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    I've also invited his many, many online friends to light a candle and whisper a happy memory of The Froomlord at four o'clock Pacific time tomorrow.
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    A memorial is a wonderful idea. I always associate Brian with Lord Hill park - it was near his base of Monroe, we celebrated his #1000 there (see pic earlier in this thread), etc. I agree - Lord Hill Park was the first thing that came to my mind too. It seems very fitting to hold it outdoors in a beautiful park that he liked. One of the aspects I love most about geocaching is the inclusiveness that goes hand-in-hand with the activity we all love. Regardless of age, physical condition, athletic prowess (or, in my case, the lack thereof), size, shape, ability or (again, in my case) disability - geocaching has something to offer everyone. When Brian and I cached together he was, without fail, thoughtful and attentive to the need for location/terrain with easy accessibility. I absolutely agree that Brian would love the fact that his friends want to gather together to celebrate his life in a location he loved. However, my suggestion is that - if Lord Hill Park is chosen - location, parking and terrain be taken into consideration so ALL who wish to attend may do so - without undue hardship. I respectfully suggest Al Borlin Park...he and I enjoyed biking there a few times, and he loved it there. I keep backspacing my tribute to him. I can't come up with one that would stretch around the giving person I loved him to be. I miss my friend so much it hurts, as does the sting of some of the last things I said to him. Ed, I'll call soon. My schedule is so wonky right now...
  3. If anyone from B'ham is going, would you mind a tagalong in exchange for some gas money? I've always wanted to do Eby Bluffs.
  4. You bad girl. What? I'm just sitting here, eating popcorn. Groundspeak makes the best popcorn.
  5. If any Bellinghamsters decide to make the trek down, I'd be more than happy to help pay for gas if I can catch a ride with you.
  6. Pye Are those the ones that head up the west side of Sumas Mountain? I was just looking at that area along with the trail that runs up Stewart further west. Yep. I wasn't thinking of right away...probably not till May, at the earliest.
  7. Greg, I think I've mentioned the gold-themed caches here to you. There's a series of them on a trail up here. Problem is, it's way up here. I'm considering an event before or after a hike to get the caches near GC23Y4E (I don't have trail maps, but I'm sure I could find some) I've been looking forward to getting up there, but want to have company. I'm sure a lot of BCers would attend, so think about combining a HOTM with an event. I may even have the perfect place for a repeat of the spud-fest in January...that was a hit, I think.
  8. If you don't do "Watson" as a HOTM, would you mind keeping me in the loop? How much more difficult/arduous is this than Snowshoe 101?
  9. I'll have you know that Greg didn't fall once that I know of. Ask me how many times I fell. Actually, I lost count. It didn't hurt, though, or mayhaps the other pain superseded the pain from falling; my legs are pretty bruised today. What a day. What a DAY! And, for those of you who I asked about Facebook, this is my profile; please add me as a friend. Okay, I am being done now.
  10. (Don't know who drew the smilies, but one of our party was responsible for the tongue)
  11. Setting out yesterday, I had no goal in mind save to try snowshoeing. I figured that if my legs threatened to give out on the way to the final, I'd turn around. Well, they never threatened to give way, they just kept nagging at me. After finding the final and hanging my prayer flags nearby, the bones started screaming. There were a few instances where I had to keep blabbering to Greg and Drew to keep my mind off of the pain (my apologies for overloading you with the philosophical chatter). Other times, I would do a walking meditation where, instead of focusing on the breath, I focused on "One step. One step. One step." This allowed me to concentrate on just the act of putting one foot in front of the other, and not the pain involved in doing so. The last mile or so, though, was probably the hardest physical task I've ever undertaken. I got a bit emotional on the way home (plus a couple of instances on the trail), knowing that I literally had accomplished something impossible for me. Thanks to Greg for organizing this on a day when I could check off an item on my "bucket list". Thanks, too, for making sure I was safe and secure, and for the encouraging words all along the trail. I'm grateful to Drew, too, for the botany lessons. I will never forget how to distinguish a hemlock tree in a forest of conifers, and now know where to find a witch's broom the next time mine goes *pffft*. My apologies to all for being so slow and holding you up, and thank you so very kindly for your patience and camaraderie. It's going to take some time to recover; I'm in extreme pain, but ya know what? Knowing what I know now, I'd do it again in a heartbeep. And now, without further ado, my pics (in no particular order):
  12. Ow. Ow.Ow.Ow. Pics and details tomorrow after I can rest a bit tonight, but for now... Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.
  13. I'm willing! And I can be up and out of bed and cheerful at just about any hour of the day. I just don't do it if I don't have to. Thanks, Greg...your offer is very kind and humbly accepted. And Brian, what can I say? Can't wait to see ya.
  14. What?! Allanon isn't playing chauffeur and heating the potluck soup for us while we hike? You don't have him very well trained. *wonders if the Froomlord is watching* No one can break that wild steed.
  15. Is anyone perchance going to be driving by Monroe before heading for the hills? I need a ride and will pay for gas. But please, don't go to any trouble. If this works out, I'll be tickled. If it doesn't, I'll be tickled for everyone else.
  16. This potluck soup sounds intriguing, but I'm betting it ain't gonna be vegetarian fare, eh? I hope I don't offend anyone if I bring meatless food for myself. I'll bring something for the pot, too.
  17. You're not the only one, but learning to snowshoe is just too appealing to me to pass up.
  18. I bought boots, wool blend socks, and wool insoles on my ride into Canuckia today (also found five caches north of the border, the first I'd sought since moving to Sumas). Michele of LucyandRickie graciously offered the use of her snowshoes and poles; she'll bring them to the holiday event. Any clothing recommendations? My coat isn't water-resistant, but it's warm. At one time, I had some water-resistant pants that go over my jeans, but I can't find them. I'm assuming something like that or gaiters are wise...? Anything else I should know? I am SO looking forward to this! My bones have been yelling at me the past few days, but I've kinda been pushing my limits. I'll go for a couple of easy rides early this week, then probably take it easy for a day or two before I take the train south on Friday (already made reservations for me and my baby [folding] bicycle). I feel all giddy, like a kid going on a fun field trip.
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