these alone must be worth buying a couple of quids worth of numbers for
  6. We are practically newbies compared to some of the names oh this thread, there are some real blasts from the past and loads of cachers whos threads I remember reading and learning from many moons agao! We just need the two "grumpy auld gits" Moss and Moote to pop in and say hello and we are about complete Back to the topic of the thread ... 2 weeks ago we did more caches on a trail across Scotland in 2 days than we did in the whole first year of us playing the game!! I am unsure if the game is going down hill or not, there are certainly more nanos and micros, but there are certainly a LOT more caches to find than when we first started, which obviously mean we can be a lot more selective in our choice of which caches to find But what do we know we are only 8 1/2 year caching noobs M
  7. That's exactly what happened to me I spent over an hour trying to upload the 2 photos I posted in September (I had to disqualify myself that time as there was no water in the pictures ) M
  8. Dare I say that is nowhere near the amount of events we have held Paul, as my signature says most of our events/caches/travellers that have expired are now in a different name...and if you count the Durham monthly meets we held every month for over 7 year...and the 300/500 caches I have not logged....well we wouldn't want to brag now would we I never come on here to start a thread and hope everyone will agree with me, years of experience in this forum have taught me that is never going to happen, the meet/event idea was just one of those things that popped into my head and I wondered what the rest of the community thought about it. We have different sized caches so why not different sized events? I very nearly worded it like Bear and Ragged did, my thought s being something like.. Meet (pub/hall ect) 1-25 attendees Event (camping/stay on site) 25-100 attendees Mega Event (what the braver than me organise ) 500+ attendees And as TheOldfields said if no bugga turns up a Nano M
  9. I know you do a big CITO each year Dave and the Hunt and Munch and I can appreciate how much work must go into those, do you think these events of yours are on the same level as a person whos event is sitting in a pub for an hour? BTW don't brag about how many people were at your event Dave or you will be classed in the same league as Paul and myself Mandy
  10. If I understand your suggestion properly, it sounds like you imagine that the "effort" of planning should become a factor in the "type" of event cache on geocaching.com. While I recognize that some events take more effort and planning than others, the definition of "event caches" is pretty clear. Even a "meet" is an event, so long as you take the effort to post it as a geocaching event on this website. Yes and no, lets forget the Mega altogether as that already has it's own status... A meet would let locals and newbies know it was a small gathering of cachers an event would let the same folks know it would be a much larger gathering Going back to the amount of effort put into an event..I think it would be nice acknowledge the effort shown by there being "events" and "meets" Mandy
  11. Not at all, I have been quite ill for the last year and all of my locals know I am not well enough to hold an event in the foreseeable future, and believe me our game is much better for the likes of Paul and many of the "oldtimers" some of the noobs need to start taking the reins instead of just sitting back and take take taking
  12. Maybe I worded my opening thread badly I know there is no such thing as a "meet" OK then lets be pedantic....12 folks meeting for a natter and pint in a pub is an event, 3,000 folks attending The Mega is an event, but the difference in people attending and the difference in the organisation of these events is huge... So should we have 2 different statuses for them (say maybe "meets and "events")? M
  13. In my opinion there is a big difference between a meet and an event A meet is where a dozen or so cachers meet up at a pub for a natter and a drink and are only at a designated place for an hour or two a meet takes very little if any organising. I would class any pub or indoor gathering as a meet. An event is where a large number of cachers meet up at a designated place for 2 or 3 days and it will take the event organiser months to organise the event. I would class Piratemania/the Mega/a weekend away camping ect as events. In the same breath my Teddy Bears Picnic and Duck Race events 2 year ago both had over 100 attendees but were one day events but they took me months to organise So do you think there is a difference between a meet and an event and what do you think that differnce is? Should they be seperate things? Should an organiser have the choice of holding a meet or an event, and should they have seperate statuses? M
  14. Just my humble opinion...but I think that is an excellent photo Max M Let's quit now. That won't be beaten. FAB-U-LOUS! Quite uncharacteristic to have such lobbying, but I'm not above joining in: the photos by CnJnA and Ranger Roo are better! No lobbying at all it was my own personal opinion (which we are all entitled to ) I don't personally know Maxkim or JoLuc, I just voiced my thoughts that Max's photo was very nice... But the one above posted by Castagnari is amazing!! M
  15. Just my humble opinion...but I think that is an excellent photo Max M
  16. Never mind who he is, he's too young for you From the names I'm guessing a relative (Brother?) of Tom. Really well made short film, well done. Theres some brazen buggas in here ... I will have you know I am only 22 (my 18 year old son says I have been 21 for too long now ) Seriously though a few folks are asking who the young lad is? You could be right though maybe his brother M
  17. That was really good, and I for one throughly enjoyed watching the film, seeing Geocaching shown in such a positive way is a breath of fresh air very well done Wendy was brilliant as usual but who was the male cacher? M
  18. Ooo er missus ... Four Play ... behaaaaave Neil ... and don't be blaming me for your postings of pornography M
  19. Superb photos by Nick & Ali and pornography by Neil , what a month !!! M
  20. I have one that isn't too far from the 1000 finds mark it will definitely be added to the above list next year I am actually shocked that The Monster of the North The Angel of the North is not on the list!!
  21. There seem to be quite a few TB races starting on January 1st 2013...The Podcast, The Scottish forums for Mega 2014 and of course our own Secret Santa forum I don't seem to have seen many travellers lately while I have been caching, hopefully there will be more to move along next year!! Good luck to all the travellers in all the different races
  22. 12 paws and 2 feet and we still can't get to the bottom of it!!! Son says 3 dogs and a donkey (it took me a while...)
  23. Did Geocaching not come before Harry Potter? If so how did Geocachers pinch the term from the books? M Ah Mr Google was my friend Geocaching started in 2000 the first Harry Potter was 1997 so maybe we did pinch it from JK Rowling ?
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