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  1. You would KNOW what a VCR is if you watched more of the History Channel!
  2. She also list lion taming, among other things. Quite a character!
  3. Congratulations to montyxc and his Sunnyside Up Cache. montyxc created a novel threee-stage solar-powered cache with a morse code transmission. I will contact montyxc to see about delivering the $100.00 prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to montyxc!
  4. This message comes a day past the deadline. Sorry about the delay. The winner for the solar contest will be announced here in this thread in the next day or two and will be given the option of receiving a money order or a Paypal transaction for their prize. Thanks to everyone who entered!
  5. By the way, nineteen hours remaining to get those approved solar cache entries submitted!
  6. We are looking at about 5 words-per-second or less. It is very slow. That may be a good thing for me to add in the description. Did you perhaps really intend to write "5 words per minute (WPM)" instead of "5 words-per-second"? 5 WPS would translate to about 300 WPM; at that rate Morse Code cannot be copied by any living human being and would need to be machine-detected and machine-rendered/translated using some fairly sophisticated processing equipment. But see, you have already described how it could be possible, so maybe... Or make them record it and slow it down. No, you are correct in your correction. WPM. It was the CPM (characters PM?) that made me stumble. I had originally asked for CPS (characters per second) but, thinking about it, I should have said characters per MINUTE, really. I have always heard morse code measured in characters per minute while typing (as on a keyboard) was in WORDS per minute. I am not sure why and I may be wrong, its just the way I was familiar with it. ANYWAY, thanks for the response! Sounds like a cool cache! I used to be a amateur radio operator and learned morse code well enough to squeak by on the exams. I would definitely try that cache if it were in my neck of the woods.
  7. "Official Lamp Post inspector, ma'am! I'm all through here. This lamp is good. You be safe and have a nice day. Bye, now!"
  8. Less than a week left! Remember, all entries must be posted here on this thread, approved by Groundspeak volunteers as a geocache, and solar powered by photovoltaic or solar thermal means. Good luck!
  9. Cool! A 200-foot range definitely makes the first stage easy to find! Decoding it may be anther matter. Just out of curiosity...what is the CPS of the morse code? Sounds like a fun cache!
  10. I drive 45 minutes one way to get to work and another 45 minutes home. I often wonder at what point it would be cheaper to quit my job and get a lower paying job a block down the street from my house.
  11. Sometimes it helps if you lay the GPSr on the ground for a couple minutes and let it "catch up" on its computation (in order to get a more accurate mark) prior to pressing "Mark". And, for the server hiccups, I find those occasional 45-second delays a perfect time to grab another cup of tea or something. If you're going to grab something to drink, make sure its decaf, mmmmmkay?
  12. There are several threads on it here in the forums. I'm sure if you do a forum search for "Garmin Etrex Legend" you will get tons of great information. Basically, in my opinion, they tend to mention that it is a good, dependable unit and it allows for paperless caching via the data cable (in conjunction with a PDA) and, also, that the technology for that specific GPS unit is about seven years old and the receiver is not as accurate but that, overall, it is a good unit for geocaching. Do a search for it by clicking "Search" up in the upper right hand corner of this forum page next to "Help" and "Members". Good luck with your Legend and enjoy!!
  13. So, just out of curiousity...which gets better mileage...a Harley or a Prius? I get about 35MPG, so probably the Prius. Which one is more fun??? HAHAHAHHA Good point! Ten months out of the year, I would opt for the Harley, however, today...it is 17 degrees outside.
  14. I hate it when I am looking at a cache description and I scroll through the latest few logs and see "Wow! Putting the box under that third tunnel truss made it quite a reach!" or something ridiculously revealing. I think Groundspeak tried to help with such things by making it possible for them to encrypt log entries but most of the people I see who insist on posting spoilers either don't use encryption or are ignorant of it. On the other hand, PAF isn't something on the cache description page that sticks out and jumps into your cognitive senses as you review the typical cache info. You have to make a concerted effort to seek out PAF and obtain information and, I must admit, after the third or fourth time I've been to a cache without a find, I start to really wish I could PAF.
  15. General reminder... Twelve days remaining! $100.00 prize!
  16. So, just out of curiousity...which gets better mileage...a Harley or a Prius?
  17. 'Looking forward to it! Thanks again! (Remember, everyone...there are twelve more days in which to enter the solar cache contest. $100.00 prize!)
  18. Was that the "Geocache" documentary talked about in that thread?
  19. For MacCaching, I just drag the zip file directly from the email onto the MacCaching screen and everything unfolds for me right there on the screen. Is that not how it works for the PC apps?
  20. And doesn't London charge some astronomical toll for entering the center portion of the city? What is that?!
  21. People actually buy pre-made cache containers?
  22. Actually, a gratuitous four-letter word can be any four-letter word one is not charged to use or see. As the forums are available for no charge, I submit most of the posts in this forum are filled with gratuitous four-letter words. boat sofa shoe milk so, THERE! (no disrespect intended...just my stupid humor)
  23. I used to use meetup.com to host a podcast I ran. It costs less than $10.00 per month. It provides you with your own website of sorts including a place for members to leave photos, a forums sections, polling capability and more. It is definitely a worthwhile tool (to me) if you intend to grow and expand an organization. It works great for local meets where you have physical face-to-face meetings and, if I were trying to organize a STATE-WIDE geicaching group, I would definitely make use of it for only $10.00 a month. Unless, of course, you have the resources to develop your own website with all the features. I used to make websites and, in this instance, I have to compare the hosting cost and my time and effort in assembling the applications and everything required for members to be able to upload images, conduct polls, add to forums and respond to meeting-maker creations and I think the $9.95 per month for meetup.com was just much easier for me.
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