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  1. And now its a puzzle cache. One of the writers must be a geocacher. I've had two crossword puzzle caches. Unfortunatley neither one has survived.
  2. I'm watching it too....only it is 10:14 here on the east side. I saw the ammo can, the items inside, and I told my wife....please not another geocache. Then the star comes up and said the items belonged to his daughter. GREAT!!! Then the commercial is over and they identify the box as a global cache. Now the "travel bug" is a cache hopper. Will this ever end? WARedBear in NC now
  3. I too am a past Spokane cacher. I used to live at the base of the Dishman Mica area. I never attempted the caches located there because of their rating. I did find most of the ones around the surrounding area. My heart stopped a beat when I heard of this and wondered if it was one of my friends. My prayers go out to the family and the caching community in the tragic loss. Be safe geocachers....making a find is not worth your life. WARedBear
  4. I used to live at the base of this wild life/recreation area. It is rough and rugged. I never searched for the caches up there but I do know it is dangerous. I know several cachers in the area. My prayers and sympathy go out to the family. Everybody needs to be careful and not take chances when you cache. In His Service Reid
  5. Start at page one and read the following 19 pages. You will get the link to the program and the very detailed (including pictures) directions on how to install the micro and make it run. This is the best program you will find out there to make your Nuvi 250 (I have the 250W) a very usefull caching tool. It is all I use now since my Magellan died. WAshington Red Bear
  6. My morning drive to work went something like this.....I turned on my Nuvi 200W with it's new updated caching POI's. I notice the top green banner turn red and with a tourguide waypoint. I wonder....I unmute my sound and to my amazement....DING!!!!....I look down at the screen and I see a little green cache box pop-up on the display. DING!!! and another cache box. This is just to good to be true. I read posts here and on Garmin.com that the 2XX series of Nuvi didn't produce sound...I must have misread it. Anyway. So I decide to try Nuvi out looking for a cache. I take an exit for a BK burger and what do I see...three caches near by. So I zero in on one and the hint pointed me to the cache more than Nuvi. So I head off to the second one. Nuvi's checkered flag is in one spot so I park there. I switch over to the secret satellite screen and the cords are off. So I walk down the road and zero in on the posted cords. I look around and sure enough I find the cache. I head off to work and decide to try a few more when I get off. Just so happens there are three caches at my exit. The first one is in a parking lot and the checkered flag pulls me over to the edge of the lot. I look around and find nothing. I switch over to the secret screen and again the coords are pointing to a different location. I drive over to the light post and sure enough the coords are right on. The moral of this story is to use the secret screen (hold down the satellite bars for three seconds) to view your exact current location and use those to zero in on the cache. Don't use the checkered flag...not even in pedestrian mode. Remember the North coords go up when you travel north and the West coords go up when you travel west. Or do like I did and walk around and around until you find ground zero. Thanks again for this wonderful program and your wonderful help screens. Now I have to convince my wife that I still need a new GPS'r to replace my Magellan that crashed this weekend. Later Reid aka WAshington Red Bear
  7. Is there a way to delete the caches listed in my Nuvi 200W favorites without doing the system reset (holding down the bottom right corner of the display when you power-up)? Besides going through all 500 caches and deleting them individually.... Thanks Reid
  8. I'm new to this wonderful program myself but there is a way to do it if I'm understanding you correctly. I wanted to do the samething with databases from the four closest towns that I cache/work in. I created different databases in GSAK under the names of each town; town1, town2, etc. I then used the micro to create the files for the POI for town1. When it was completed I went to those four file names and added the "town1" to each of the four files created by the micro: ie..Geocache TourGuide town1.XXX. I performed this operation for each of the four town databases. I then ran POI and it took the sixteen files and added them, and the 2000 cache points of interest, to my SD card for the Nuvi 200W. When you power-up the Nuvi you go to the pages listed in the directions for this wonderful micro and you will see a listing to display "All" and a button for each of the four towns (in my case) that I loaded. Select the one you want and geocache away. I hope this helps...or somebody can correct me if I am wrong. Reid aka WAshington Red Bear
  9. I want to start off by saying THANKS!!!!!! This is one of those programs, like GSAK (thanks Clyde), that people create that make geocaching so much easier. I like using my Nuvi 200W to get me close to the cache and then my Meridian pointer to get me to GZ. But, as luck would have it, my Magellan gave up the ghost yesterday. I was crusing the forums looking for the best unit to buy that I can't afford when I found this thread. Boy and I glad I did. I did not like the idea that I could only load 500 caches to Nuvi or that I had to carry my Palm to get the cache data. Now I can do everything with Nuvi...that is until I can talk the Mrs into a new GPSr. And that might be awhile since I might be unemployed tomorrow. I just finished loading the POI's to Nuvi so I haven't had the chance to check her out. I will do it tonight and report back the results. Thanks again. Reid aka WAshington Red Bear
  10. I plugged in the external power cord with and without batteries installed and I still get the same response as listed above. I'm quessing the ole' gal finally bit the dust. I've had problems before where I had to press and hold the power button to get it to turn on. I might take the inside circuit board out this afternoon and see if I can see anything. Thanks Reid
  11. I bought this GPSr back in 2003. It has been a real trooper for my 319 geocache finds. I used it the other day with no problems...I went to use it today and it won't power up. I put in four sets of new batteries and still no luck. I can faintly see the screen do a little flash and then the speaker does a very faint beep....beep....beep. I took the back off and checked and I'm getting 3vdc on the pins touching the circuit board. Any ideas? Thanks Reid aka WAshington Red Bear
  12. The 128mb card that works is from Panasonic. The two 1 gig that don't work are from Impact and Digital Media. Is this the problem? Reid
  13. I have a Magellan Meridian GPS. I installed a 1 gig SD card but the GPS doesn't recognize it. I put a 128 mb card in and the welcome screen comes up when I power the unit up and I can access the SD card menu. Neither of these come up with the 1 gig card. I put three 1 gig SD cards in last night from two different manufacturers and they all failed. What is the problem? The manual says to input the card and go to the menu...but I can't if the menu doesn't come up. Thanks Reid
  14. Thanks Patudles and Mr Gadget #2 for the information. Ambrosia....thanks for the kind words....sorry to hear about your Icicle cache. We have both put a lot of time into that one. I know I put in a lot of miles walking through the snow to get it back up for you. That is a beautiful cache location. I picked-up several travel bugs in Oklahoma City this summer that are on a race to Canada. I've had a really busy summer and haven't had a chance to put them out. I have a night time cache set-up but I have to put out the cache container. I was going to place the bugs in there. I will do my best to get all that completed this week. I should have responded to the OKC cachers to let them know what I was doing. My fault for not responding. I will do that this morning. Thanks guys. I miss the Cach-cadians. Reid
  15. The Red Bear received his coins today in Washinton... Thanks for the coin, the hard work and dedication to the hobby and fellow geocachers.
  16. I second this idea....very very good one.
  17. I used to live (stationed) at Myrtle Beach. Our oldest daughter was born there...so you better put me down for three coins. Thanks
  18. I just received mine today at work. They are beautiful!!! Thanks for all of your hard work, patience, and dedication to this project. I love the way the silver coin is not only in a hard plastic case but inside a hard velvet case too. Nice touch for the silver. I don't have the elusive #218 and I am guessing the cache is the box between the legs of the shack. I used our microscope and searched both sides and that is the only thing that looks like a cache...well there is a square in the middle of the trees, and there is a funny looking plant in front of the geocacher...but other than those...am I close? Thanks again WA Red Bear
  19. "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" My Colorado Geocoins came in today...Thanks..for the coin, the hard work, the long hours, the dedication, the pride, and the coin...(I said it twice because I received two coins) WARedBear 99212
  20. Received my coins yesterday. They look great!! I can't wait to send one to my son-in-law who is from Fort Worth. Thanks 9Key for all of your hard work in getting this out to your fellow geocachers. I hope the hair grows back soon....
  21. WA Red Bear is interested in 2 of those northern geocoins.
  22. Put WA Red Bear down for 2.....
  23. and we all give you a BIG heart felt THANK-YOU for all of your work.
  24. Thanks...that's what I was looking for. They need to make the "your control panel" statement more specific as to where it is located.
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