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  1. Thanks cerberus1 & dprovan for the feedback. That's what I thought. Will delete the log and mark the TB as lost.
  2. What do you do when you find a Geocacher padding their numbers by logging TB that no longer exist? I lost Mustang Sally in 2004 and someone just logged "discovered it" I messaged the user and no reply. Looked at his TB log and he has discovered a large number of missing TB. They are the king of finding missing TB. What actions should I take? Is there a way to report it? Or just let it go? Mustang Sally: https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=40852 Cheater: und Mann https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=146f8090-2ad6-4899-be5d-8662a1a4fe08 Also in looking at other TB that he has discovered, there are a ton of other people doing this. It's not right. THANKS
  3. Thank You for your vote for: Monkey Jungle Voted, still in 4th place.
  4. I am looking for someone in the Tacoma area to partner with for Nurse Dave’s Geocoin collection group. I am currently a member of the group and have been since it started (March 2005). As a member we order three of each coin the group buys. While we don’t order personal coins, we do order each state and other group coins. It really is a great way to collect coins. The only problem is the cost adds up, I have spent over $500 so far. While I love Geocoin collecting, I must say that the cost is too much for me to handle right now. I am looking for someone in the local area, Tacoma, that would like to buy one or two of each coin. I really do not want to quit the group, but I only need one of each coin. I also know how well I have been at mailing out coins, it would be easier for me to meet someone every other week to drop off the coins, some where in Tacoma. This offer is first come first served. THANKS Kiltsurfer
  5. depending on cost.... heck just sign me up for three please
  6. Team Phatboyz did a TB race. 5 TB going from Washington State to Southern California and back. Only two TB made it to the cache in southern CA, and only one made it back. The other four TBs are MIA.
  7. I'd like some of the PNW coins if they get made. I'd buy 3-10 of them.
  8. My daughters would like in on this.... I think it's great to help get kids involved, it ensures the future of our sport.
  9. Did mine get sent? I have not seen anything in the mailbox yet. THANKS Kiltsurfer
  10. Just checking on the order?
  11. I would be up for getting 3, just tell me how and when.... THANKS Kiltsurfer
  12. ND you hit on a great GREAT way for collectors to come together and help each other out, I hope this works. It would be great to see this grow a little, maybe have focal point in major areas.
  13. Gee, you go to work and cool things happen!!! I'd like to join too Add me to the next list that gets started..... I would gladly take 3-5 coins.... If someone drops out I'll be a sub.... THANKS Kilt "TOO LATE" Surfer
  14. What I currently have: Canada Green Man Vacman Oh Joy Ckayaks Pepper 2004 Conejo Cachers Avroair Nurse Dave 2005 Facedances 2005 Ray & Rose 2003 Texas 2004 Alabama 2004 California 2004 Kentucky 2004 Michigan 2004 Oregon 2004 Pennsylvania 2004 Washington 2004 West Tennessee GOWT 2004 Geocoin 2005 Geocoin 2005 Georgia 2005 Idaho 2005 North Carolina Coins that coming 2005 Texas CavScout 2005 Calgary What I have to trade: Canada Vacman Joy of Geocaching 2004 West Tennessee GOWT 2004 California 2004 Washington 2004 Geocoin 2005 Geocoin 2005 Georgia 2005 Idaho 2005 North Carolina Email me if you have something I don't and want something I have. THANKS Kiltsurfer
  15. I will take 5 coins plus one silver.... Email on the way for the database. THANKS
  16. I still want my 5, I'll mail a check tomorrow. THANKS for doing all the work on this. Kiltsurfer
  17. Moun10Bike does a great job tracking his coins. Look here for themMoun10Bike Geocoins
  18. I found out a few days ago that there are two different 2003 Texas coins. I have the later version. I am looking for the one shown below..... Does anyone have one of these to trade? THANKS Kiltsurfer
  19. I just found out that there are two different versions of the 2003 Texas Geocoin, does anyone have this version of the Texas coin they would like to trade? I have the version without the star. THANKS Kiltsurfer
  20. Ditto If you posted what you had in mind, I'm sure some of us would be able to find it. THANKS
  21. What I currently have: Canada Green Man Vacman Oh Joy Conejo Cachers West Tennessee GOWT Avroair 2003 Texas 2004 California 2004 Pennsylvania 2004 Alabama 2004 Oregon 2004 Washington 2004 Geocoin 2005 Geocoin 2005 North Carolina What I have to trade: Canada Vacman Oh Joy West Tennessee GOWT 2003 Texas 2004 California 2004 Washington 2004 Geocoin 2005 Geocoin 2005 North Carolina Email me if you want to trade Kiltsurfer
  22. said it before and I'll say it again. Mt. St. Helens It looks like a mudslide for the Mt. again.....
  23. I heard that the Calgary coins could be tracked on GC.com too. Has things changed?
  24. Just a little history for those who don't know it..... Mt St Helens has a lot to do with the birth of Geocaching. The 2nd and 3th caches were placed near Mt St Helens by Mike Teague. ************************* From: Mike Teague (yngwie@triax.com) Subject: GPS Stash #2 and #3 Newsgroups: sci.geo.satellite-nav Date: 2000/05/07 Ok, here ya go... I went and placed 2 stashes today.. First one: #2 N 46*08.495 W 122*19.818 Second one: #3 N 46*06.815 W 122*19.720 both WGS84 There's a GPS in one of em, also some CD's, beer, some food, other various items... Make sure to write of your visit in the logbook. Caution: #3 is in some semi-rough terrain, involves a little climbing over some rocks and dead trees... Wear some sturdy shoes and watch your step! ****************************** Plus Dave Ulmer demolished has brand new snowmobile in April 2000 following a preprogram route up Mt St Helens with his GPSr. That is right before Selective Availability was turned off in May. This wreck help inspire Geocaching. Just sharing some history....
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