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  1. I don't see you in the database there. Resend me or update please. Everyone else should have received invites at this point.
  2. I have sent invites out to everyone who requested them at this point. If you don't get, let me know. 22 coins must be exact with no changes in colors or engraving.
  3. I just got an email for 10 coins and had the colors they wanted. Please read all the info posted above. There are minimums and such. I am not taking email orders. You have to enter it into a database and such.
  4. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=246199
  5. Alright here we go. GeoJellies 4 will officially start........NOW! This is the group for fourth running of the GeoJellies, and the third edition of the small beans. Coins will be $6 a piece. Coins will be minted in your choice of black nickel or shiny nickel finish, with the exception of 2 coins. These 2 coins will be minted in a gold finish. Of the 2 gold coins, 1 will be placed a group auction which will benefit the children of pennstategirl who we lost in a tragic car accident. We will use a modified artwork from the first three coin mintings. We will have a separate icon from the first version of this coin. This icon will change in color and have a number 4 added to it. Minimum order will be 22 coins. No mixing of metals under 20 coins (2 are gold). There will be a flat charge of $8 per order for Domestic orders for shipping. International orders will be per order basis with me. Colors and flavors are first come first served. Since the coins are your PMS code and has a different caching name, I have no issues with using a flavor that was used before. I do not check for duplicate flavors or colors. What you submit is what you get. Cost has been based on 1,000 coins. If we do not reach this point, I will revisit the mint for costs on a smaller run and adjust pricing. This will be done BEFORE anyone pays anything so you can make an informed decision. Feel free to let your friends know about this coin project, and I will send an invite to them. As with the previous versions, ALL COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE DONE THROUGH THE GROUP PAGE OR EMAIL. That means I will not be coming here to answer specific questions about the coins. There is enough clutter on the boards than to add to it with a side project. We have a group that has worked well in the past to handle everything that may arise. In the past I have asked people to first fill out the cross reference database the moment they join. It helps us, the MODS, to answer specific questions and make changes, as well as match up orders. 98% of people do this without any issues, but sadly there is always a couple stragglers that we can't figure out who they are. To remedy this, I will try to stay current with memberships and check the cross reference database, Anyone not listed there will be deleted. You could rejoin of course, but you will have to fill the database out at that point. Please do your part to make it easier on us. Most of all let's have some fun. This has been by far the largest and most successful group project we have ever seen here. Let's keep it going. To start this off, you need to email me with your caching name and the email address you use to join Yahoo groups. Please use pghlooking@gmail.com and the subject "GeoJellies 4 Invite Request".
  6. No joke just going to be a day late. Came home from work and spent 2 hours working on the engine of my daughter's dune buggy. Her crying because she couldn't ride when her brother was on his quad took priorities tonight. I will set everything up tomorrow night. Thanks for the patience.
  7. Just heard back from the coin vendor and will start the group page and getting the info put together. I should be able to make an announcement on Monday to get the coin group started. Enjoy your beans on Sunday, and pay attention to all the colors and flavors you see. You might even want to make some notes!
  8. i am waiting on some info so there is nothing to post yet. As soon as I have the info it will be posted to join. Gimme a few more days at least to get the behind the scenes set up then we can get started.
  9. Looking forward to this one for sure.
  10. Sorry forgot you had a difficult time reading. You should know me by now. I just look at the pictures!
  11. I have no interest in contacting them. That's between you and them. Seemed a pretty effective way of broaching the subject that was on topic. He posted here and I made an observation was all. I have no need to contact you via PM. Anything that needs to be said about the coin or the likes are very relevant to these discussion boards. If you don't like it then maybe a better monitoring of who is posting what should be enforced at home, but that's your choice. As for how confrontational I may appear, Do you really think I haven't been told that or worse before? Some people don't like the person who speaks up and doesn't fill their post with a bunch on nonsensical fluff just to appear nicey. I don't play that game and could care less if someone thinks I can be abrasive. I mean you would use sandpaper to whittle something down and get to the middle before you would use a cotton ball wouldn't you? Maybe you should work on teaching how to post at home before trying to instruct me first. I mean it's not like I am trying to teach you how to place a cache properly so I don't think this is your place. Psst. My point was on topic so it's not a hijacking. Now as far as your attempt at a shot at me about discussion the merit of another coin, it fell flat. Since your reference has no place in this thread, you are breaking 2 rules. But then again, that isn't new territory for you in the caching world.
  12. Whatever happened to following the rules? They clearly state You MUST be 18 to participate. They aren't a suggestion or for negotiation. Personally after having dealt with some minor's in coin situations, I can understand and fully agree I would not like to deal with minors in these things. It's their right and they were very clear about it. But it looks like you are playing by your own rules. Do parents just let their kids run a muck anymore or what? Don't they wonder when a package shows up in the mail where it came from and ask questions? If after all that wouldn't they check it out and see their kid was getting involved into something he wasn't even old enough to be in and correct the situation. I would guess some would cover for their kids and think this is a very benign thing and just lie for the kid and give them their coin, but what would that be teaching the kid? The ends justify the means to some I guess.
  13. including freezing their financial assets, even without a trial. So does GC and coin vendors have a duty to know who they are supporting BEFORE allowing a coin to go into production? Hindsight is something easy to claim but when you have various redesigns on coins through a vendor they can't claim that. When the final authority is GC and they make the final decision based on final art, they can't claim ignorance. At the very least it looks bad on both of their parts as they should know who they are producing a coin for. It only takes a moment to look on the web for the info about the group, and the group's site isn't always the best site for accurate info.I am sure Al Qaeda doesn't say on their site We cut the heads off of American devil's that we capture all in the name of Allah.
  14. With that in mind, if the US or any other Govenment ever were to declare these people a terrorist group, where would that leave GS?? Are we getting to a point where Coin designs will have to pass the GS legal advisors as well? I think GS should have been doing this from the get go. Their statement of they only determine if the image is friendly or not doesn't wash. They are making money from a coin that is being sold here, promoted here, and approved from here that does support terrorism. I asked before, would an Al Qaeda coin be approved? If the image was family friendly and didn't show someone's head being hacked off, would it be OK? I don't expect GC to be responsible for everything, but if they are going to approve a coin, especially one for a fund raiser, shouldn't they know a little about the group. Like it or not, their approval o the coin comes across as support for the coin's message.
  15. I am clearly not promoting this coin. At the same time when someone comes in with some new argument or angle on how good these guys are, I will use my freedoms and express my difference of opinion. Feel free to skip over it or even ignore it, but I think I will decide for myself what's enough. I don't think you can really decide that for me, anymore than I would tell you about your posts, what is enough or too much. That's kid of arrogant don't you think? Last I checked it was still a forum for discussions. I had added new things to my posts, not rehashed the same info. Secondly, do think trying to smack my hand, to which you have no ability to do so, is promoting this thread? Maybe heeding your own advice would be best. I will wait for your bump of the thread, which I will assume will be your way of promoting this coin?!
  16. I agree with a lot of what you have said. I liked it when this thread was on page 3 as much as you. The part I disagree with is what you call the back and forth. Many people had no clue about the evil dark side of the Sea Shepard. Most people would have believed they were nothing more than a peace loving group trying to hold hands around whales and peacefully try to save them through education. If people such as myself hadn't responded to help expose their ways and educate people as to the true terrorist methods they use, this coin would probably be a good sellers as people would think they are doing something to help a good group. Sometimes we need to have some back and forth to let everyone know the truth.
  17. It's not a troll, just a kid that hasn't lived enough to have to account for anything yet and makes statements that are pretty repulsive. I am sure he would change his tune if he knew someone who lost their life on 9/11 due to those terrorists he would help fund if they were destroying something he believed in. A sad state as to what our kids are being taught in school nowadays. I found it funny last night when the Sea Shepard was "offended" the Japanese fleet would actually defend themselves with something non lethal against their aggressions. They don't get it that if they weren't there causing the terrorism, there wouldn't even be a need for the non lethal LRAD to DEFEND themselves. Their whole bait N switch was to lure the harpoon vessels in, which they eventually did, but then hated they were using the same prop fouler technique against them. I found it funny and have been rooting for them. Nice to see them on the run for once. They don't like it one bit. Not as much fun when the shoe's on the other foot. They are like a bunch of kids who never grew up. They call Paul Watson Captain even though he doesn't have a Captain's license. I wonder if the Netherlands are going to fine them or something for throwing bottles from the ship's deck, which is in violation of their maritime laws and they have been notified of this. The moment the fleet was in range Paul Watson gave them permission to violate this law. Seems anything goes with these idiots.
  18. Unbelievable!!!! That has got to be one of the saddest things I've ever heard. Ah the youth of America. Once again proving how the education system has failed us. We will see how your opinion about supporting a group that has caused the death of thousands of Americans will change as you mature. Of course you could always hand deliver your support money to them, but sadly they would be more interested in killing you for being the devil. Maybe when you start working for your money you will be more diligent in whom you share it with. On a side note, how cool was it when the Japanese used the LRAD as defense of their ships last night. The Sea Weasel complained how unsafe it was of course. Guess what, stop attacking them and causing them to defend themselves and you won't be in an unsafe situation. They also hated the fact the Japanese have a prop fouler of their own and were absolutely in panic mode. I loved it.
  19. I had to leave for work this morning so I didn't respond as fully as I would have liked so here goes... Is this the point in which you consider them to have run afoul? Sinking ships, attacking them in open seas, and just plain creating terror isn't enough? If they were harassing you at your work, stalking you, throwing items to create havoc and such, would you just chalk that up to just a good old time? What if they were trying to sink your ship in frigid Antarctic waters? That's not enough? Their objectives do not quantify them as such, but their actions do. There are plenty of groups out there trying to save this that or the other who do not do so in such a violent and risky manner. Rangers are trying to stop eco-terrorists as far as I know since most of their actions are against laws. Spiking trees which can kill loggers, strapping themselves to the tops of trees in forests, and destroying equipment to halt logging are all crimes and the rangers do their part in helping prevent these people. Now as for Smokey the Bear, I do not know much about him other than he really hates fire. I wouldn't think he was a terrorist, but I guess anything is possible. I heard it tastes like chicken.
  20. Just to clue ya in, no one has to be killed to be a terrorist. The idea is to create terror in your opponent/enemy. Try looking at the definition of the word. But then again at the pace these hacks are going at, they are going to get someone killed. Will you be just as proud of a terrorist supporter then? Noun * S: (n) terrorist (a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities) define : terrorist
  21. In short the Sea Shepard's terrorist actions take away from any issue they are trying to raise awareness of. Another question I have, and maybe it should be split into a separate thread, but is GC being too liberal in what they allowing to be minted? This is a terrorist group and we are allowing funds to be raised for them which could be used to cause the loss of life of a sailor to be taken. Would a coin used to raise funds for Al Qaeda be allowed as well? Personally I don't see much difference between these groups as they both would love to see the other groups ships at the bottom of the sea. They have both said so.
  22. So because you "feel" it should not be legal, you will condone any actions against it. Again with the ends justify the means. Vigilante justice is only condoned when it is for a politically correct agenda it seems. I would have liked to see the Japanese ships take the illegal pirates back to their country and have a trial on what they are, eco-terrorists. Would you feel so supportive if it was your actions these groups didn't agree with and were attacking your way of life? Would you feel they have the right to "defend" their feelings through violent actions against you?
  23. So basically anything goes since you disagree with their actions. Illegally mounting attacks against them, illegally boarding their ship, ramming their ship which can cause damage as well as death, illegally trying to foul their prop to leave them disabled in an area of the world which could sink their ship causing death to all on board, and many other terrorist attacks against them in the name of saving whales is justified because it's for a better world? Sounds very alarming to mean and is not something I think we should be supporting in times like these. They are no different than any other extremists organization who claims they are just trying to protect whatever cause. It's funny how when terrorists are doing the attacks they call it some politically correct term like innovative direct action tactics, but when you are the one's being attacked it can easily be summed up by calling it a terrorist attack. Again the ends justify the means. Try replacing Sea Shepard with Al Qaeda and it reads the same. BTW giving false information to support your cause isn't fair to the people reading this. If you are truly as informed as you appear to be, you know that under international laws, which the Japanese are following, they are required to process the entire whale and not let any go to waste. They are also allowed to take a certain number of whales and are not in violation of this. If you truly want to stop these legal hunts, then use the processes available rather than being a vigilante attitude and attacking a foreign nation's vessels in international waters, rather than endangering their lives in the name of protecting another's life.
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