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  1. How about my Louisiana coin that was mailed on April 3rd? I thought it should be there by now as the other coin I mailed several days later has already been received and logged into a cache.
  2. The both look wonderful but the wife and I both like the one with the guy holding the gps but without the cache slayer (I recon I can live without any saying if it gets her to let me put sticker on "her" car ) Soooo would it be possible for you to keep the pic and just remove the cache slayer from it?
  3. Sent my activated Louisiana coin today. Shipping from here was a little under $3.00
  4. I'd like the silver but either one is fine with me also
  5. I've got a Louisiana coin that I will get in the mail to you Monday. World Championship coin as a first choice but either will be fine.
  6. Hi was hoping some one could help me with an avatar (and that could possibly be made into a car window decal). I dont have a cool name like most of you but I was thinking of using knight holding a gps and the slogan cache hunter/slayer. Thanks.
  7. Just ordered 2 of each, and I like black for the LE
  8. Nice coin just reserved 2, thanks.
  9. I don't see anything wrong with it, heck they might have taken the tb out of the cache and walked around with it then but it back in. At least they didnt do like I probably would have if I didn't have a tb with me and I could help the tb on its mission is just to go ahead and take it. TB hotel or TB exchange if it has a can only take if rule then its a tb prison. The tbs are not yours they belong to the person that released them. And yes I have to tbs in my possession at the moment but one of them is in a cache I just put out but it hasn't been submitted for approval yet my puzzle had a couple kinks in it that are being worked out, the other I've still got so I can show a friend that I'm trying to get involved in geocaching.
  10. We have a puzzle cache here that has a YJTB and a WJTB in it so far there has been one person that has compelted the puzzle to find the cache 7 of us can't even find the first micro, so I'd say this is a jeep worthy cache. All the local cachers have been finding them and placing back in caches for others to find. As for myself I've found 4(should have been 5 but I grabbed the wrong one first and got beaten by a day to the other one now its headed for the east coast) so far 3 were released either the same day or within 2 days of finding them. I'm not worried about the contest I just like finding them. I've still got the fourth and will release it in my next cache, just have to get the FTF prize in, a South African Geocoin) and the cache items themselves. Hoping I can make it at least a 3/4 cache. As far as the hoarding issue I don't thinks its so much the jeeps themselves but the tb tag attached to it that ppl want. Maybe one solution would be to have multiple tags on each jeep one with the tb number on it the others have all the same info but in place of the number have a blank spot where people could write in their own tb numbers (there is a site that issues up to 5 free tb tag numbers) then go buy a jeep and have their very own jeep tb.
  11. Since I live in Louisiana I'll see what I can do to help if you'd like.
  12. Got mine today, great looking coin.
  13. I'd like 3 bronze and 1 silver
  14. I'm fairly sure that everyone has said they will only take a tb if they can help it achieve its goal otherwise they leave it for someone else.
  15. Well if you get really frustrated and your hunting for a cache is either metal or that might have something metal in it you can always break out the ole metal detector if you happen to have one
  16. Loved the get of of jail card tb, hope you don't mind but I'm going to have to copy it as there is a tb hotel a little ways from me that has that stupid leave one take one rule. I even have th tb tag already now just have to find a get out of jail free card, or a skeleton key. Maybe something along the lines of a master key or something I could call a set of lock pics.
  17. The first WJTB I found was in a cache I had previously logged, saw the jeep icon next to the cache name went out and grabbed it, then placed the jeep in a cache I hadn't found yet. So far I've managed to find and move 3 jeeps, haven't taken any pics yet to enter the contest, just having find finding the tbs.
  18. I'm in for 2-4 depending on the price, keeping an eye out for the other thread.
  19. Just pay paled for the 4 I said I wanted in the other thread
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