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  2. NASCAR #22 - Ward Burton has come back from the great beyond! Race on!
  3. Sorry I just couldn't resist the previous post. Proof positive that Vehicle TB's get found in the wild. Beetle Beep has been spotted several times along the way.
  4. While planning your day consider this, The Great Outdoors Day Event at Hop Brook will run from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Last years Hop Brook event was well attended and the hosts were superb. The GPS Adventures Maze Event event will run from 11 am - 2 p.m. Make your day a twofer and stop by Hop Brook before or after the GPS Advenrure Maze Event!
  5. A great example of working together! Even if it was a squirrel looking for a nut that did all the digging.
  6. Martin Truex Scores again! Someone may still finish the race yet!
  7. The #22 Ward Burton has reached Loon Loop in N.H. On to Indy!
  8. The Pikes Peak goal cache, PPIR Auto Go, GCKZ11 has been plundered and is O.O.S. May I suggest the goal cache be changed to NASCAR CACHE II, GC13DMR? It's the closest cache to the current goal and would serve the purpose. Maybe I can even get Casey Mears to visit while he's in the area. Thanks!
  9. June 2nd. The ExploreCorps, in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers would like to invite you to a meet, greet and swap /scavenger hunt event at Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury, CT. As part of “Connecticut Trails Day”, the event will be held rain or shine on June 2nd from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Pines Shelter in the park. At least 6 new caches have been placed for the event. If you have never visited this site you may be suprised. The host is providing food and N/A beverages. This is a family geared event so bring the kids!
  10. You might want to contact Lostboy1966. He has a series of caches that have a similar theme. They begin with Presumed Dead, Part I: Crossed Paths Scary stuff to find in the woods!
  11. Thanks for the full update. Team BreLi will be staying with the original goals until our cars complete them. I keep watching the racers to see if I can be of help here in southern New England. Thanks!
  12. You may be a "noob" as you put it, but you seem to be well in tune with the right kind of ethics. You are not alone. I carry a fist full of those plastic grocery bags in a side pouch of my pack. The arrow points to the pouch of CITO bags. Guess that makes me the designated lugger.
  13. I find I go much farther to get one or two nice caches when I'm on the bike. It's not uncommen to find myself caching one or two states from home on a nice summer day. I ride as long as the roads aren't sanded. Side zip riding pants can hide a pair of shorts when its warm enough, and keep me comfortable enough to ride till the snow flies. A few years ago I upsized my bike so I'd have room to lock stuff in it when out on the trail. Caching in New Hampshire. Caching in Mass. Caching in N.Y.
  14. LisaS and I will be covering a few miles in the next month. From CT to St. Louis, South to New Orleans, and east into Florida before heading back up I-95 and home. We'll be looking for fellow competitors bugs to help them along. Let us know if your bug moves close to our route and we may be able to side trip, and get things moving for you. Even If we can only visit your bug for a welfare check it's a bonus. And the good news is all three of our cars are back in circulation. It aint over yet.
  15. Good news, at least for me. Casey Mears may be back in the hunt soon. Seems the cacher that removed it from the cache it was in has finally surfaced and promises to move it eaast soon.
  16. Hey Denver Colorado! Devil Duckie and Devil Duck are soo close together. It would be soooo cool if these two Evil Ducks met up! I have no idea what the ruselts might be. Anyone able to make it happen? Thanks!
  17. I speak only for me. Fresh blood! Well why not. Our race seems to be really lagging. Play by rules as laid out, start where we did. Bring it on ZOOM!
  18. All Hail! BTW, how did "I" get brought into this anyway. I've got a few King Pelinore caches on my to do list. When ever will they understand?
  19. Yea just wasted 20 pages and the ink it goes with. Some beta issues.
  20. 2. Ward Burton by Barefoot - Currently in St. Jones River Trail .
  21. Every once in a while I like to go back and give an extra effort to locate caches I have a Did Not Find on. It would be really cool if I could run a PQ that listed those caches. THAT I have DNF'd THAT I haven't found THAT Is active. Anyone else see the value in this idea? Any chance something like this could be added to the PQ menu? Thanks!
  22. Darn! If I didn't have to work till 08:00 or so I'd be in. Who knows, mebbe if the snow melts enough and I get relieved early....... Happy 1000!
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