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What GPS unit are you currently using?

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Garmin Etrek Legend with downloadable MapSource Topo. I had a Magellan 315 a long time ago but upgraded to the Legend and have loved it since. Neat little unit. Would not trade it for any other unit except for the Garmin Vista only because it has 24mb of memory opposed to the 8mb the Legend has for downloading maps. Of course everyone has their own preference for whatever reason so there is my 2 cents worth. Happy caching!


The Cache Couple

East TN

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I got a the basic e-trex model for x-mas. Before I even opened the box I did some research, logged onto Garmin and compared the various models and eventually returned the basic model and went with the Vista. I love it. It has a lot of memory and download and upload capability from Mapsource.

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eTrex Vista. I upgraded from the Legend about 5 months ago for the extra mapping memory. I like the eTrex line because the units are compact and easy to use. I just throw it in my front pocket and take it everywhere. I even use it to waypoint my car in mall parking lots. If I had something like a Magellan Meridian, I doubt I'd use it for anything much other than geocaching. Just way too big for my taste.


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Meridian Platinum.

Everyone has their own expectations of a GPSr. Some folks like to take the fun out of caching and have the GPSr tell them where to turn when driving to a cache.

I wanted a ton of memory. I can load nearly six states worth of maps in my Meridian. If I buy more memory cards I could have the entire United States in my pocket. I wouldn't have to drag a computer with me to load more maps.

I am planing a motorcycle trip in Sept. I will be looping through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. With only two SD cards I will have more than enough room for all of these states.icon_biggrin.gif



Pepper playing nice!


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Invariably, it's like asking what is your favorite colour (and why?)


But anyway, I have had 5 different GPS, both Garmin and Magellan... looking to try a Lowrance and a Brunton MNS.


I like the GPS' because they help me find geocaches. Especially the Magellan 315 I had until it was stolen.

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Mine is an etrex Vista. Love this baby...built in barometric altimeter, mapping ability and 24 mb of memmory, solid resolution, rugged nature...can withstand drops and some water, small in size and I can wear from the neck, etc. I don't need a GPS 5...I just follow the arrow and will use the mapping thing in areas I don't know or if the caches is sort of close to a river...whcih side?

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Etrex Legend. I've heard that Magellan's quadrifilar helix antenna is better than Garmin's patch antenna, so I may get a Magellan as well. Magellan also has the track-to-route feature, which I would find useful. I do like the size of the Etrex series vs. the SporTraks, and I'm considering upgrading to a Vista for the extra memory.





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Pocket PC with Navman sleeve. Software currently in use is the Smart ST 'route planning' software. Vary handy for getting to a parking place but does not accept direct input of waypoints. We are waiting for David Stein to release version 1.1 of 'cachedragon' which looks great.


Also, it hates water ! icon_frown.gif


Andy and Dawn

(Where did all this wine come from ?)

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For vehicle navigation, I use my Dell Axim, running a Globalsat CF GPS unit and Mapopolis navigator software. Gives me auto routing, voice directions and very accurate up to date maps. The Globalsat GPS is also my most recent addition, and the most sensitive reception wise, so if I find good software to use with it for caching, it may become my primary receiver for heavy forest use, at least for times when I figure I can use it without breaking it.


For hiking, backpacking, geocaching of course and other handheld use, my primary unit is an eTrex Legend. I also generally carry a sportrak map as backup, and for the fun of doing comparisons.


My GIII+ fits perfectly on the dash of my boat, and the maps available for it are more than sufficient for the lakes in my area.

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I use "ol' yeller" (Garmin Etrex Yellow)...


Got it for work awhile back and just haven't seen a need to upgrade. It does what I want and helps me find caches just fine, thank you.


Yeah, I'd love to have basemaps, and an integrated magnetic compass, and other cool bells and whistles, but you know - for geocaching this is sufficient.


I'm always torn when purchasing equipment for field use between buying the best and then worrying that I'll screw it up or buying too little and then wishing I hadn't.


When I bought this, it wasn't the least expensive model out - at the time the store had several other models that were a little less expensive (older, closeouts). I chose it by choosing a midrange model - not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but somewhere in between.


I've been very happy with it all in all.


My two cents worth!




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I use the Magellan Companion for the Handspring Visor. It is nice to have the cache pages and hints as well as a calculator and everything together. The only thing I don't like about it is durability. If I drop it, I am done. icon_redface.gif If it is raining, I have to put it in a baggie. I hope to buy the SporTrak Pro in a few weeks.


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Originally posted by Riverwind:

Seems to me it would depend on what the VI is going to cost when it comes out...And also how much a used V is going for these days...


It's just about a wash. If I just buy the software upgrade vs. sell the used V and buy the new V deluxe. Both are about 100 bucks overall. It's the VI which I've not even heard rumors about that might actually tempt me.

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We started out with the yellow eTrex. Worked great for us for over a year. The big joke in the family was, after we hit 100 we need to upgrade. Well that didn't happen. It wasn't until we couldn't find old yeller that we began to consider the upgrade. A friend lent us his Sport Trak Pro and we were hooked. Costco had a great package deal so we got it. Just before buying the Sport Trak, Mr. eTrex showed up. Mother-in-law "Stampin'Granny" is getting the yellow.

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I have old faith etrex. I am about to upgrade to the Vista or legend. Ebay has the legend for 150 but I am worried about the mb issue.


To Legend owners have you had a problem with only 8 mb of memory?




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