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    Never met him in person, wish I did... knew through various forums. Sad day. Condolences to his family and friends
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    Shelter III

    I'm wondering how many ignore lists this is on.
  3. Goldfishy it can be done. Since you're a local here's SpEd's sure fire way to snag a mate via geocaching. 1. Go to events. I met FallenFaery briefly at the 2003 picnic. 2. Invite the people you meet at the events to go caching. We spent many hours waling and talking on the way to caches. You really get to know somebody and become friends on the trails. 3. Once you feel comfortable go on a weekend caching trip. We went on a few overnight caching trips with a small group before we decided that we should make it a thing. You get a better sense of how that person in at all times of the day. If you decide to share a room to "save on costs" it's o.k to pilow fight and paly cards to all hours of the night. But remember to deny any serious interest in that person. 4. If things are really going well... play Scrabble, eat pizza and drink beer. That's the closer. Once you get to this point everybody in the area already thinks you're an item so you will have no choice but to give it a try. The Scrabble, pizza and beer thing is a strory for another time and place. 5. After all that is done you will find yourself making a long term commitment, moving in and talking marriage in no time. Plus you will always have a built in caching partner. So there you have it. It's simple really. Give it a try. Good luck!
  4. We had one a few months back where a n00b placed their first cache in a prk. They listed it and it was approved before they placed the container. Last week or so had an instance where the owner fat fingered the coords and they were way off. After 5 or 6 DNF's on a 1.5 difficulty cache, the owner checked up on it and found out they made a mistake and apologized big time. Hey it happens.
  5. Call me an idiot... (<-- braces for the barrage of name calling ) But all of the examples above are a good argument for getting rid of the find count ( And I know this will never happen). If a person really wants to keep his/her count, they could do so with GSAK or some other data base type thingy. Sorry... I know .. this dead hose has been beaten enough. But I couldn't resist. Carry on.. nothing to see here.
  6. Having used them before, I would suggest trying not to use them. They are a bit of a PIA to maintain over the long haul. If you have to place a micro (cringe ) then a bison tube or plactic tube with a screw on top usually works well. You could tape a nice magnet to the outside of the container so you could make it stick if need be.
  7. I work for a paint company and we make the Kilz Casual Colors. It is packaged in plastic containers with a screw on top. I have the good fortune of being able to take a few and use them for caches. They work really well. They are durable and seal so the inside stays dry thru a complete cycle of seasons. I would not suggest using a regular paint can, even the plastics. They have a metal chime (ring) that will rust over time when exposed to the elements.
  8. Simple... YES! You did visit the waymark in order to submit it. Waymarking is not about "finds" it's about visiting a certain place and maybe experiencing something. I have logged the waymarks I submitted. If you have to... consider it the "FTF" prize.
  9. I agree... the older caches just seemed to have a little something that most newer caches don't. No need to go into that here. I have been planning on reviving a few of the old archived caches in my area that I thought were good solid caches. All except one that I have chosen can be replaced in the same spot without interference from another cache.
  10. The simple solution to all of this would have been approving the waymark because the required info was there but sending them a polite note on the side asking them to fix typo, spelling, grammar etc... I have gotten far more mileage out of this practice with the other categories I help manage versus out right declining the submission. chstress53... I really hope you do not leave the group. You have been very involved in Waymarking in general and have alot to offer. Please stay. The group email thingy... I did not get one last night from Team GeoDuo. So maybe there is a bug in that system. I am sorry to see Rose Red go but that was her choice. All that was asked (and it was asked nicely) was a little insight into why she was doing what she was doing.
  11. I am an officer in that group and I have had waymarks, which I approved, declined later for the reasons stated above. I really don't understand it. All the required info is there. If there is a spelling or grammar mistake it should not keep it from being approved. Again I ask the question.... why can a waymark appoved by one officer be declined by another after the approval? This category is particularly bad for this.
  12. If these are the things that you like then go geocaching. I am here because there are no numbers. There are no travelers. If I wanted numbers I would be geocaching and run around a city finding micros. If I wanted to deal with travel bugs and geocoins I would go geocaching. I don't. Waymarking is different.... lets keep it that way. Well said Bruce! Waymarking is totally about the experience of visiting a location and learning something while you're there. No numbers. I have been more excited about Waymarking these days than about geocaching. I really can't deal with finding another pill bottle under a bench in a park or worse.. a parking lot. I know.. I can't chose to ignore them but filtering through all the crap is really starting to become a hassle. So much so I no longer keep count of my finds when I do take the time to cache. GSAK filters out the one I have already done and I go about my business.. no numbers. Leave the icon collecting to the caching side. Keep it simple and pure here.. please!
  13. AHHH.. now it makes sense. Tsegi Mike... I saw that your Waymarks were re-submitted this afternoon and I couldn't understand why. I was the one who approved them initially. I guess I didn't ready carefully enough to notice spelling mistakes, I was checking to make sure the required info was there, which it was. So what's the point of having multiple people with the ability to accept/approve a waymark if another in the group can decline it after approval from another int he group??l? I thought that there would have to be a group vote to approve new waymarks under the new system. I was a little surprised when it was listed after I pushed the button. HMM.. interesting. I hope this will be an isolated incident
  14. Well it's about time a Wisconsin person chimed in. Cheesy.. you have to have a group manage a group now. I would be happy to help if needed.
  15. I love the theme and concept for this cache. I'm a huge baseball fan so I know I would take the time to get the information. Like a previous poster said, if you don't mind few finds on the cache then go right ahead with your plan. The more info available in the field the more finders you will get.
  16. Oy Vey.. here we go with the cheating thing again.
  17. Here's a Hockey Puck TB that has been a round a bit.
  18. Hmm ... Cubs tickets? I'd trade a pine cone for them and that would be trading up.
  19. Bump .... I have a few places just waiting for this one to be approved ... Come on people.. vote yes!!
  20. I like this proposal. I have been more curious about famous routes since doing a mini Rt66 trip over the New Year's weekend from Chicago to St.Louis. In Illinois, Rt. 66 has bee reconfigured a few times so there are a few different ways to go. I marked some of the neat things along the way and have placed them into the "Roadside Attractions" category. The Lincoln Hwy and Dixie Hwy are to other historic routes that come through my area that would be fun to explore. If it could be done then I would love to see it.
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