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  1. So, if I get this right. 1. Geocaching will punish the cache hider because I have some caches out in the boonies where few cachers go. Some of my caches have not been found for years and this is now my fault? 2. You are going to punish the cache hider that hides a difficult cache that is hard to find on purpose to challenge those cachers that like that type of cache and want the challenge of finding a difficult cache. 3. A cacher can't find my cache just because they are too lazy to go that extra little bit and they log a DNF. What about punishing the cacher instead of the hider for taking the valuable time of both the hider and geocaching volunteers for labeling a cache wrong with the DNF or their Needs Maintenance. Also do you take into account how many caches that the DNF logger has actually found before blaming the hider? 4. Difficulty and Terrain - Again you will punish the cache hider for placing a difficult cache. I don't get it - I thought that there were all types of caches and all types of difficulties so a person could choose what type they wanted to find. It made it fun because it became a hobby that all could do because there was something for everyone. It looks like you are encouraging more easy finds, simple pills bottles on the side of the road. What about all the creative cachers out there that have put a lot of thought into their caches and made them challenging and fun. A few cachers are going to ruin it for all of us and fewer cachers are going to want to create new hides. I have been caregiving for my 93 yr old dad for over a year and a half that was on hospice while my husband was also going through some medical issues. My dad passed away last week. We got to our caches when we could but with this new system, you are not taking into account the people that hide caches. I am going to be gradually adopting out some caches and archieving others. I am sorry to new cachers that won't be able to find them.
  2. Please remove GC25M08 Recycle - It's Easy to Do - Whoosh (#47) from the route. It was just archieved. Sorry but they CITO'ed our cache when they cleaned up the area. We will try to get out and check on others of ours that are on the route to make sure they are ready for the CM. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  3. My husband & I have two separate geocaching accounts but the survey would only let us take it once. When my husband goes on to take the survey, it tells him that he already has taken it. Is there any way to get around that so he can take the survey too?
  4. Glad I saw the posts. We couldn't get into our favorite motel in Liberty Lake. We usually stay there when we are in town but they have no senior nights left and their price has gone up for the weekend to horrible prices. We just booked the Sleep Inn in Post Falls for $59.40 a night and get points towards Choice Hotel free nights for down the road plus they have free deluxe continental breakfast. We prefer the Sleep Inn over the Comfort. We've stayed in both. See you all there.
  5. Travisl, I think you do a great job of letting us know which caches to NOT do during the CM day. You noted them on the list, stressed that they are not to be found during the CM, and let the owners know that some will find it anyway. I think you are doing everything you can. CHEERS to YOU. I would hate to see the owners disable and remove the actual cache for there are cachers that cache that day that are not doing the CM. We have ran into some on several of the CM's we have done. Also, we usually go to the CM a few days early and sometimes we pick up those caches on days other than the CM day. I also make my own list of caches to do especially on cities where we have done a lot of caching before. There may be a D/T we want that we are going by that I will get. So I load all caches in the area on my gps. I am still from the ole school and use my gps not a phone. I load my gps several days before leaving home so if I go 3 days early, I have loaded caches about 4-5 days before the CM. Putting a note on the cache page would not help me at all unless it was done before I left home. Most people on the CM log caches on their phones as they go so a note would soon be lost way down the list. If I used the phone to see if there were additional hints from some that day, I probably wouldn't see that log. I never look at the bookmark lists unless I'm looking to do a power trail. I will restate - I think you do a super job of letting everyone know. You can't make people adhere to the request. But you do a good job because if there are only 4-5 finds that day from 50-100 cachers out there. I think that is GREAT!
  6. Got our reservations made. We have found 41 of the caches on the route so I've planned our own route bypassing the ones we have found and added some you don't have on the route to make up for them. Looking forward to seeing everyone and doing some caching.
  7. My Husband & I always do the earthcaches and virtuals together. We discuss the info at the cache site and write down our observations and answers to the questions. I am the one that does the emailing. I see it as senseless for me to send two identical emails to the cache owner but I have on a couple of occasions when the cache owner stated in their write up that they required each logger to send their own email or they would delete my find. So I copied the one email and then resent it again under his name. I personally will send the answers first and then log the cache after the email is sent. But I do log my caches first and then log my husband's so if we have found a lot of caches on that trip, it may take a few days. On my own earthcaches, I do find it hard to sometimes keep track of who has logged and who has sent me the answers. Not everyone has access to the internet immediately after finding the cache and wait until they return from their vacation to log their caches. I try to keep a chart when someone logs the earthcache and who was in their group. Hope that helps.
  8. One way to check for challenge caches is to go to a challenge cache and look for the bookmark list that shell1fish has put together. The bookmarks list challenge caches and are listed by state. Shell1fish does a great job of keeping new challenges added to the bookmark list but if you find one that is not on the list, email shell1fish and it will be added. Some of the ones I see are: GC2TCHV (2 year), GC30M25 (300 day), GC3GVPA (410 days), GC2YBD0 (400 day), GC2MGKA (100 days), GC2MN47 (365 days), GC1N50B (200 days) for the state of Washington. If you are in the Spokane area, you might want to also check out some that are in the Coeur d' Alene, Idaho area too since you will be so close. Hope that helps.
  9. I have left them sit for several months and then go back and what do you know. There it is and right where I've looked before. How I missed it the first, second or third time, I don't know. Maybe it got moved from it's original spot by another cacher, or the sunlight just hit it right this time. Are you trying different times of the day because lighting can mean the difference. I have one that can be seen better right at noon than anytime else.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that he is in the hospital. Our prayers are with you all.
  11. Wow... Reading through the topic makes me sad. Geocaching is a great sport and there is something for everyone and cache styles for everyone. That said. We have done several power trails and will do some more. We enjoy having a group that goes together. We go to every cache ourselves and sign every log. Some pick up the first cache and drop a new one then carry the first one to the next signing it in the rig as they go. Then they drop it at the second and grab that one carrying it to the third and so on.. Others leap frog when they have several cars together only going to every second or third or fourth cache depending on how many rigs they have in the group. Trip Planning should include looking at the route - know if there are towns in between where you can get gas and food. If not, prepare ahead of time. Plan you motel at the start and end or even in the middle if possible. Some of the trails you might have to travel as far as you can in the day and then backtrack to a motel. If the cache page doesn't give you info - contact the cache owner and ask them some questions - like is it easy to approach from one direction or if it doesn't matter. Some trails criss cross back and forth on which side of the road they are on making it harder to safely doing the trail. Always pull off the road as far as you can and close the door on the road side of the car. Think safety for you and other people using the road. I've seen cachers stop in the middle of the road on a hill and leave their doors open to get the cache. It made it very unsafe for us to go around. Be considerate. Rent a rig to save wear and tear on your own. Buy the insurance just in case. Be prepared to have to take it to get it cleaned before returning it to the rental company. (This we speak from experience - ET Hwy) Stock your rig with lots and lots of water and snacks. If the cache page says you need to walk to the cache, then don't drive to them, walk... Most important - Use a stamp to log the cache. They are very inexpensive. The one we like best is an Ideal and cost us about $14 at a local shop. It just has both our caching names on it and is small enough that we can sign on nano's sideways. Stickers make it hard to re-roll the log and put it back into the cache. Some have just pre-written their name on a tiny piece of paper and when they next cacher comes along and pulls the log out, they fall on the ground. Then you are having to pick their log up too. The most important thing about doing power trails is not the caches themselves since they are micros every 520 feet apart but the friends you go with and the time you spend together. They can be the best memories. Enjoy your trip!
  12. How about doing something as simple as this: example: one stamp of an apple - a=1; a stamp of a goat - g=7 and so on to get the numbers you need for the final letterbox or it could be the number of letters in the word of the stamp picture. apple = 5, goat = 4. You would just want to be sure that the stamps would be ones that couldn't be called several different things by cachers which would be confusing.
  13. The geoart that I've done and any trails that I've put out have been in cooperation with a reviewer weeks before the caches were published. The rules do talk about the contents being family friendly and the owners of the caches are to delete any inappropriate logs. I think you could assume that this goes for the placement too. I don't think the reviewers would allow any geoart that is offensive. So far, I have not seen any. If you don't like them, you have the option of putting them on your ignore list. That is why this sport is so great. There is something for everyone.
  14. Number 83 on the route: GC3JX2X Memaloose View should be taken off the route. After looking at the cache, I discovered you are to Park at Memaloose Rest Area eastbound. Someone tried to get it from the old road, but had to cross fences. Cachers can still do it but not in the order that they are listed since the approach is from the freeway.
  15. WOW - where will this be placed? State? Amazing piece of geoart - thanks for sharing. This is in Southern California off the I40. About half way between Barstow and Needles. It looks like it' about time to make another trip your way! Thanks for all the great geoart submissions. Geoart is a creative way to express our love of geocaching no matter what type of cache or where hidden. I love this sport where there is a type of cache and size of cache for everyone. Keep the list going so others can enjoy seeing the creativity and know where to plan their vacations. LOL.
  16. Mtn Mutt can bring two geocoins and slap one in ISplash's hand for a trade for one of his too!
  17. We've been wanting to get down there to do them too but I'm not sure when. We have already done the Jet geoart and it is the same cache hide over and over again - preformed pop bottles in pvc pipe but it is off road and we used our 4 wheeler for it so it was a lot of fun. For the train - it is my understanding that you can not drive vehicles to all of them, only some. The rest are walking only.
  18. Just a Correction. The event says Saturday March 2nd. Wouldn't want anyone to miss it.
  19. I want to put in my thoughts to virtuals... I love to do them. Of all the ones we have found, almost all of them have brought us to a place that we have learned something, mostly some history. I believe they have a viable place and should count as a find on our stats. You can't please everyone all the time and if you don't like them, don't do them. It is as easy as that. If you want to put some limit on them, make them be a historical site or some history lesson. As far as getting involved on a local level with government entities - maybe you should become aware that the Federal Forest Service is in the process of developing a new plan that will be the guideline for years to come. Our local forest service is one of the first to go through this process and will be looked at by all other forest services throughout the US as they go through the process. My husband and I are participating in the National Forest 2012 Forest Plan Revision Collaborative Process representing geocaching and motorized access in our area. This is a minimum of 9 mo maybe up to 2 year process. We want to have a say in National Forest allowing geocaches and the only way to see it added was to get involved. It would be ideal if we could let them know that we not only have virtual earthcache types but a historical or other type of virtual cache allowed if there are concerns about container placement. Please watch for opportunities to get involved with your local forest service when they start their process. My thoughts again - Bring Back Virtuals that count in your stats. They would be accepted by most geocachers that way and again those that don't want them - don't do them.
  20. In 2007 each WSGA chapter did their own coin. The set includes 5 coins. I have an extra set that I am willing to trade for the right coins.
  21. Thanks everyone, please keep listing them when you find them. It's nice to be able to come to one place to find a list.
  22. Are you asking about geocaching's new challenges or caches that are challenge caches? If you are talking about challenge caches - shell1fish keeps a bookmark list where you can get caches by the state. Any challenge cache will have his bookmark list on it. You can look at one of mine: GC22WVX. Look for his bookmark.
  23. If you still need someone, I will be up there with ISplash March 22=25th and can get the info at that time if you still need someone. There are two of us, so if you know of anyone else working on this, let us know. Thanks.
  24. Great tip - thanks! I'll update this in the final draft. What about GCYCY8 It's a Gamble!? Is that accessible from the same spot, or am I correct in navigating people up to it from the parking lot off of Front Avenue? We didn't do It's a Gamble yet but there was a sign marking the trail about where the cache was at, so my guess would be that yes, you can access it easier from that road.
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