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  1. I have NEVER checked one of my logs. If someone wants to not play fair and log false finds he is only fooling himself. I'm in the game to enjoy myself and will not become a geo-policeman. The quotes above says it all. Signing your own cache as a find is about the same as a false find. OR telling your friends where you have hidden your caches before they published so he can claim a first to find. This has happend before as well.
  2. Just a small fun poll! How many continants have you cached in? How many countries in each continant?
  3. Anton Thanks! That was the tread I started on the neongeo forum Now that I think about it it could be the wifi. I'm offshore at the moment. My phone timezone is West Africa time. Our wifi is satalite based out of the UK so it is differentnt timezone. I'll have to wait until I'm off the rig and then try to connect with the phone network. Thanks for all the help
  4. Vryburgers got it correct. There used to be a cache in Houston called the Jennifer Project that actualy took you to the offices of GSF and to the cross section display of the cable used in the operation. The cache is now archived (I have actualy done the cache) The story below--- Hughes Glomar Explorer (HGE), as the ship was called at the time, was built between 1973 and 1974, by Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. for more than US$350 million at the direction of Howard Hughes for use by his company, Global Marine Development Inc.[4] She set sail on 20 June 1974. Hughes told the media that the ship's purpose was to extract manganese nodules from the ocean floor. This marine geology cover story became surprisingly influential, spurring many others to examine the idea. But in sworn testimony in United States district court proceedings and in appearances before government agencies, Global Marine executives and others associated with Hughes Glomar Explorer project unanimously maintained that the ship could not be used in any economically viable ocean mineral operation. Because K-129 sank in very deep water, a large ship was required for the recovery operation. Such a vessel would easily be spotted by Soviet vessels, which might then interfere with the operation, so an elaborate cover story was developed. The CIA contacted Hughes, who agreed to assist.[5] While the ship did recover a portion of K-129, a mechanical failure in the grapple caused two-thirds of the recovered section to break off during recovery.[6] This lost section is said to have held many of the most sought items, including the code book and nuclear missiles. It was subsequently reported two nuclear-tipped torpedoes and some cryptographic machines were recovered, along with the bodies of six Soviet submariners, who were given a formal, filmed burial at sea.[7] The operation became public in February 1975 when the Los Angeles Times published a story about "Project Jennifer", followed by news stories with additional details in other publications, including The New York Times. However, the true name of the project was not publicly known to be Project Azorian until 2010. Red Star Rogue (2005) by Kenneth Sewell makes the claim "Project Jennifer" recovered virtually all of K-129 from the ocean floor.[8][9] Sewell states, "[D]espite an elaborate cover-up and the eventual claim that Project Jennifer had been a failure, most of K-129 and the remains of the crew were, in fact, raised from the bottom of the Pacific and brought into the Glomar Explorer".[
  5. A question for the guys that downloaded NEONGEO I just downloaded the app but cannot get it to log into my geocaching.com account. It tells me to check the date and time and try again! How do you check the date and time to see if it is the same as the phone?
  6. The GSF Explorer, formerly USNS Glomar Explorer (T-AG-193), was built between 1973 and 1974, is a deep-sea oil drillship. What makes this drillship famous and diffirent from the rest of drillshipS built and operated?
  7. Just watch this on Sky news last night! He invented the first digital camera while working for Kodak.
  8. It has come to my attention that somebody is advocating that the Geocacher_coza logo belongs to him and that he intends to register the logo. I would like to make it clear that the log was designed my myself and WILL always stay my intellectual property. I gave Henri Wally Wallace permission to use the logo after I sold all my geocaching shop stock to him. I also kindly told him at the time that he can use the logo for the shop. NEVER did I sell or give the logo to him. Even before buying my stock he used my logo on some shirts he got made without my permission. The logo of geocacher Sa is for all to use and will not be hijacked. I will fight any attempt by someone to register the log as their intellectual property. I will defend the right of MY logo in a court of law using common law practice. HENRI, please refrain from claiming rights to my logo and please back off your plans in registering my logo. Anybody that would like to use the logo on websites, face book etc are free to do so. PM or email me for some of the original copies.
  9. Yay, hopefully it will be on adate I'm in SOuth Africa!
  10. I think Fish Eagle sums this whole PT thing up the best. The poll is not meaningless. It should be a eye opener. Why would you feel betrayed. This is a open forum, forums as per the english dictionary is as follows: a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest So what you see happing here is a nice forum discussion! Not true, most earth caches needs some proof that you where at the actual cache location.
  11. Fish Eagle summed it up perfectly!! size="7"]NAY[[/size]
  12. True words! It should stay fun for everybody. That is what I'm "fighting " about.
  13. This is in reference to my post in another thread. I have this concern that geocaching in South Africa, as we know it, is coming to an end. Gone are the days that someone could voice their opinion about the wonderful sport that we all enjoy. It seems like there are a select few that aggressively react to anything said and done that is not according to their own agenda. Speaking about agenda.... the select few I'm talking about is slowly but surely starting a takeover bid to ensure that their views and ways of doing things are the only ones that count. You just have to look at the replies to some of the treads in this forum to see that they oppose anything and anybody that is going to stand in their way. Even on Facebook they have taken over the Geocaching SA page. A while back someone started another forum page about geocaching for South Africa. He was quickly told that it is not needed and that the only site is the official one and that GOSA does not approve of it. Other people were silenced on the Facebook page by banning them from the page. Hardy a fair way of running the business. Below is the quote from the geocacher SA page. It seems like they think that their website that they will have must be the only one. I like the statement "represent Geocachers in South Africa and form part of the mechanism for GoSA - the legal entity of Geocachers of South Africa." The person that posted that statement forgot to say that it only represents a small portion of the cachers out there. Speaking about GOSA.... At first I thought it was a good idea. Then I started digging. Who are these people? Who appointed them? Did every member of geocaching community in South Africa get the chance to vote for representation? No I do not think so. Now they want to force this entity onto us! I feel that whoever signs the constitution should first have been nominated by the entire geocaching community and then we should have all had the opportunity to vote for our preferred candidates. This opportunity was not given to us. As someone else said in another thread, I ask the question to this select few........ Why are you doing this? What is the real reason? Is it personal financial gain or is it just in your nature to bully and be in charge? Maybe I missed it but nowhere is the names of all the officials etc. Only one name is mentioned and that is of the Western Cape Representative. May I also asked how this person was voted into power? When asked questions on the GOSA thread the standard answer is-- "send me a PM" Then I have a problem with the following in the constitution. The selected few choose them self to be in all the positions of this organization so now they can decide who can become members as well! This is exactly what they doing with the facebook geocaching SA page. Worked themselves into the admin position and when someone gets to vocal against them he is out! I'm sorry if I'm stepping on a few toes here but someone has to stand up and say something. I for one have had numerous emails from people that feel the same way as me but are not saying it in the open. Let's rather use our energy and do some constructive geocaching. Let's get geocaching back to a sport where the whole family can go out and enjoy a good find. Let's teach the fellow cachers the true meaning of geocaching! We have a beautiful country. We have place some of the best cache areas in the world but, no we choose to flood the areas with micros that mean nothing other than getting numbers up. I stand by my statement and if anybody would like to speak to me personally or get into a dialog about it feel free to send me a PM. Any abuse please keep it here on the tread so that the geocaching community can see what you made off...
  14. At first I thought this was a good idea. I have been for some sort of representing body for a long time..... BUT the more I read and the more I do some checking the more it looks to me like a small group of cachers trying to hijack geocaching in South Africa for their own gain. Not good.............. AND please before I get crucified again.... Let me spell it out. The same small group is the only people with the personal attacks and seemingly zero tolerance for other peoples opinions-- I see this on the Facebook geocaching page as well.
  15. Again bending of the facts. Your numbers don't even tally up! How can you count the owners in the GPS and posts and then again the cache owners in the GPS???????? My last post anyway on this matter as we are now going around in circles! I have given my opinion and I'm sticking to it and I do not have to explain to you why I decided I do not like this power trail.
  16. First of all, personal attacks are not appreciated. maybe YOU should look at some facts. First it is facts, or are you saying BruceTP and other are lying?????? Second the caches archived is for the precise reason why I say it should not be done. At least when i could not get to my caches I archived them. And it is not six by the way. Maybe you should learn to count first. AND I stick to my statement. The 20 I did in May is a total different series. It is constructive caches. Maybe you should look first and then comment. AND it was placed by a single person. Each with a unique container and hide to teach people how geocaching is done. Maybe guys like you can learn something from the lady that placed them. This power trail of SA is just to teach us how to bend figures, and a lot of junk places in nature. Nothing constructive, nothing to learn, very little to see. What ever.... as I am entitled to my opinion that is according to you biased you are entitled to yours. I did not expect everybody to like what I wrote anyway. At least I have the B.......S to say it!This is a sad day for geocaching in South Africa. Faceless people on the internet attacking someone elses opinions.......
  17. Reading BruceTP log makes me wonder why people is upset because some of us shoot down this ridiculous power trail. 1. Logs in pristine shape and not even on at the correct location. (Where there is smoke, there is fire.) 2. Anomalies where there was only one signature dated 23/7 on the log, indicating that this was not a replacement log sheet, but 10 finds on GC. (Where there is smoke, there is fire.) 3. Farmer getting upset because you at his fencepost! As per the rules of geocaching you should ask permission to place a cache and if the farmer is getting upset it means he does not know about it. (Where there is smoke, there is fire.) 4. The containers were irreparably damaged. (Where there is smoke, there is fire.)
  18. Loen St, if you feel so strongly about the statement above, why dont you tell us the facts? You know, in Afrikaans there are a few sayings that sums stuff like this up --- Waar daar 'n rokie is is is daar 'n vuurtjie. For the souties out there it means that is there are rumors, the rumours are normally normaly true! I have heard a lot of romours about the FTF from some credible people so YES, I feel the same as WAZAT. SAD DAY FOR CACHING IN SOUTH AFRICA
  19. Good idea, should have been done lllllllllong time ago
  20. This should have never been allowed. It is not geocaching, it is just getting numbers. You just have to look at the suspicious first to finds to know this is bull..... I would like to see how these caches will be maintained. I will go on record and say that within a year 50% OF THESE CACHES WILL BE ARCHIVED A cache should take you interesting places,show you something new, make you work to find it. It should not be a nano just plac anywhere to get some numbers. I think Cape Doc caption at the bottom of his page sums up how a cache should be placed--- This power trail caches can have a caption something like this----- horrible listing + horrible hides + horrible location = Horrible Caches
  21. The Julian calendar began in 45 BC (709 AUC) as a reform of the Roman calendar by Julius Caesar. It was chosen after consultation with the astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria and was probably designed to approximate the tropical year (known at least since Hipparchus). The Julian calendar has a regular year of 365 days divided into 12 months with a leap day added to February every four years. The Julian year is, therefore, on average 365.25 days long. The motivation for most calendars is to fix the number of days between return of the cycle of seasons (from Spring equinox to the next Spring equinox, for example), so that the calendar could be used as an aid to planting and other season-related activities. The cycle of seasons (tropical year) had been known since ancient times to be about 365 and 1/4 days long. The more modern Gregorian calendar eventually superseded the Julian calendar: the reason is that a tropical year (or solar year) is actually about 11 minutes shorter than 365.25 days. These extra 11 minutes per year in the Julian calendar caused it to gain about three days every four centuries, when compared to the observed equinox times and the seasons. In the Gregorian calendar system, first proposed in the 16th century, this problem was dealt with by dropping some calendar days, in order to realign the calendar and the equinox times. Subsequently, the Gregorian calendar drops three leap year days across every four centuries. The Julian calendar is still used by the Berber people of North Africa, and on Mount Athos. Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. A World Heritage Site, it is home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries and forms a self-governed monastic state within the sovereignty of the Hellenic Republic. Spiritually, Mount Athos comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Today Greeks commonly refer to Mount Athos as the "Holy Mountain" Someone else can ask the next question
  22. Answers close but not there yet. Will post correct answer later
  23. Lets stay with calendars The more modern Gregorian calendar superseded the Julian calendar, why? And, other than some Orthodox churches, who still uses the Julain calendar?
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