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  1. i was reading an article about a cali version of the REI geocaching "lesson" and the consensus was that it was basically a manufacturer ad (garmin or magellan, i think the latter) disguised as something else.. don't quote me on this until/unless i can find the thread, as i'm not sure if it was here or on a hiker site i also read.. think it might have been a magellan rep, using the new xplorist 600 feature set as the basis to call it geocaching 101. any other word on this? the letterboxing thing sounds a bit more likely to revolve around that hobby. i think the REI event will tend to gloss over it. there was a listing for the cali events as caches as well, and i think that's what sparked a lot of the debate as well. sacto area maybe??
  2. i can't name any specific caches right offhand, but i've heard that these are used for some caches. i haven't bumped into any yet though.. the audible click is kind of strange though, i figured they'd be quieter, to keep game coming back instead of startling them..
  3. was at the downtown Uwajimaya a couple days ago, they're now located near the food court corner, big display..
  4. just a quick note of thanks for receiving these great looking coins! can't remember if i posted this prior or not.. if so, here's thanks again!!!
  5. dadgum, i remembered reading through some of the cache logs on that months ago, then figured it was just an elaborate in-joke... hmmmmmm. sounds like an absolute kick in the a** to get an invite on that one... great job snoogans!
  6. my wife and daughter just did a purge of all the little toys and trinkets from a couple years of accumulation. first question when they filled box #1? "you want these for geocaching?" swear to god....
  7. i'd have to agree with just about everyone here. nothing on that list is good except the card placed in an existing void. anything else is likely to draw the ire of your finders.. and the rag thing? please, just no... all we need is environmental trashiness being required to find the caches now...
  8. i took my dog through obedience classes, worked with him a lot, and still had issues with him off leash for quite some time. he was easily distracted by all the new stuff sometimes. in a large backyard, etc... no problem with voice or visual commands. so back on the leash he went. then i started geocaching and going on long hikes again. finally decided to let him off leash on a snowy hike, when i know i was likely the only person going up the mountain, as there were no other vehicles or tracks in the parking lot, and fresh snow. and he did great! so maybe you'll get lucky and spend the right amount of time with your dog, and he'll come back everytime. i know for a fact any behaviour issues my dog has are a direct result of me not spending the time to reinforce his training, and my responsibility if something goes wrong. he comes back when i call if i'm coming up on other hikers, or other dogs, he doesn't chase deer, rabbits, or squirrels, and actually hardly notices them he's so busy sniffing everything. i don't pull the usual line of BS i've heard about "he's friendly, don't worry about it.." every one has a different comfort level with animals on the trails, and i'm not going to give anyone any reasons to tell my dog to stay home. other people=leash in my hand, no exceptions. and i actually am one of the responsible dog owners who carries out those little plastic bags 10 miles back down the trail. not my favorite thing, but then again, being able to get my dog out in the middle of nowhere is pretty cool. /long winded .02
  9. i inherited this stick from my grandparents house, as no one else had likely seen it in years. i've been going through the old camping photos trying to find a rough estimate for how long it's been around, no luck yet! no idea what kind of wood, but it's comfortable on either hand, just rotate until it fits. height is about right, but i'm apprehensive to use it on anything strenuous because i know i'd bust it... so, i'd like to buy some aluminum collapsible ones, as my knees are already starting to feel some of my excursions a bit more than they should..
  10. wow runhills, sorry to hear about your dog's experience.. i hate irresponsible dog owners like that, unfortunately you can't always find the appropriate party to take it out on... sounds like one of the spots i was able to see from my recent hikes up beljica, and the other surrounding top points around lake christine. i'm sure i looked over this way somehow or other.. now to go check it out.. thanks for the replies!
  11. anyone here have any fond memories or is this area just devoid of decent caches???? bump!
  12. Just wondering what the consensus seems to be for some worthwhile caches near the White Pass area, in about a 30 mile or more radius. I just took a drive through here for the first time in forever and had completely forgotten how cool this area is. My criteria tends to lean towards a bit of a hike, up to and including an overnight. Don't have a 4x4, so I'd be hiking into wherever. Dog-Friendly areas are a plus. I'm planning on going after the Tumac cache today if i've got time, and might go for some others nearby, based on when i get started today. I plan on spending a bit of time between here and out in the Olympics this summer, and would just like to have a good idea where to start out that's been memorable for others. Thanks in advance!
  13. so is there any reason NOT to stick a log sheet in this and submit it as a new cache????? sorry if this was in the previous pages, but i didn't see it through the first one.. obviously it's in a good spot!!!! you could probably even afford a nice little FTF prize..
  14. quoted for truth.. those do look like stout little jars though!
  15. i'm so gonna steal this description and go hide a micro tomorrow... thanks for the inspiration!!!! mwahahhaah
  16. i had some idiot thief bust out my passenger window IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE and steal the faceplate to my stereo. bypassed the hundreds of $$ in tools in the van, and all the cd's etc.. fortunately, they were too inept to get the rest of the stereo out. so i had to spend the day completely emptying out my vehicle, including the rest of the stereo, so they couldn't get the victory. i don't worry too much about parking at trailheads now, it's fairly obvious there's NOTHING left to steal at all. i've learned to take a lot less stuff with me when out in the woods. small wallet, whatever else is needed that fits in the cache pack, that's it.. and a nice little note for any would be thieves pointing out that there's nothing left to steal in the vehicle. sorry about your loss! at least you notified your bank, etc quick, as id theft is a total pain in the butt...
  17. funny, but for me it was reading about WAAS-enabling in popular science or some such, realizing how accurate these had become, and remembering geocaching from when i'd stumbled across an exposed letterbox a couple years ago. i read the article, and went and bought my early christmas present the next day. still having a blast and wondering what my next gpsr is going to be.. i was into D&D as a kid, Magic off and on for a few years, kids played CCG's, family of avid console gamers, and the ubergeek (me) who latches onto hobbies like this. although, this one gets me WAAAAAY out of the house far more often than i probably should be.. never got into the tabletop combat systems, etc... too impatient for miniatures painting as well as i can't stand the fumes... it's always funny to see just which kinds of interests have common points.
  18. there should be a link to a separate forum for this if you scroll down a bit.. there's quite a few members from GC involved.
  19. there are now 2 caches in a disc golf park area in tacoma, lakewood actually.. one is off the course a bit, another near the parking area, but i'm guessing it will bring a few folks in who may have never heard of the game. pretty good course too!
  20. as mentioned earlier, the duffel bag chain sells a lot of these ammo cans at a decent retail rate. however, the fox hole surplus store, now with 1 Tillicum location, sells nearly NEW cans for between 3.99-5.99, depending on caliber (7.62-.50 etc..) (at least 1-1.50 cheaper than Duffel Bag) the tacoma location used to have all the dented, rusted ones, while the Tillicum one had shiny new ones, good seals etc.... The Duffel Bag in Tacoma is selling standard and large size ammo cans in pretty bad shape when i last checked 2 weeks ago, and offering no price break due to condition.. If this lot we're discussing is UNASSEMBLED, what a headache... I'd almost say the transport costs are going to be fairly prohibitive on this one, even with people donating time and gas, etc.. and where exactly are we going to hide 37 pallets of ammo cans???? that's one big breeder cache.....
  21. i've met cachers from both sites on the trails, cathy of phil&cathy caught me FTF'ing a cache (sounds disturbing.. ) met more than a few GC'ers after placing my first cache and checking up on things. it's funny how easy it is to pick out folks doing the things you do yourself... haven't yet met one i didn't like either.. oh, and then there was my CITO event.... that always helps...!!!
  22. funny how many people refuse to believe it until they read through that story.. i think i actually read it faster..
  23. caching in town is bloody rare, usually gps and a pen, maybe a note for the caches.. any kind of hike and out comes the backpack. unfortunately, i've been looking at new packs.. and they're cheap.. and the faraway caches keep calling to me......... so, any kind of hike over 3 miles is medium, although i've got more than a few overnights planned for better weather.. i think i'll be bringing a hammock for that, rather than tenting it.. gotta love trees!!
  24. 33, and my geo pup is 21 ish...but he's still not allowed to drink.. no id!
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