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Designing The Sc Coin.


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Below is the preliminary design. It's pretty close to final, but I may need to move the "Est. 2003" and the serial number.




I will be creating a new thread try and get a notion of how many to order. I'll have a mailing list to get on as well so you can be kept abreat of the progress and availablity.


Can you spot the nod to a short story based in the South Carolina Lowcountry? It represents the love of puzzle caches many of us have.

love this coins just as it is. i think the side with color looks great and the side without is great too....have several samples from kvcoins (they send ya samples if you ask them) that are like this coin and the result is awesome.


ps....who's doing your coinwork????? would love to talk photoshop withthem

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