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Calgary Geocoins

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The Calgary Geocoin is almost ready. We've got a design that we're in the process of fine tuning, and then we'll be on our way. I'm accepting pre-orders for them now. I've approached gpscentral.ca about selling, and they seem to be interested. Price will be about $4 Canadian + Shipping (subject to change) If you're subscribed to the Calgary Area Cachers board, please place your orders there, if not, I'll monitor this thread, and provide updates here as well.

You'll probably want to place the final orders through gpscentral.ca, but I'd like to get some idea as to how many I should be ordering. So interest? How many?

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I received a private message from a moderator about this post.


Just wanted to make it clear, that I am not selling these coins for profit. I don't expect to make much if any money out of the venture. Any money that I do make, if significant will go towards prizes etc at local caching events or to put in caches etc.

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Thought I'd add to my previous post to provide some details of what the cost of producing these things are.

The tooling cost to make the die is going to between $300 and $500. The cost per coin is going to be roughly $2/coin (assuming the order is between 250-499 coins). Then to add the numbers is an extra 40 cents/coin. Shipping for me is ~$30. So the unit cost on these for me is going to be about 3.72/per coin (which assumes an order of 250 coins, and a die cost of $300).

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Probably too soon, but I'll let you know. I *think* we have our design done. We've got a new version that requires Groundspeak approval before we can mint it, that I think most of the locals like (has the Groundspeak logo on the reverse rather than a repeat of Calgary Cachers.) If its approved by TPTB, I'll post a revised image here. And then we can go to minting. Then I have to work on getting the tracking code online. Marky & Joani have offered up their Smashed Pennies code (see http://www.geocoin.net) which we'll be using the start with, and we'll see where we go from there. There are some additional tracking features I'd like to add, so we'll see. Maybe we'll release with that, and then upgrade later. Don't know yet, it depends on how much time I have to fiddle with the code.


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Some minor updates here. Just got an e-mail back from Canada Post. It seems there is no problem shipping Geocoins via lettermail, so that is how I will be posting them (to save on shipping cost). If anyone wants them to be shipped a more expensive way, you'll probably want to go via GPS Central to buy them (they ship insured via courier, but its kind of expensive). Un-insured letter post to the US will cost $1.70 (Canadian) for up to 3 coins, then $2.90 for between 4 and 7, $5.80 for between 7 and 19. (I'm just reading this off of Canada Post's website, based on each coin weighing 26g, I'll get firm prices once I have the coins in my hand, and I can go to the post office and get them to weigh different packages...)

If I ship them, the only thing I can promise is that they will get in the mail. The rest is up to Canada Post. I suppose if you particularly wanted to insure it, I could check rates with Canada Post or some other courier, but I think that kind of thing is probably best left to GPS Central to take care of.

Coins will probably be in, in about 6-8 weeks.

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