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Calgary Geocoins

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For West/Cent Wash. cachers who have pre-orders in, I could potentially be a courrier. Will be back in Calgary in April or May (trying to schedule a meeting the week of April 4th). Coins could be distributed at an event, a'la the great M.A. geocan parking lot offload.


(CDN airport security: "The metal detector is still going off, empty your pockets please")



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I was wondering how important the trackability of these coins is to people here? It seems like on the Calgary Cachers board, most people really don't care too much about the tracking of them. What about here?


If they aren't trackable, the price may go down a bit...


What if they were trackable on geocaching.com? (the price would them go up by about $1.75/coin...)

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Why so much?

Someone else said they had discussed it and it was only something like 50 cents more to be trackable on GC...

Unless I read that wrong?


I don't care either way on this one since I'm going to save mine and not use it.


But pretend you didn't see me say that since I'm self banned from posting this week.

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When we designed the West TN coin, GC.com wouldn't track them. From waht I understand, only USA and Moun10Bike goins get tracked on GC.com Travelertags.com agreed to track ours for .40 each, but we gave them the back side of the coin.


Personally, tracking isn't a big issue with me, these things disappear too fast anyway. I've never actually seen a coin, even a tracked one, IN a geocache!

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Well I'm currently talking with Groundspeak about tracking the Calgary coins on the site. There are some issues that we need to overcome if it is ever going to happen, but I wanted the opinion of the folks here as to if it was worth it or not.

Right now, what I'm leaning towards is to have them numbered, but not trackable(anywhere). That would get them minted the fasted, and that way if anyone who bought them wanted to track them they still could throw their own code together to do it. Or at a later time I could put something together to do it.

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Agree - numbering is great (but not even essential). Tracking is not important. They look too cool to give up, and they'd just wind up on someone's shelf without being logged anyway.

my two cents is numbering is ok but optional, tracking is 'really' optional. Anybody who wants to get theirs tracked can do so on travelertags.com (but I'd support both numbering and tracking as long as the price doesn't go through the roof).

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Well the numbering is pretty cheap (my cost to do it is 40 cents/coin), from what I'm hearing here, and on the Calgary Cachers board, most people don't seem to care much about the tracking, so for now, I'm not going to bother with it. The reverse of the coin will probably change slightly from what is pictured at the start of this thread (been some talk of putting either the Leatherman Geocaching logo on it (the gx), or a compass on it, or an Alberta wild rose in place of where it says 'CALGARY CACHERS'...).

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If they can be shipped to us (Georgia or Arizona), we would like 3! Oh, BTW, how much are they ?!?! :mad:


As far as tracking goes, it's nice, but at least one of them we will add to our Geo-coin-chain TB that travels with us. The others will be traded or high-value items for a FTF in one of our caches...


Thanks very much!

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Ok, quick update. Yes, they can be shipped to Georgia (or Arizona). The cost will be $4/coin+shipping rates (I'm thinking though if payment is made via paypal I'll have to up the cost slightly to cover whatever paypal transaction fees are). I'll take basically any reasonable form of payment that an individual can accept, but fees associated with taking that payment are up to the buyer to cover (I'm selling these at pretty close to my cost on them, so I can't afford to take much of a hit). Shipping is whatever it costs me to ship them (earlier in the thread I indicated approximate shipping rates to the US for various numbers of coins...). I will ship via letter-post to keep the costs down, but if they don't get there, they are uninsured so there is a trade off. If there is sufficient demand to look in to other methods of shipping I can do that.

Design is soooooo close to being finalized (honest). Looks like we aren't going to have the gc.com logo on it, and they won't for the moment be trackable, but they will be individually numbered. The front of the coin will remain essentially unchanged from what it was at the start of this thread, but the reverse will have a wild rose on it, along with the "leatherman Gx logo"

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I don't know if this helps at all, but after reading the Colorado caching forums, their new coin is being tracked at gc.com Apparently they have made a new policy very recently to allow groups to track coins through their website. I don't know many details, just thought I'd throw it out there.

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Yeah, the trouble is, they want too much money for the tracking. Considering most people don't seem to care too much about the tracking, adding a substantial amount to the price to make them trackable on gc.com didn't seem like a good option. Also, there were some issues with how the coins were to be numbered. gc.com wanted non sequential alpha-numeric codes on the coins (to make it harder to guess coin numbers, and fake logging them), the guy I'm dealing with can't mint coins like that. In fairness, we probably could have worked through most of the issues eventually, really since no one seems to care much about the tracking, it really seemed to be a non-issue.

In the end it was just too much of a hassle. I still haven't eliminated the idea of tracking them later on, but for now, I just want to get the things minted and distributed.

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OK, so we've got the final design ready. I'll post it here in a bit (don't have a decent pic handy). Looks like we have orders for about 254 here (by my count). As far as payment is concerned I think the best for everyone involved is to send me a cheque (or cash) directly (I'll trust you all not to send me any NSF cheques). I was looking in to paypal, and started reading WAY too many horror stories about them. While I'm sure everything would go over just fine, there is always that worry that I'll be red flagged for some mysterious reason and they'll take all my money (if you REALLY want to use paypal, let me know, and I'll set it up, but I'd really prefer not to).

Anyways, the cost per coin comes to $4 Canadian/coin. At current exchange rates (on x-rates.com) that works out to 3.25 US/coin, but I'm going to say $3.30/coin to protect myself from currency fluctuations as much as possible.


Shipping for the coins from Canada Post's Website is as follows:


Other Letter-post - includes items that are non-standard and/or oversize


Up to 100 1.70

Over 100 up to 200 2.90

Over 200 up to 500 5.80


and each coin weight 26 grams (too bad they aren't 1g lighter :lol: )


So, prices are as follows:


1 coin - $4 + 1.70 Shipping = $5.70 Canadian = $4.75 US

2 coins - $8 + 1.70 Shipping = $9.70 Canadian = $8.08 US

3 coins - $12 + 1.70 Shipping = $13.70 = $11.41 US

4 coins - $16 + 2.90 Shipping = $18.90 = $15.75 US

5 coins - $20 + 2.90 Shipping = $22.90 = $19.08 US

7 coins - $28 + 2.90 Shipping = $30.90 = $25.75 US

10 coins - $40 + 5.80 Shipping = $45.80 = $38.17 US


If you're paying cache, feel free to round to the nearest dollar.

Canadian orders will be subject to different shipping rates, items will be sent totally uninsured, untrackable (just like a letter). If this is unacceptable, I can arrange some other method of shipping on request.

The coins aren't going to be available for about another 6 weeks, so plenty of time to get your cheques to me.


Please send payment to


Dale Atkin

12 Country Lane Dr.

Calgary, AB

T3Z 1J2, Canada


Please include your caching handle, and e-mail address (and of course return address) with the cheque so I can make sure I get everything right when I send things out.

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Will you take a U.S. Postal Service Money Order? Those are as good as gold here in the USA....



Yeah, but why would you do that, that is going to cost you more money isn't it?

I think that for the amount of the check it would only cost about $1.50 US. Just thought it would b better for you....don't have to wait for personal check to clear banks over international borders, etc.

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Naw, don't worry about it, unless you want to. As I said, its going to be about another 6 weeks before the coins are here. Don't know how long it takes a US cheque to clear on average, but I imagine that should be enough time. Plus I trust you guys anyways, and I'd only ridicule you a small about for passing a bad cheque :mad: (heck isn't the NSF fee for most banks something like $20 anyways?, probably more than most of you are sending me at any rate...)

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